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How to Style Flipped Out Ends: Steps and Celeb-Inspired Looks

Have you noticed the flipped-out ends from the ’60s and ’90s are becoming popular again? I keep seeing celebs and folks around town bringing back that look.

Being a hairstylist, I got a bit curious and tried it out on my hair several times- and it turned out pretty awesome every time! I bet there are others like me who want to nail those flipped-up ends but aren’t exactly sure where to start.

So here’s the good news – I’m going to share some simple, tried-and-tested steps to get those flipped-out ends and help you nail the look. I’ll also show you some perfect flipped out styles rocked by celebrities.

How to Style Flipped Out Ends

Whether you already have flipped up ends or you’re looking to get this style, knowing how to style them is essential. Here are the steps to help you get those perfectly styled flipped-out ends.

1. Hair Preparation

You simply can’t have a hair flip without perfect, smooth, and shiny hair. So, it’s important to prepare your hair before you use any tools for styling.

The hair preparation should start in the shower. Wash your hair to remove any buildup then condition it. Ideally, you should use a shine-boosting shampoo and conditioner.

2. Blow Dry the Hair

blow dry hair to style flipped out ends

It’s essential to completely dry your hair before using any heat styling tools. You’ll spend less time straightening your hair, so you won’t damage it as much.

Generally, flipped hair is a sure way to highlight split ends and damaged hair. On the other hand, blow-drying your hair will smooth out all the imperfections.

Perfectly blow-drying your hair takes a lot of practice. However, we’re not looking for a 90s bouncy blowout right now. The goal is just to polish your hair as much as possible while it’s drying.

Flipping out the ends of your hair can seriously damage it due to all the heat you’ll be using. Therefore, you want to start by applying a heat protectant all over your hair. 

Many hair stylists recommend Paul Mitchell’s Hot Off The Press Thermal Protection Hairspray, but you can use any other product you prefer.

Then, grab your round brush and your blow dryer. You want to section your hair into small or large sections, depending on the size of your brush and how skilled you are with blow-drying. 

The secret to shiny hair is to cool it down in place, preventing flyaways. To elaborate, after you’ve thoroughly dried a section, switch your blow-dryer to cool and smooth it out. Lastly, pin each section in place.

3. Choose Your Styling Tool

Heat is essential for gorgeous flipped out ends. You can either use a hair straightener or a curling iron. However, straighteners are easier to manage, especially for beginners.

Select a hair straightener with rounded edges. Make sure your chosen tool is clean and free from any hair product residue.

Plug it in and let it heat up to an appropriate temperature for your hair type. Generally, lower temperatures are suitable for fine hair, while thicker hair may require a higher setting.

4. Straighten Your Hair

straighten hair to style flipped out ends

It’s crucial to spray more heat protectants and apply a smoothing serum before this step. Not only does this extra step add a lot more shine to your hair, but it also keeps your hair bouncy.

After that, separate your hair into several small sections. Make each section around one to two inches thick, which helps the hair pass evenly through the straightener.

Starting with one of the smaller sections, take a strand of hair that is about an inch wide. Hold the flat iron vertically, with the rounded edges facing outward.

Position it about an inch or two away from your scalp and the ends, so there’s enough space to create the flipped-out effect.

5. Curl the Ends

Now it’s time to create the signature flip. While holding the flat iron in place, slowly rotate it outward, away from your face. This motion should be gentle and smooth, causing the ends of your hair to curl or flip upward.

Continue to rotate the flat iron until you’ve got the desired curl in the ends. Hold this position for about 3-5 seconds to set the curl.

Gently release the flat iron from the strand of hair and move on to the next section.

For each new section, follow the same steps: clamp the flat iron about an inch or two from the roots, rotate it outward to create the flip, and hold for 3-5 seconds.

Be consistent with your direction to ensure a uniform look throughout your hair. Continue this process until you’ve styled all the sections.

6. Apply Hairspray

using hairspray to style flipped out ends

The hardest part about attempting a hair flip is that it can fall after a few minutes. That’s why you should be generous when applying hairspray.

Just because you’re applying layers of hairspray doesn’t mean your hair will become stiff and crunchy, though. You can opt for a soft-hold product that’ll keep your hair in place without making it stiff.

For example, the Paul Mitchell Super Clean Spray will provide your hair with a flexible hold, and it’s suitable for all hair types.

Best Flipped Ends Hairstyles

There are many versions of the hair flip. For instance, in the ’60s, the flips were big and bold, giving the hairstyle a playful and eye-catching look.

On the other hand, the 90s turned the flip down a notch, transforming it into an everyday, casual hairstyle.

Nowadays, the c-curl is a popular hairstyle where the ends are flipped inward rather than outward. K-pop idols were the main inspiration behind this trend.

In other words, flipped ends can be anything you want, and the possibilities are endless. Still, if you want to try the iconic hairstyle, but aren’t sure where to start, here are some of the best looks for flipped ends:


ponytail with flipped out ends

You can’t scroll through Instagram or TikTok without coming across a celebrity rocking the flipped ends/ponytail combo.

First popularized by Ariana Grande in the music video for “Positions,” the flipped ends ponytail is reminiscent of the 60s. Yet, they’re still modern enough to be worn out and about.

Some other perfect inspirations for this hairdo are Kim K., Bella Hadid, and the it-girl herself, Hailey Beiber.

Tips: To keep the flyaways at bay, use some hair gel and a toothbrush to smooth the top of your hair down. If you have the right hair texture, styling your hair will add some flair to the classic style.

Slick Side Part

Ariana Grande with flipped out ends hairstyle

This is another gorgeous flipped end hairstyle rocked by Ariana Grande. This time she styled it with a side part. She looks like a 90s teenage girl with her high ponytail and white shirt.

Tips: You can pair the slick side part with a ponytail, a hair scarf, or a colorful hair clip for an adorable look.

Layered Cut

layered haircut with flipped out ends

There’s no better way to show off your fresh layers than by flipping them out. Flipped ends can add the perfect amount of dimension to your hair. This is basically like giving your entire head curtain bangs!

The best part about layers is that they’re incredibly forgiving. So, you don’t have to be so thorough when flipping out the ends. Your hair will always look superb, even if it’s not the smoothest or shiniest.

One of our favorite hair inspirations for this flipped out haircut is none other than Matilda Djerf. The Gen-Z TikToker influenced a generation with her fluffy, 70s-inspired hair.


Another modern take on the flipped out ends is the half-updo. This popular 90s updo hairstyle will transform you into an Instagram model.

The best part is that the flip hairstyle works for short hair as well. So, if you’re not able to put your hair in a high pony, you can still look as cute as ever.

Depending on the direction you flip out the ends of your hair, you’ll have a different aesthetic. If you think about it, this is more like two hairstyles in one!

A small trick we love that makes the biggest difference is to wrap a section of hair around your ponytail. The hairstyle will look a lot more polished this way.


c curl with flipped out ends

We can’t mention flipped out ends without talking about the ultra-modern c-curl. Although this is a popular perm in South Korea, you can still have it with your trusty hair straightener.

This style looks particularly exceptional on flipped bobs. Still, if you have longer hair, a c-curl can make it bouncy and romantic.

Some amazing inspirations for c-curls are Girls Generation’s Yoona and Song Hye-Kyo. 

Generally, c-curls don’t require a lot of products. Instead, the secret is to have healthy, moisturized hair, so it looks like the hair is “shining from within.”

You’ll still need a lot of hairspray, as even the c-curl perm doesn’t last long.

So, How to Style Flipped Out Ends?

  1. Prepare your hair by giving it a wash using your favorite shampoo and conditioner.
  2. Use a hair mask, get a trim, and blow out your hair beforehand.
  3. Use your hair straightener to achieve this style. To do so, just run the straightener across your hair and tilt it outward when you reach the ends.
  4. A curling iron can also work, but it’s a little trickier. So, if it’s your first time attempting this look, we recommend using a hair straightener.
  5. Finally, apply hairspray to keep your gorgeous look in place.