70 Incredible Blowout Haircut Ideas for Men

41. Tintin Quiff with Full Facial Hair


Use lots of styling gel and a comb to tease your hair up into a quiff at the front. Offset your manicured hair with a full and manly beard. This combination shows just how easy it is to mix different styles together.


42. Frizzy Blowout

Frizzy Blowout hairstyle for men

A curly blowout style is very different from some of the perfectly manicured examples that can be seen on the list. Curly styles normally require very little styling product to keep them in check. They are great for people who really just want to get up and go.


43. Lightly Swept Waves

 Lightly Swept Waves with blowout hairstyle

If you have long enough hair to create a voluminous style, then you should be able to tease it into this style as well. Use a little less styling gel so that your hair does not stand completely on end, and then distress it a little bit with your hands to create lightly swept waves.


44. Brushed Back and Broody


Blowout your hair so that it is big and full of volume, but roll your comb backwards to create a brushed back style. Light facial hair can help to create a brilliant dark and brooding look which will soon become your signature style.


45. Rolls and Waves

blowout for men blowout hair

Mix up two different blowout styles by wearing your hair wavy at the back but with a rolled fringe at the front. A style like this might look difficult to maintain, but it should take less than 15 minutes to achieve once you have jumped out of the shower.


46. Hair Raiser


This stylish blowout is all about achieving maximum volume and raising the roof with your hair. Using a comb and hairdryer on your style can give it a lot of volume, but you can build it even further by creating a lightly tousled look by running your fingers through your ‘do.


47. All Messed Up

young men best blowout hairstyle

This style give the impression of messy not manicured. Use standard blowout techniques to maximize your volume, and then run your fingers up and across right from the roots. Do this again a few times from opposing directions.


48. Swept Back with an Undercut


Grow your top layer of hair as long as you dare, but keep the underside about 1/4 of an inch in length. Slick the longer sections of your hair up and straight back. Use a comb to add a little definition to the slicked-back hair.


49. Thick Mohawk with Integrated Facial Hair

best looking Thick Mohawk hair for men

Create a blowout mohawk by shaving the back and sides whilst leaving the central reservation of your hair looking long and lush. To integrate facial hair into your style, leave your sideburns and beard trimmed to the same length as the shaven sections of your head hair.


50. Flicked Over Fringe

blowout haircut

If you have longer hair, you can actually finish off any style with a flicked over fringe. All that you need to do is to flick your hair over from one side of your head to the other.