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40 Best Short Balayage Hair Color Trends

Balayage gives short hair a gorgeous vibe and it’s becoming a trend among the young girls. Balayage translates to sweeping or painting color into hair is rapidly becoming popular because of its ability to give hair more of a natural look of color than what results with the use of foil highlights and other methods used to highlight or dye hair.


Who Should Try Balayage Short Hair

Any woman looking to update their short hair should feel more than welcome to try balayage. Whether you’re a  professional and want to play with color but still look work-appropriate or you’re just a college student wanting to experiment with colors, balayage is versatile enough for everyone.

You can blend neutral colors like blondes and browns or more vibrant colors such as purple and blue. There are no rules when it comes to trying balayage short hair.


Short Balayage Hairstyle Ideas

Getting balayage on short hair creates dimension and depth, plus the right mixture of colors flatters your features, especially when combined with a short haircut. Imagine a hairstyle that highlights your cheekbones, draws attention to your eyes and sharpens the shape of your face.

To-die-for, right? Some people spread the unfortunate falsehood that short coifs are too hard to highlight or lowlight, but those folks don’t know anything at all about anything. The nature of the balayage technique is perfect for bobs, crops, and pixies—just see for yourself.

So, want to give your short hair a winning edge? Here are 40 stunning short balayage hairstyles to try in 2024.

1. Balayage on Short Straight Hair

balayage on short straight hair

Mix different shades of blonde to get this gorgeous mix of balayage on a short straight bob. Add in short layers to show even more of the color contrast from top to bottom.


2. Short Hair with Balayage Highlights

short hair with balayage highlights

A short pixie with a shaved side features a line design in the fade and a gorgeous shade of teal balayage on the other half of the hair. Colorful eye shadow makes this one dramatic style.


3. Short Curly Balayage Hairstyle

short curly balayage hairstyle

When you can’t pick just one color of balayage for your short curly hair, pick three or four! This one features purple, blonde, and light blue.


4. Short Red Balayage Hair

short red balayage hair

For medium to dark red on short hair, add blonde or auburn to create a gorgeous balayage blend. Add an off center part and tousled waves for sexy yet tasteful style.


5. Short Balayage Ombre Hairstyle

short balayage ombre hairstyle

Bubblegum pink is an unexpected yet flirty option for balayage. On short straight hair with face-framing layers, your look can still be sophisticated.


6. Short Dark Hair with Balayage

short dark hair with balayage

When you have short hair with natural brown color, add a dash of light blonde balayage. Focus it heavily up front so it’s the first thing everyone sees when they look at you.


7. Short Balayage Hairstyle for Black Women

short balayage hairstyle for black women

Don’t hide your natural curls if you’re a Black woman. Rock them on a short haircut with blonde balayage. It’s subtle yet noticeable on brown or black curls.


8. Short Blue and Purple Balayage Hair

short blue balayage hair

A sea green and purple balayage livens up a boring old short haircut. Part hair off center and mix straight locks with more textured pieces with waves.


9. Balayage on Very Short Hair

balayage on very short hair

For balayage on very short hair, mix a black base with medium blonde. This long pixie’s hair is side swept with piecey texture and minimal volume at the crown.


10. Icy Balayage

icy balayage short hair

Don’t get it twisted—this type of balayage on short hair still takes a lot of work. Shades of blue blend so seamlessly that it appears natural as if blue could be a color you’re born with. The popping strands of bold electric blue are spectacular.


11. Contrasty Balayage on Staright Short Hair

short balayage straight hair

Balayage is the perfect technique to ask for if you want to experiment with fantasy hair colors, such as this lovely millennial pink. The dark natural hair still peeks through, striking an eye-catching contrast. Brava!


12. Frosted Crop

blonde balayage on short brown hair

The effect of blonde balayage on brown hair is almost always deliciously icy. Thanks to the spikes, there’s something marvelously sharp and edgy about this hairstyle. It’s a bit punk rock and androgynous. What do you think?


13. Fade to Blonde

short blonde balayage hairstyle

Short blonde balayage is a beautiful way to add natural-looking highlights without risking that chunky early 2000s trend-gone-wrong. You also don’t have to worry about maintaining your roots, which makes balayage a more cost-effective alternative to traditional highlights.


14. Subtle Streaks of Color

short balayage hairstyle

Those caramel/copper streaks against the dark chocolate of the hair … this is the very picture of hair envy. That’s a gorgeous combination, and the curly loop is an adorable vehicle for the highlights. The way the lighter color spirals through the curls is fierce.


15. Honey Tones

honey balayage on short hair

Honey is the perfect balance between blonde and brown, especially if your natural hair is a shade of medium brown. Ask for honey highlights with warm undertones. In a pinch, a copper rinse can produce the same warm effect.


16. Going Platinum

platinum blonde balayage on short hair

Angled A-line bobs are perpetually on-trend. Consider the cut if you want to try short balayage, but you’re not keen to go too short. Painting gives the styles more control over the depth and timing of your highlights, as well, so you can pull off platinum streaks without risking damage to your hair.


17. Blended Blondes

short caramel blonde balayage style

The balayage technique makes it easier to paint in multiple colors. Even if you’re sticking with shades of blonde, your stylist can bleach individual sections for longer lengths of time to pull off a natural gradient.


18. A Touch of Ash

Ash blonde balayage short hairstyle

There’s no reason your highlights have to be extreme. A subtle painting of ash blonde brightens your hair, your face, and your eyes, but it’s not obvious or over-the-top. Choose a similar color the first time you try balayage, but make sure your stylist is proficient with bleach.


19. Copper Fade

short hair with copper balayage

This warm copper color is gorgeous against the deep, dark brown of the natural hair. Look how much it brightens the whole hairstyle. Curls are ideal for showing off balayage with short hair, even if they’re only for special occasions.


20. Blonde Balayage on Fine Short Hair

balayage short hairstyle

This choice of blonde balayage coloring is used to accent hair that is otherwise fine. This coloring blends well with the existing cut, giving hair a soft appearance.


21. Short Red, Blonde and Ombre Balayage

women nice Blonde OmbreBalayageon Short Hair

Are you a fan of shades of blonde and red, consider indulging in a mix of these two colors as a unique ombre balayage for your short tresses.


22. Short Brunette Balayage

favorite Brunette Balayage on Short Hair for women

This brunette balayage is a demonstration that not all balayage styles are sharp color changes but can be more of an earth tone.


23. Ruby Red Balayage on Short Hair

young girl Ruby Red Balayage haircut

Who says you must follow the tradition of a blonde or earth tone balayage? Why not opt for an eye-catching color such a ruby red. This style demonstrates that even a non-traditional choice of color can work well as a balayage choice and look just as natural.


24. Blonde Balayage on Short, Brown Hair

Blonde Balayage on Short, Brown Hair

This beautiful short brown balayage hairstyle is a flattering blend of coloring that gives hair a soft and gentle look.


25. Ash Balayage on Short Hair

Ash Balayage womens Short Hair

Some short balayage hairstyles are soft while others can be stark and still appear natural. This Ash balayage is sharp in appearance but still, gives the illusion of being natural.


26. Purple Balayage on Short to Medium Hair

girl Purple Balayage hairstyle

Purple is royal and why not blend it with a bit of ash to create a great balayage for your current style?

Brown Hairstyles With Caramel Highlights


27. Pink Balayage on Short Hair

Women Pink Balayage Short Haircut

Give your Bob a new look by adding a few curls and while you’re at it, add a bit of pink to create a bit more personality. This pink balayage lies closer to the root and does not extend all the way to the tip as seen with other balayage styles.


28. Rose Gold Balayage Bob

Rose Gold Balayage Bob

This stylish, rose-gold balayage is stunning to the naked eye and vibrant with color. This hair color is radiant and looks natural in tone and texture as hair falls neatly into place.


29. Gray Balayage on Short to Medium Hair

Gray Balayage hairstyle for girl

What better way to show off gray hair than with a well-designed gray balayage. This color choice is an excellent way to transition into gray hair or slowly this selection can be a beautiful style of choice at any age as seen in this image.


balayage hair color on short hair


orange balayage on short hair


short hair green balayage






short balayage hair




balayage hair color on short hair


Balayage on short hair is flattering, plus it’s less damaging to your hair, and it offers a way to change your appearance without committing to a new all-over color. What color do you want your balayage to be?