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35 Ways to Get Balayage Hair Color in 2024

Balayage is one of the most popular ways of adding color to a woman’s hairstyle these days. It’s the process of “painting” color onto the hair in a way that makes it look natural like your hair just decided to change colors on its own.

Balayage can be applied to any hair texture, and it lasts a couple of months, making it the perfect option for when you don’t want to try your traditional at-home hair dye kit. With so many ways of blending different colors beautifully, this is one hair design that is a must-try!

Balayage Hair Color Ideas

Here are 35 styles of balayage hair colors to try for yourself!

1. Blonde Balayage

balayage hairstyle

Your straight hairstyle will get a gorgeous new upgrade and look stunning at work with light blonde balayage painted onto dark blonde hair. Load up the tips with light blonde for a summery sunshine vibe.

2. Blonde and Dark Brown Balayage

balayage hair color

If you’re feeling the need to add a touch of light to your dark brown locks, try a golden blonde. This color starts a bit higher than typical balayage so you’ll look like you’ve spent your time outside catching rays.

3. White Blonde Balayage

balayage hair for women

Were you a tow-head when you were little? Get that gorgeous white-blonde color back by adding it to your adult look. The top color beautifully turns to a medium blonde near the tips on these springy curls.

4. Blonde Balayage for Long and Straight Hair

balayage hairstyle for girls

Pair your favorite fashionista hat with straight hair whose blonde balayage flatters your light or pale skin tone. The tips of this hairstyle are where the color is really focused.

5. Braided Blonde Balayage

balayage hair color ideas

Medium blonde hair is a universally flattering color, and on this half updo featuring a braided tie back, it glosses over waves for gorgeous style.

6. Balayage on Dark Hair

balayage on dark hair

A gorgeous sea foam green is unexpected as a balayage, but it works on dark hair. Rock it on thick textured hair cut to bob length.

7. Wavy Balayage

blonde balayage hair

Light blonde hair color graces the ends of a thick wavy long hairstyle. The roots to midsection are dark blonde, a truly classic style for the chic woman.

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8. Short Balayage Hair

short balayage hair

Teal, pink, and blue give a creative twist to traditional balayage colors. If you’re the artistic type, let your color do the talking on a straight short bob.

9. Brunette Balayage Hairstyle

brunette balayage hairstyle

The balayage on this slightly wavy hairstyle is a mix between brunette, caramel, and blonde. Wear your favorite hat with this long look to be the most fashionable.

10. Balayage Highlights for Asian Woman

asian balayage hair

Asian women have a tendency to keep their hair black. But try mixing it up with blonde balayage for a new take on your daily look.

11. Straight Hair + Balayage

straight balayage hair

Wearing the hair straight is a popular look these days and it’s easy to see why. Given a glow-up of blonde balayage and blunt-cut ends, the look is as chic as you get.

12. Caramel Balayage

caramel balayage hair color

Against black hair, this caramel balayage is stunning. Caramel is another universally flattering color, so no matter your skin tone, it’ll make you look beautiful.

13. Burgundy Bob With Bangs

balayage highlights

Another way to do balayage is with highlights, like this burgundy straight bob with blunt bangs whose dark base color peaks through in an edgy way.

It’s better to consult with an experienced hair colorist to get this color, as it is a bold color to achieve and may result in bad balayage if not done right.

14. Silver Balayage Hair

silver balayage hair

Silver balayage hair color isn’t just for aging women anymore. Rock the color as balayage on a dark base for long straight hair. You’ll love how it complements your light skin tone.

15. Red Balayage for Medium Length Hair

Dark red is an unexpected color but it works as an edgy complement to dark hair. Curl the body of your hair, leaving it loose and down to let the color catch the sun.

16. Purple Balayage

purple balayage hair

Lavender is one of those super trendy colors women have been working lately. On short wavy hair, color the top and tips for a cool take on traditional balayage.

17. Pastel Balayage

pastel balayage hair

If you’re lucky enough to have a job that lets you express yourself through hair color, you need to try these pastel colors: blue, pink, and blonde on wavy hair is flirty.

18. Grey Balayage

grey balayage hair color

Why wait until you’re older to try grey hair color? Pair it with any shade of blonde to keep the colors complementing each other.

19. Curly Balayage Hairstyle

curly balayage hairstyle

Your curls deserve a special color of their own. Give them caramel balayage to enhance their shape and draw attention to your own caramel skin tone and eye color.

20. Balayage on Long Hair

balayage on long hair

If you prefer to keep your balayage brunette hair long, wear it straight to draw attention to its length. Then ask your stylist to give it a gloss of blonde balayage.

21. Balayage Bob

A choppy, wavy balayage bob is always in fashion. Draw attention to this adorable haircut by coloring roots a medium purple, leaving the rest of your mane a mix of medium and light blonde.

22. Fall Balayage Hair

fall balayage hair

On light skin, red is a great color to rock. Keep it dark and pair it with light blonde balayage highlights. On a wavy side-parted bob, you’ll look super cute.

23. Balayage on Black Hair

balayage on black hair

Blonde balayage against dark hair, specifically black, is a common color pairing. The contrasting colors pop in a beautiful way, especially on this wavy asymmetrical bob.

24. Auburn Balayage Hair

auburn balayage hair

If your natural hair color is black, a touch of auburn is one of the best balayage colors you can try. The colors will combine to make your eyes pop.

25. Balayage on Thin Hair

balayage on thin hair

Not sure what to do with your thin hair? A makeover of blonde balayage will have you feeling confident in no time. Worn down and straight or up in a half updo, it’s gorgeous.

26. Balayage Hair with Bangs

balayage hair with bangs

Another way to help your natural curls pop is by opting for a burgundy balayage. Your dark base will peek through for an edgy, hipster vibe on a layered medium length hairstyle.

27. Ash Balayage Hair

Ash hair color is a mixture of grey and silver. It’s a popular balayage color choice these days because of its edgy addition to dark hair, like on this long half straight-half wavy hairstyle.

28. Pink Balayage Hair

pink balayage hair

If there was ever a balayage color to try, it’s this magenta and dark red combination. Spots of dark color peak through on the wavy, thick hairstyle.

29. Balayage Blue Hairstyle

balayage blue hairstyle

If blue is your favorite color, pick a dark shade to add as balayage to your hairstyle. Whether your base color is dark or blonde, the color will be beautiful.

30. Balayage Ombre Hair

balayage ombre hair

On a round face, try blonde balayage as ombre with dark hair. Blonde flatters a multitude of skin tones, and this color combo is especially gorgeous against dark skin.

31. Red Balayage

red balayage hair color

For a woman with dark hair, red balayage is ideal. The darker you go, the better it will look. Darker shades also keep the look adult-looking and sophisticated.

32. Rose Gold Balayage Hair Color

rose gold balayage hair color

Rose gold is having a moment, make sure you’re in on the trend! A long curly hairstyle wears it well, and the base color can be dark or light, although light looks most feminine and flirty.

33. Balayage on Wavy Blonde Hair

balayage on wavy hair

Many celebrities and runway models have shown how beautiful blonde balayage is. It’s truly glam on a long hairstyle with wide waves and blunt-cut ends.

34. Copper Balayage Hair

When you think copper, you probably don’t picture this gorgeous color. But dark brown with it is a stunning color and it will always look shiny in the sunlight.

35. Blonde Balayage for Older Women

balayage hair

Think just because you’re above 50, you can’t rock blonde balayage? This thick long wavy hairstyle proves just how flattering it can be for any age.

At the stylist, you can expect to pay anywhere from $70 to $200, depending on your hair length and the amount of color you want (highlights will be less expensive). When it comes to your next new look, be sure to try one of the above balayage hair colors for a guaranteed gorgeous result.

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