22 Best Long Shag Hairstyle Ideas

Long shag hairstyles have always retained popularity among women.  From the 90s to 2017, both short shag cut and long shag haircuts have been a hit. Women with thick hair prefer this style in particular. This haircut reduces the bulk of your hair and its weight but still maintains the length of hair you prefer. Women’s long shag gives tangle free flirty hairstyles that are super fun and easy to manage.

long shag hairstyle for women

Modern shag gives you an edge in style with its incredible layers and disheveled look. Long shags are lightweight but look thick and full due to the volume boost they get due to fine layers and feathering.


Ways to Cut and Trim Long shaggy layers

There is no single method for cutting long shaggy layers.  Fortunately, you can even trim and manage your long shaggy locks at home all by yourself.


Cut in Layers with Even Sections

long shag layer

This is one way of cutting women’s long shag layers.  Before proceeding to cut your hair, dampen them and remove any knots and tangles.  Now divide your hair into section as follows:

  • Part the hair from the center; from the forehead all the way back.
  • Now you will make two horizontal sections. For the first section part your hair horizontally from the top of your ears.   Other section will part with level to the base of your ears.
  • Now you need to secure these sections with a large hair clip.
  • Right, and left sections should be aligned horizontally and vertically.

Now create a guide from the top section.  Take a small segment of your hair right at your forehead and cut it to the length you desire.  This is your First Travelling Guide. This will determine the length of your hair, so you don’t need to cut it very short in the beginning.

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Hold the traveling guide in your middle and forefinger and slide your fingers pulling the hair at 90 degrees till you reach the cut end. Trim off the excess hair.  You will keep on cutting segment after segment of hair like this.  The segment you just cut becomes the traveling guide for the next segment.  Continue cutting like this till you’ve cut the whole section.

Check the whole section and cut off any uneven hair.  Pull the hair in multiple directions with varying angles to ensure that the length is even.  Move onto the next section and cut hair segment after segment till you’re done.


Cutting Shaggy Layers with Stationary Guide

Cutting Shaggy Layers with Stationary Guide

Wet your hair and make sure there are no tangles.  Proceed to cut your stationary guide that you will use to cut your long shag hairstyle.  This way cutting women’s long shag results in layers of varying lengths.

Take a small segment of hair at the top of your head and cut it to your desired length.  Don’t cut too short.  If the overall length is too long for you, you can cut again reducing an inch or two from the length.  Now use this as a guide by sliding hair segments between fingers at 180 degrees till you reach the length of the stationary guide.  Trim off the excess hair.  To give an even look to your long shag haircut, cut hair segments alternating between left and right side.


Cutting your hair in ponytail

shug plus ponytail

Wet and untangle your hair and bend over to bring all your hair to the front.  Secure your hair into a ponytail at the base of your forehead.  Still remaining bend at your waist, slide your rubber band toward the end of your hair.  Stop when you have reached the desired length.  Now secure the rubber band and ponytail in your hand firmly and stand up straight.  Make sure you don’t shift the position of your head or ponytail.  Now grab a pair of sharp scissors and cut your hair just below the rubber band.  This is by far the easiest way to get a long shag haircut by your own.


22 Long Shag Haircuts To Suit Your Style

Long shag hairstyles give your face a definition.  Each face shape needs a hairstyle to match the contour and structure.  For example, check out these gorgeous long shaggy hairstyles for round faces and then some.


1. Long shag with side bangs

With sexy side fringes, this long shag hairstyle defines your round face with framing layers that reach up to the middle at the back.

 Long shag with side bangs


2. Modern Shag of The sixties

This is a beautiful long shag hairstyle with geometric bangs that aim to shorten the length of the oval face and accentuate eyes and lips.

 Long Shag Haircuts for girl


3. Hollywood Shag

This long shag haircut relies on a very large number of layers.  The layers taper to make cheeks and chin prominent. The side bang shortens the length of a longer face considerably.

Hollywood Shag hairstyle for girl

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4. Sultry Siren

Long and romantic curls are styled to bend away from the face.  This makes cheeks and lips prominent.


Sultry Siren long shag hairstyle you love


5. Simple and Sleek Shag

This is as its name suggests a simple and sleek long shag hairstyle with a long side-swept fringe that suits a thin oval face.

Simple and Sleek long shag hairstyle for women