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27 Iconic ’60s Hairstyles That Will Always Be in Style

Do you know what Mia Farrow, Audrey Hepburn, and Brigitte Bardot all have in common? They are the icons that popularized the 1960s hairstyles that women are coveting up until today.

They fought tooth and nail to wear voluminous hairstyles in the ’60s and eye-catching hair accessories. Their boldness paved the way for a hair revolution that all women benefited from, including us.

So, if you want to pay respect to these ’60s style icons, the best thing you can do is re-create their looks. Here are some things to keep in mind to perfect their gorgeous 60s hairstyles:

  • Always remember the ’60s motto: The bigger, bolder, and higher the hair is, the better the hairstyle will be.
  • Don’t forget to accessorize. Regarding ’60s hairstyles, scarves, headbands, clips, and barrettes are your best friends.
  • Just focus on having fun! If you want to follow these icons’ footsteps, you’d have to leave your inhibitions at the door (you’ll be glad you did).

Keep on reading to discover the different 60s hairstyles you can choose from.

Easy Fabulous 60s Hairstyles for Women 

If you’re excited to experiment with your hair looks, here are some of the most flattering ’60s hairstyles for women that you should check out.

1. The Beehive

1960s beehive hairstyle

Volume and texture are key to creating the most iconic 60s hairstyle, the Beehive.

Start making this beehive-like cone by curling and backcombing your hair. After that, proceed to shape the beehive by pinning the hair at the sides to the back. Keep the sides tight and maintain the volume at the top all throughout.

2. 60s Hairstyle With Headband

1960s headband hairstyle

A gorgeous headband was a significant part of the ’60s hair trends because women wore it with almost all hairstyles back then.

So if you want to give a nod to this iconic era, just put on one! Go for a wide headband with an eye-catching design to get that hippie look.

3. Slayed Edges

60s hairstyle with edges

The 60s hairstyles for women are all about details, so no stones are left unturned, even baby hair!

While the slayed edges may seem complicated, they are quite easy to do. You only need an edge brush and lots of hair gel to create these swoopy edges.

4. Teased Halfdo + Arched Bangs

60s half up hairstyle with bangs

The 60s ‘dos are all about volume, and that’s what you’ll get from this teased half-do and arched bangs duo.

Copy this look by teasing the roots of your hair using a fine-tooth comb before pulling your hair into a half-up half-down ponytail. Style the bangs with rollers to give it the oomph it needs.

5. The Audrey Hepburn Hairstyle

60s updo hairstyle for women

This sleeker, more angular updo is a modern recreation of the classic Audrey Hepburn Bun. Additionally, it has a simple brooch or bejeweled hair clip at the top for a more subtle look than the tiara.

6. High Ponytail and Bouffant + Headband

1960s bouffant hairstyle

Now, here’s a ponytail that will literally make you stand out.

You can easily create this look by using a rattail comb to tease the root of the crown. After that, use a natural bristle brush to style your crown up and towards the back of your head. Finish the look with a thin headband to give it added charm.

7. Voluminous Bob + Headband

1960s voluminous hairstyle

Having short hair isn’t an excuse not to have the volume that the 60s hair trends are known for. However, it will take more than backcombing to get this look.

For this, you’d have to place hot rollers at the roots of your hair. Another option for lifting the crown is to use wide-barrel (not less than 2 inches) curling irons.

8. Side Ponytail

1960s side ponytail hairstyle

The side ponytail is more like a 70s hairstyle, but we’re including it in this list because it has a 60s hairstyle feature that we love, and it’s no other than the messy voluminous crown.

Another feature from the 60s is its eye-catching hair accessory that adds elegance to your look.

10. Teased Crown + Loose Side Braid

1960s wedding hairstyle

Adding a ’60s touch to a simple bridal updo will give it more flair; this look is the best example. It features a teased crown for a more striking look, side-swept bangs for face-framing benefits, and loose braids for a boho touch.

11. Close-cropped Pixie

1960s pixie hairstyle

Thanks to Mia Farrow and Audrey Hepburn, who braved criticisms just to have this hairstyle during the 60s, we get to enjoy the edgy and daring Pixie cut.

While their version was shorter and choppier, the modern take is long and piecey which gives this androgynous haircut a feminine touch.

12. Bottleneck Hairstyle

1960s bottleneck hairstyle

Now, here’s one of the best 60s hairstyles for women who have round faces or chubby cheeks. The hairstyle features soft and textured face-framing layers. When parted in the middle, the layers give a curtain-like effect that you can use in concealing your cheeks or jawline.

13. Rounded Chunky Bangs

1960s hairstyle with braid

The 60s hairstyles are all about striking elements, and this chunky fringe definitely fits the bill. The bangs are rounded to boost their volume and make them pop. This simple styling technique delivers added dimension and texture and gives your hair that retro look.

14. Feathery Bob

1960s feathered hairstyle

If you wish to give your short hair that ’60s look without the volume, go for this 60s feathery bob hairstyle. The hairstyle focuses on movement, which makes the short hairstyle look more dynamic.

A small rounded brush is the best tool to flip your hair ends and create this look.

15. Voluminous Updo + Wide Headband

1960s updo with headband

Here’s a messier, looser, and flatter version of Audrey Hepburn’s classic bun. Start by creating the original version of the bun, then loosening up the strands using your fingers or a rattail comb.

Swap the tiara with a wide headband for a more casual look.

16. Voluminous Flipped Hairstyle

1960s flipped hairstyle

This vintage hairstyle contains three of the most prominent ’60s hairstyle features- the flipped ends, giant side swoop, and the voluminous crown.

When combined together, it creates a look reminiscent of the 70s retro hairstyles with a classy 60s flair which is why it made it to our list.

17. Messy Cropped Bob

1960s messy bob hairstyle

Jacqueline Kennedy popularized the same short-cropped bob, but hers was sleeker and more polished.

This modern take on Kennedy’s bob features tousled layers and a messy look. It also swapped the perfectly swooped bangs for these piece-y bangs for a fun and carefree touch.

18. Half-Up Half-Down + Big Bandana

1960s hairstyle with bandana

This is a fresher take on that old favorite bandana hairstyle. The bandanas that were popular during the 60s are longer and worn with a ribbon at the back. The updated version is shorter and is tied with the ribbon on top, which creates a playful look.

19. Brigitte Bardot’s Hairstyle

1960s Brigitte Bardot hairstyle

Regarding sexy and sultry updos, Bardot’s lust-worthy updo is the ultimate peg.

Copy this unkempt hairstyle by separating your hair into two sections, top and bottom. Lift, then twist each section to create a messy chignon or bun.

Leave a few strands in the front for a bit of drama, then swipe your bangs to the side to boost the hair’s movement.

20. Barette Clip

women's 1960s hairstyle

Hair accessories were big during the 60s, and barrettes are one of the most popular options. So if you want to give your hairstyle woman a vintage touch, just put on one or two big barrettes, and you’re good to go.

21. Short Cut + Scarf

1960s short hairstyle with scarf

A short hairstyle may offer limited styling options, but it presents a good opportunity to wear a bandana. Pick a wide and long classy satin bandana and wrap it around your hair to give it the pop of color it needs.

22. Flipped-in Bob

1960s mop top hairstyle

This hairstyle takes a page from Kenneth Battelle’s playbook. The flipped-in bob is one of his basic blunt-cut with bangs variations. The ends are flipped in to frame the jawline beautifully.

Go for this modern version, which features a bit of layering and a choppy take on the fringe.

23. The Bombshell

1960s messy hairstyle

With its long luscious waves and a voluminous crown, no other 60s hairstyles for women can compare to this hairstyle’s sexiness and charisma.

This look even has an added bonus of long swoopy curtain bangs, which gives it a more luscious appearance.

24. Flipped Bob

1960s flipped bob hairstyle

This flipped hairstyle features a teased crown and flipped ends, giving the humble bob more movement and thickness.

To create a flip that won’t flop, you can wear rollers before you sleep or use hot rollers to style the ends of your hair.

25. Short Hairstyle + Hippie Scarf

1960s hippie hairstyle

Here’s the best 1960s hairstyle tip for women with short hair: wear a scarf.

For a chic-er and more modern take on Audrey’s and Grace’s headscarf hairstyles, ditch the short satin scarves and opt for longer ones with a lighter or more breathable fabric for a more bohemian feel.

26. Hippie Hairstyle

1960s boho hairstyle

The hippie look was all the rage back then, so don’t miss out on wearing a hippie headband if you want to give 60s hairstyles a try. Instead of the usual leather or fabric headbands, go for this chain material which gives a more badass look.

27. Top Halfdo with Flicked Layers + Sideswept Bangs

1960s ponytail hairstyle

Give your half-do a touch of the 60s by flicking its layers and going for large side-swopping bangs. Create the flicked layers by wrapping the ends of your hair around a large curling iron, then gather your bangs and brush them all to the side.

Here are the modern versions of some of the most popular 60s hairstyles for women. With these looks, you can revisit the decade’s elegant hairstyles and give them a modern update.