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30 Best Disconnected Haircuts To Shine

The disconnected haircut is getting more and more popular over the years. This hairstyle is a variation of the undercut we are all familiar with.


Disconnected Haircuts for Men

The main feature of this style is the disconnected look. It is achieved by keeping the top part of the hair long and hair on the sides short.

As opposed to the undercut, the disconnection here appears due to short hair being all the same length. This hairstyle is easier to make than the undercut hairstyle and is very simple to maintain. There are many ways you can style the top part of the disconnected hairstyle to create your own image.

1. Short Disconnected Haircut

short disconnected haircut

A long highlighted top for this men’s hairstyle matches the consistency of a neat beard. But a shaved middle section helps to give you a feeling of freshness.


2. Disconnected Shaved Haircut with Beard

disconnected shaved haircut with beard

Want to keep some of your long hair but try out a disconnected style? Leave just the strip of hair in the middle of your head long and shave the rest. Keep a neat beard trimmed regularly for stylin’ vibes all the time.


3. Disconncted Haircut for Black Men

disconnected haircut for black guys

If a haircut with height is what you seek, a disconnected haircut will get you there. This long top maintains several inches in long but has a shaved bottom so you can experiment with style without loosing class.


4. Disconnected Crew Cut

Crew cuts will never go out of style: their shortness makes its a low maintenance style. But with a shaved in line creating a disconnected style, it gets a glow-up for guys.


5. Disconnected Haircut with Dreads

disconnected haircut with dreads

Many men are sporting a Viking haircut these days which includes dreads. You can add a twist by shaving the hair at the sides and around so the rugged style becomes edgier.


6. Disconnected Tapered Hair

disconnected tapered hair

Another way to spend less time on your daily do is by cutting the hair at different lengths. The hairstyle here features short layers on top that are noticeable when brushed to one side, then paired with a shaved bottom.


7. Disconnected Long Hair

Keep your long hair but give it an edge by shaving in a so-called border from ears around to the back. When your hair is in a braided ponytail or bun, this is an eye-catching detail.


8. Disconnected Wavy Haircut

disconnected haircut

For men who have thicker hair but need a way to style it, a long top and short sides is easy to maintain. Simply run some mousse through your locks and work it in with fingers for surfer vibes.


9. Hard Part Smooth Haircut

disconnected hairstyle for men

Does your style tend to stay smooth and encapsulate the meaning of the word ‘fresh’? Then you want a disconnected cut that includes a hard part and a side that is smoothed toward the back.


10. Disconnected Layers Haircut

Blonde layers on top are layered but shorter and rounded above ears so the shaved sides and undercut poke through. Other ways you can liven up this look are by playing with bold colors like blue or green.


11. The tousle

disconnected haircut for guys

The tousle is a great way to deal with the top part of the disconnected haircut. Keep your sides very short in order to forget about visiting a stylist for a while and add some hair gel to the top part to create a classic tousle. YOu can aso try disconnected undercut.


12. The pompadour

pompadour disconnected haircut to try

Pompadours are hard to make but they are bound to turn some pretty heads your way. In order to achieve this look, shave the sides completely and use some hair gel and a round brush to style the top part into a pompadour.


13. The long disconnected cut

long disconnected hairstyle

If you don’t want to cut your hair too short, you can easily go for the long disconnected haircut. The approach is pretty much the same. If your sides are long, then the top should be even longer to create a disconnected line.


14. The comb over

the comb over disconnected hair

Create a sexy comb look by shaving the sides and keeping the top about 3 inches long. Sweep your hair to the side and use some high-quality hair gel to keep it together. You will definitely stand out of the crowd.


15. Up high

men up-high disconnected haircut

If you are not afraid of a close relationship with hair care products, this style can become your best friend. Keep the sides as short as possible without shaving them and leave about 7 – 8 inches on top. Apply gel to the hair while its wet and brush it up to be as long as you wish.


16. The neat quiff

disconnected haircuts for Men 6-min

This neat quiff is a variation of the mohawk hairstyle. Keep the sides of your head shaved and leave a narrow hair zone on top of your head. Apply some mousse and style the hair into a quiff by brushing it up to meet at the top.


17. Long comb over

disconnected haircuts for Men 7-min

This disconnected haircut is popular among men who have thick hair, which they want to flaunt. Leave the top part of the hair long enough to be brushed back to reach the nape. Style the hair with your fingers by adding some hair gel and you are ready to go!


18. Disconnected Undercut Fade

disconnected haircuts for Men 8-min

Sleek mohawk can add any guy a lot of styles if he is ready to shave most of his hair off. This hairstyle can keep you away from the salon for quite some time. All you need to do is learn how to style the top part neatly. You will need a brush, some hair gel and about 3 minutes of your time.


19. Creative curls

disconnected haircuts for Men 9-min

This creative disconnected haircut will look great on guys with wavy hair. There is no need to hide the nice and curly mane even if you are tired of managing your hair. Shave the sides of your head and use some hair gel to create a nice wavy mess on top. Anyone can do it.


20. Young and restless

young disconnected hairstyle

This long disconnected style looks great on high school and college boys. The hair on the sides is left pretty long, while the hair on top is grown long enough to do a lengthy comb over. This style must be carefully watched, otherwise, once the side hair grows out, it will turn into a mess.


21. The change

disconnected haircuts for Men 11-min

This hairstyle is usually popular among men who wanted a drastic change from their long haircuts. Long hair is left on top to create an impression of a comb over and the rest is cut short in order to make a disconnected look.


22. The long quiff

disconnected haircuts for Men 12-min

This hairstyle is great for any man with straight hair. The long quiff can be styled any way you like, but it looks most appealing when it is brushed to the side. It is also quite easy to style it this way. Remember, if you go for a long quiff, you will need to style it daily.


23. Double layered disconnected cut

disconnected haircuts for Men 13-min

This double layered cut is achieved by making three different lengths. Keep the hair long up top. Make it shorter halfway down the sides and shave it at the bottom. This will make an impression of two disconnections. This style must be regularly updated at the salon.


24. Mohawk comb over

disconnected haircuts for Men 14-min

In order to make this creative hairstyle, ask your barber to fully shave your sides and leave the rest of your hair long enough to be brushed back along the top of the head. This upper hair will need some gel to be kept in place.


25. Smooth disconnected cut

disconnected haircuts for Men 15-min

This disconnected cut is great for those men, who are afraid of drastic hair changes, but still want a popular and modern cut. The disconnection here is very slight since the difference in length is not very big. However, this cut is no less attractive than the rest.


26. The lateral pompadour

disconnected haircuts for Men 16-min

Tired of the classic and simple disconnected styles? Go for the lateral pompadour. Shave the rest of your hair and leave just enough on top to create the brushed back pompadour. This style will need some maintenance, but don’t they all?


27. The easy deal

disconnected haircuts for Men 17-min

This is a rare disconnected haircut which doesn’t require almost any maintenance. In fact, it is more of a disconnected fade. While there is an obvious disconnection present, the short part of the hair is cut to be more of a fade.


28. Geometrical disconnected cut

disconnected haircuts for Men 18-min

If you go for shaving the sides completely, you can play around with geometrical shapes. They are really in style this year. You can go from simple squares and half moons to more complicated creations. All depends on the skill of the barber you choose.


29. Get creative

disconnected haircuts for Men 19-min

There is no need to choose just one way to style the top part of your hair. Go for two! Mix the regular short spike with a slight front comb over. The only disadvantage is that this style will need to be created by a professional.


30. Side sweep

disconnected haircuts for Men 20-min

If you go for leaving the top part of your disconnected haircut long enough to make a full comb over, you can get creative with the way you place it. Sweep the hair to the side to create a romantic look with some strands running down the side of your face.