15 Fabulous Blonde Balayage Hair Looks for 2019

Blonde balayage is one of the latest and most innovative hair coloring technique designed to create a  beautiful and natural looking color that won’t show visible and unattractive roots when it begins to grow out. The balayage concept originated in France, and the term applies to a technique where the hair stylist applies the color to the hair by painting it on in a freehand style. This enables the stylist to create a look that is as natural as possible and means that your style will be completely unique to you.


Achieving the Perfect Blonde Balayage Style

If you have the right hairdresser and a clear idea of what you want then achieving the perfect blonde balayage style should be easy. Balayage principals can be applied to the hair of any length, color and texture: you!

There are many benefits of choosing to have a balayage color applied to your hair rather than use a traditional cap or foil highlight method. One of the biggest benefits is that maintenance and upkeep are relatively minimal; your hair will only look better as it grows out, and you should be able to go approximately four months between appointments with your colorist. Blonde balayage hair is incredibly versatile: here are 15 of the most beautiful, and distinctly unique, blonde balayage looks for you to explore:


1. Long With Caramel and Honey Accents

Blonde Balayage hairstyle for girl

Your blonde balayage look doesn’t have to be the brightest, whitest blonde: caramel blonde highlights look great against dark hair and really flatter olive skin tones. Choosing to add honey blonde and caramel highlights to your hair will inject it with warmth without detracting from the beauty of your natural dark color.

Blonde Styles for Medium Hair

2. Short and Sweet

Short and Sweet Blonde Balayage hairstyle

It is a misconception that this is a look that only works for long hair: the balayage technique looks great on shorter cuts too! Ideal for framing a round face, this style is perfect if you’re looking for something no-nonsense and easy to maintain but still fashion forward. Scrunch your hair with gel to create this kind of texture and ensure it will hold all day.


3. Bob and Fringe

Bob with Blonde Balayage

Fringes are great for giving your hairstyle structure and balancing out a high forehead. The bob is a universally flattering hair style and looks great teamed with these subtle honey highlights. This style would be ideal if you’re trying to grow out your hair.


4. Tumbling curls

Blonde Balayage curly hairstyle

Balayage is the ideal way to color curly hair, creating a very natural and gentle look that suits wild curls perfectly.  As it continues to grow out this hairstyle will only look better and better; brush minimally for an on-trend bohemian style, and work with your natural curls rather than against them.

Balayage on Short Hair

5. The Perfect Ponytail

Ponytail with Blonde Balayage haircut

Balayage isn’t just for hair that hangs long and loose: you can also create the perfect balayage ponytail! The key is to keep things loose and messy, and not worry too much about looking prim and proper. Pull your hair into a high ponytail using your hands, rather than a hairbrush, and then tease loose tendrils of hair out around your face to recreate this look.