23 Alluring Side Bangs On Long Hair

Long side bangs look fantastic, but are they worth the hassle? Bangs are a part of a hairstyle, which always requires plenty of attention. If you are lucky enough to have straight locks, you may have it easy. Brush and add the smallest touch of hair gel and go.

However, if your hair is even slightly wavy, your bangs might look like an explosion in a spaghetti bowl. That’s why choosing the right bang styles and sizes is imperative. Side bangs are a great idea since they allow you to spend a minimum amount of time on styling while enjoying a wonderful result.


How to Style Side Swept Bangs

This method works on medium bangs and long bangs. Here is what you’ll need:

  • A styling brush
  • A hair dryer
  • A thermal hairspray
  • Finishing spray


Note that you’ll be separating your hair into vertical strands. Thick hair will be divided into more sections while thinner hair will be divided into larger sections.

  1. Visually divide your hair into vertical sections and grab the first strand
  2. Spray the strand with a thermal spray. Keep the spraying bottle at least 5″ away from the hair in order to provide good spray distribution.
  3. Take a styling brush and wrap the end of the first strand around it.
  4. Turn on the blow dryer and direct the heat to the styling brush.
  5. While the dryer is blowing the hot air, roll the hair with the brush-up and down.
  6. Repeat the same with all the sections until your bangs styling is done.
  7. Use your fingers to softly sweep the bangs in the direction you want.
  8. Use a finishing hair spray so the bangs stay in place.


Beautiful Side Bangs on Long Hair

Perfect side bangs on long hair are something out of a fairy tale. You always have to be ready for the bangs to become spiky and unruly. In humid weather, bangs are ready to go in all the directions except for the right one. That’s why gals with long hair prefer long side swept bangs. They are easy to style and even easier to hide in a braid or a ponytail. We came up with 23 stunning options for you to enjoy. Give one of them a try!


1. The Right Cut

brown slicky Side bangs on long haircut

The right styling of the side bangs on long hair starts with the right cut. If all the fringe hair is the same length, it will be harder to style it. If you ask your hairstylist to create asymmetrical bangs, they’ll require less side sweeping.

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2. Beneath the chin

chin Side bangs on long hairstyle

If you want to have less hassle with your bangs but still want the fringe to look like a fringe, you can go slightly below the chin with the length. The overall appearance will be fantastic will the maintenance will be kept to a minimum.


3. Layered Hair with Side Bangs

young girl Side bangs on long hairstyle

Long side bangs on straight hair are a great choice for women, who are used to keeping their straight locks neat. You can sweep the bangs to the sides and back and secure them with some spray so they are kept out of your face.


4. Step asymmetry

 asymmetrical Side bangs on long hair

Use the asymmetrical cutting approach to achieve a layered appearance of your bangs. Such short bangs on one side and long on the other are a great addition to long tresses. Such bangs require styling at least every other day.

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5. Dreamy long bangs

Short Side bangs on long hair

Wispy side bangs on long hair look fantastic when you use some imagination to style them. Such bangs as you see on the picture are very easy to create using the comb and a curling iron. You don’t even have to keep it too neat.


6. Wispy bangs

Keeping the bangs to the sides while allowing a side part is a wonderful choice for women, who don’t want to deal with blunt fringes but still wish to cover their foreheads. This half-and-half deal looks great with long hair.


Watch the below tutorial:


7. Eye touching

wonderful Side bangs on long hair for girl

When the bangs get into your eyes, it’s annoying. When they slightly touch the corners of your eyes, it’s sexy. It takes some willpower to keep yourself from brushing the hair away from the eyes. Practice makes perfect!

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8. Cover the eyes

If you want to cover the eyes slightly, you can do it with long bangs. Such bangs don’t really need any styling. They look normal with this messy fashion. However, get ready, they will be getting into your eyes.


9. Purple and impressive

If you want to impress your friends with a new hairstyle, this purple option is just the thing. If you want to go further, make long bangs that cover half of your face. They can give you a mysterious look you always wanted to sport.


10. Soft and neat

soft and neat Side bangs on long hairstyle

When you are working with naturally wavy hair, you have to be ready to straighten the bangs out. Don’t worry, it will only take a few minutes in the morning. Just don’t leave them to curl naturally since they won’t look neat.

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blonde long side bangs



curly long side bangs





long side bangs with ponytail





long side bangs with space bun



long side bangs with bun


These wonderful long side bangs will help you pick your own hairstyle. Long or short? Asymmetrical or straight? Neat or messy? Give each one of the hairstyles a chance. Perhaps you’ll like making such frequent changes.