55+ Incredible Red Hair With Blonde Highlights

With some incredible red and blonde highlights, you will add a lot of personality to your hairstyle, and you won’t only get a lot of attention, but also skyrocket your confidence.

It takes a lot of courage to make such a dramatic change because all eyes will be on you and sometimes that can be overwhelming for a shy girl.


Red and Blonde Highlights

However, the most significant thing about red and blonde highlights is that they can be styled on any hair type: pixie cuts or long hairstyles, thin or thick tresses, you name it because they can revive any dull look.

If you are ready to make a considerable change that will transform you into a fierce woman in a glimpse of an eye, here are some mind-blowing examples that will win your heart!


1. Blonde and Orange Red Highlights

short red hair with blonde highlights

Short red hair with blonde highlights is a pitch-perfect hairstyle for women with fair skin that need a low maintenance haircut. Style a pixie cut with bangs, and you’ll get ready each morning in just a couple of minutes. 


2. Multicolored Hair with Blonde and Electric Red Highlights

red and blonde balayage highlights

This hairstyle will probably become your dream look, and it’s all thanks to that red and blonde balayage with electric highlights. Spice things up even more by dying your roots in a dark purple vivid color.


3. Blonde and Dark Red Lowlights

red and blonde lowlights

Go for a dark red shade for your mane, and you’ll obtain a striking, gorgeous look. Red and blonde lowlights are optional, but they can make such a big difference when it comes to texture and glow. 


4. Dark Red Hair with Blonde Highlights

If you are searching for a dark red hair with blonde highlights idea, the picture below probably represents the best option out there. The hairstyle is perfect for fair skin and blue eyes, and the curls will make the thin blonde strands pop even more. 


5. Black Hair with Blonde and Red Highlights

Red and blonde highlights look impressive on black hair because they provide texture and dimension. Pull off some blunt bangs that will cover your forehead and create waves for the rest of the mane. 


6. Red and Strawberry Blonde Highlights

Red hair with strawberry blonde highlights looks merely dazzling! The red shade gets more shine and the warmer tones give your mane a particular astonishing shine. 


7. Red and Blonde Highlight for Half Hair

black red and blonde highlights hairstyle

Opt for black, red roots and blonde highlights because they will fabulously blend. You will get an even more eye-popping and luscious look. Style a curly loose bun on top of the head and pull off some strands to obtain that glamorous look. 


8. Red Hair with Blonde and Bright Red Highlights

A bright red hair with blonde highlights is going to blow your mind! The red shade is electric and fierce and the blonde highlights and tips will totally change your hairstyling game and gain all the attention you deserve. 


9. Blonde Hair with Dark Red and Platinum Highlights 

Blonde and red highlights can place you in the spotlight wherever you’re going. Create a half up half down hairstyle by using your top hair to make a voluminous French braid. Use a straightening iron for the other section, to build amazing curls. 


10. Red and Blonde Highlights for Curly Hair

If you are aiming for a sophisticated look, this hairstyle with bangs and red and blonde highlights will amazingly suit your fair skin. Also, you can use a conical iron to create mesmerizing curls.


11. More than gold

golden blonde hair with red highlights

Rosy highlights look magnificent when applied to golden blonde hair. If you are looking for a way to give your golden locks some shine, rosy or light red strands are exactly what you need.


12. Wine red highlights


Wine red is a wonderful color that looks amazing coupled with just about any shade. The combination of dark wine red hues with blonde locks is unusual but it can help you make a wild statement.


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13. Ginger, brown and blonde

Ginger red highlights on blonde hair look especially interesting when coupled with brown strands. Don’t be afraid to experiment with more than 2 colors when it comes to making highlights.


14. Ginger, rosy, and blonde


Ginger and rosy hair color make a great combination all on their own. But when you use them as highlights to brighten up your blonde mane, you will get stunning results. Give it a try!


15. Reddish ends


Instead of making full-blown red highlights, you can settle for just the ends. Blonde and red are a perfect mix. So it doesn’t really matter where you decide to add a few reddish hues.


16. Copper, burgundy, and blonde

Copper and blonde highlights look amazing together. But if it seems too dull for you, consider adding some burgundy strands. Don’t make them too obvious but make sure they are visible.


17. Rosy streaks

Red highlights on blonde hair for amazing girl

Red highlights on blonde hair look especially stunning. You don’t need to make too much effort to look fabulous. Consider bright rosy streaks to make your blonde image as impressive as possible.


18. Interlacing strand


If you are looking for beautiful red highlights on blonde hair but are not ready to take the risk of looking strange, try hair extensions. Interlace them with your own tresse to get a feeling for what it’s really like to have red locks.


19. Wine red and gray

Wine red color on gray hair for angelic face

Wine red strands look exceptional when done on gray hair. Silver and gray locks are gaining popularity at the speed of light but many girls are looking for new ways to give them that extra twist.


20. Cherry and sun-kissed blonde

Cherry highlights on sun-kissed blonde hair for modern girl

Cherry highlights on sun-kissed blonde locks look like a tribute to the youthful fashion of the 21st century. Don’t be afraid to follow the trends, you might get to like them.


21. Strawberry blond


If you’ve always wanted to have a strawberry blond but the color was hard to achieve, consider adding some red highlights to get an even better look. These colors are wonderful together.


22. Schoolgirl experiments


If your high school time is far behind, it doesn’t mean you can’t go through with girlish experiments. Consider combining different shades of blonde with various red hues. You’ll love the way you look.


23. Auburn and honey blonde

blonde highlights for cute girls

An auburn brown and honey blonde mix is an amazing way to go about the highlights. You are keeping the dark-light contrast while making your locks look as close to natural as possible.


24. Subtle blonde and fiery red


If you are a fiery redhead, there is no reason to completely change your look with highlights. Subtle partial highlights will give your hair a great makeover and add it an extra oomph.

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25. Unusual decisions

red and blonde highlights

Unusual decisions are always welcome when it comes to hair dyeing. Burgundy locks look amazing with blonde highlights on the bottom. Give them a try and you won’t regret it!

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26. Natural beauty


Blonde highlights on red hair will look especially amazing if you keep as close to being natural as possible. Auburn color mixed with honey blond will give you a soft redhead image you always wanted.


27. Partial highlights


Partial blonde highlights are a great way to see if you are ready to turn into a blonde. They will also give your read hair some extra glamor. Perhaps you’ll want to keep them instead of becoming a full-blown blond.

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28. Brighten up

red hair with blonde highlights

When you are mixing blonde and red, there is no need for the highlights to be obvious. A real professional can lighten up your overall colors by adding subtle blonde highlights in the right places.


29. An extra oomph


An extra oomph is a major part of your style but some girls are afraid to try it. When highlighting your locks, add one strand of a completely different color.


30. Sun-kissed locks

red and blonde highlights for dark brown hair

If you want sun-kissed locks, there is no reason to go blonde. You can just dilute your red tresses with a few golden strands and the result will be the same, only better.


31. Silver strands

light brown hair with blonde highlights

Silver strands look amazing on burgundy hair but only if you are bold enough to go all the way. You will definitely keep all the heads turning your way.

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32. Soft image


A soft image is not easy to create with hair color. You will need to do some careful consideration of your natural shade and hair dye. It’s better to get professional advice to reach the best results.


33. Amazing redhead


Blonde highlights look amazing on light red hair. If you are not a fiery redhead but your hue is close to auburn, light highlights will make your color truly fabulous. Give it a try.

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34. Patching

red hair with blonde highlights you should like

If you are looking for a hairstyle that will really make a statement, you should consider patch-dyeing your red locks with golden or honey blonde hue. The result will be fiery!


35. Light and bright


Blonde highlights on red hair look especially stunning if the original base shade is very light red. Together these two colors create and impressive hue that you’ll want to keep.


36. Powerful red


Subtle blonde highlights on red hair can create a very powerful image. Just make sure not to make the blonde too light. Go for dark or honey blonde and avoid platinum, especially silver.


37. Bangs power

red and blonde highlights for young girls

If you have straight blunt bangs, you need to be very carefully about highlighting it. A real professional will make the highlights appear fantastic and your fringe will get all the attention.

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38. Blonde and red

Blonde highlights on red hair

Blonde highlights on red hair look amazing whichever way you decide to go about them. Don’t want to make a full image change, go for at least a few blonde strands to check out the result.


39. Light and bright

Light and bright blonde highlights

You can enjoy a great look with blonde highlights on dark hair without any hassle. Ask your hairstylist to just dye the top strands. Full blown highlighting is not needed to reach the desired results.


40. Freshen up


Blonde highlights can be a great way to freshen up your overall appearance regardless the color of your hair. Just don’t overdo the dyeing. Add a few subtle blonde strands to change the image.

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41. A couple of shades


When highlighting your red hair with blonde dye, consider using several different shades of blonde. The darker the hues you choose, the more natural your overall image will be.


42. Blonde flames

Blonde flames you like

In order to reach a flaming effect using blonde highlights on red hair, you need to go for an ombre-styled highlighting and dye just the bottom strands. The effect will be unbelievable.

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43. Red highlights

Red highlights in dark brown hair

Red highlights can be a great way to change your blonde image for the better.  All you need to do is choose the color wisely. Ask your stylist for an advice on how to make the color combination more natural.


44. Highlights with a twist


When it comes to highlighting your hair, you can let your imagination go wild. Classic highlights can be boring, so add more color into the picture with hidden tresses dyed a different shade.


45. Sunflecks


Make your red hair glisten with sun flecks by adding a few strawberry blonde strands. You can enjoy an overall shiny appearance without spending too much money and time on highlighting.


46. Burgundy and blonde

Burgundy and blonde highlights on red hair

Burgundy and blonde look especially well together, so if you are considering blonde highlights on red hair, you need to think about this interesting color combination. You will love it!


47. Light redhead


Very light red hair is a rarity but it can look very natural with the right use of blonde highlights. You can ask your stylist for help and show the photo to make her understand what you really need.


48. Sunny redhead


You can create a sunny redhead image with the right use of blonde highlights. Use either strawberry or honey blond shade to make your head flaming sunny red.


49. Frontal strands


Partial highlighting is a great technique that can brighten up your face without damaging too much hair with dyes. This is especially great when you just want a slight change.


50. Just the top

blonde highlights for ombre style

If you want an unusual hairstyle, consider creating highlights just on the top part of your hair in an ombre style. Leave the bottom part red. The overall impression will be priceless.


51. Make a statement

red brown hair with blonde highlights

If your hair is naturally red and you don’t want to change it, you can make a bold statement by adding a few platinum blonde strands in front to create a regal appearance.


52. Burgundy impression


Your burgundy hair can get a sun-kissed impression if you create a few silver highlights that will be subtly hidden among the strands. You’ll definitely keep the heads turning your way.


53. Blonde and red

Blonde and brown highlights for cute girls

Blonde highlights look great on both dark and light red hair. If your hair is light, you can add less blonde strands to brighten up the look. Dark hair will warrant more effort to get the same effect.


54. One blonde strand


Just one blonde strand among red hair can make your image more exciting and beautiful. Don’t stop at just one if you like it. Make as many as you wish as long as you love the look.

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55. Reddish blonde


Reddish blonde hair is hard to find. So if you manage to create this look, you’ll definitely get a unique image. Ask your hairstylist to do what she can to get the natural look.


56. Soft contrasting

blonde highlights on your red hair

Use blonde highlights on your red hair to create soft contrasts. You can apply different shades of blond to get the best results.


57. The blonder the better

Strawberry blonde for young girl

Strawberry blonde looks look very stylish when mixed with red hues. Try to keep the blond appearance by adding a few red highlights.

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Blonde highlights are a wonderful weapon that can either completely change your image or just brighten it up a bit. Learn to wield it and you will always love the way you look and the change will be at your fingertips.

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