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35 Lustrous Blonde Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

Medium length hair is mainstream nowadays while the popularity of blonde hairstyles can’t be overlooked. Medium blonde hair seems to take the best of both worlds by allowing you to sport any hairstyle you choose without the hassle of long hair.

Not many women can wear long locks. Besides being hard to manage, not everyone’s body has enough resources to keep the long hair fed. As a result, you get weak and thin ends and a ruined hairstyle.

Many women with shoulder-length hair choose to dye their locks blonde. These beautiful blonde styles are fashionable and timeless.

Beautiful Medium Blonde Hairstyles

If you have shoulder-length hair and are thinking about blonde hairstyles, you can easily get lost among the option. Every woman tries to sport a blonde hairstyle at least once in her lifetime.

Most celebrities change their hair color and length too often. So how do you pick the right one for yourself? We spent some time collecting the best options to make your choice simpler.

Just take a look at these medium blonde hai ideas and you can surely find something suitable for yourself. You can also use a combination of a few for a unique shoulder length blonde look!

1. 80’s Voluminous Lob

medium blonde curly hair

The classic look from the 80s is a timeless one for flaunting curls. The layered strands are tousled away from the face. The dark blonde shade combined with light blonde highlights gives a subtle yet gorgeous balayage effect on medium curls.

2. Ballerina Bun

top knot with medium blonde hair

Dance around like a ballerina with this simple hair look. The lustrous light blonde medium-length hair is secured into a high bun with an elastic band and kept in place with with bobby pins. This look is ideal for busy women who can carry it with ease the entire day.

3. Sleek Ponytail

medium blonde ponytail

Keep the hair away from the face by brushing it with a middle part and securing it at the back into a ponytail that is neither too high nor too low. This sleek style looks great on any blonde hair shade.

4. Disheveled Layers

medium blonde hairstyle for women over 50

Add life to your dull shoulder-length blonde hair by adding blonde babylights and a lot of layers. The side-swept bangs are layered too and accentuate the disheveled curls ideally. This low-maintenance look is suitable for middle-aged women with thin hair.

5. Blonde Afro Hair

medium blonde hair for black women

Although afro curls are usually thought to be dark, they can be lightened up to achieve a non-conventional fun look. The hair is bleached and dyed in a warm honey blonde hue to create this style, along with brown roots and subtle layers to style each curl individually.

6. Half Bun

half up medium blonde hair

This cute look is ideal for young girls. The light brown hair fades into a blonde tint creating an ombre effect. Half of the neck-length strands are tied up into a top bun with a floral hair tie while the remaining hang loose.

7. Twisted Updo

updo with medium blonde hair

Never go unnoticed with this lustrous blonde hairstyle for medium-length hair. Copy this dreamy style by dying the hair in a light ash blonde shade and adding curls if not natural. The strands are then twisted and pinned at the back to create an elegant updo.

8. Half Up Pigtails

medium blonde pigtails

Go back to your childhood days with this cute look. The medium-length hair tones down from a dark to medium and then a light blonde tint with two thin half-up pigtails and some strands loose at the front.

9. Braided Front

braided style for medium blonde hair

Take a break from loose hair and braid it down for a change. The front is loosely braided, and the braiding continues to the ends after which the intertwined strands are rolled up into a low bun. This look remains intact the entire day.

10. Chic Wavy Curls

medium blonde hair with dark roots

This chic medium blonde hairstyle is simple to achieve for those who like waves and curls. The roots are kept dark while the remaining strands are dyed in an extra-light blonde color. A curling iron is used to create wavy curls, adding substantial volume to thin hair.

11. Blunt Bob with Side-swept Bangs


This blunt bob with side-swept bangs can easily be called the classic of medium-length hairstyles. You can create this style no matter how old you are and which blonde shade you prefer. This hairstyle is great for thin hair.

12. Yellow Blonde Highlights


Complement your blonde hairstyle with yellowish highlights. If you are after ash or dark blonde colors, yellowish highlights can give the style some extra shine. The ends can be blunt or asymmetrical.

13. Bleached Blonde


The lighter your blonde hair is, the more stunning it looks. If you have naturally dark hair, you’ll need to do some serious bleaching in order to achieve lighter shades. But once you are done, you’ll look awesome.

14. Honey Blonde Ombre


If you have medium length hair, you can take advantage of this ombre hairstyle. Besides dyeing the bottom part of your ombre honey blonde, you can arrange your hairstyle to emphasize the color changing layers.

15. Long Side-swept Bangs


Long side swept bangs do a great job hiding most of the forehead wrinkles while making you look younger. You can play around with different shades of blonde too. You can make the bangs lighter or darker than the rest of the mane.

16. Rounded Bob


This blonde hairstyle is a wonderful choice for girls with thin hair and long faces. You’ll need to maintain the shade on a daily basis, but it’s truly worth it. You can change this hairstyle to an a-line bob if you wish.

17. Long Golden Bangs


Golden blonde hues look wonderful on medium length hair if it’s arranged the right way. Consider creating long bangs that fall down on both sides of your face in a careless manner or you can opt for side bangs that will also frame the face nicely.

18. Malibu Blonde


If you have thin hair, a slightly wavy medium-length mane is exactly what you need. Consider using a darker shade of Malibu blonde to avoid frequent root touch-ups. You can also create long bangs with this color which will look gorgeous.

19. Windblown Bob


This beautiful blonde hairstyle is achieved by making layers. The layers are then arranged in a careless manner. They can stick out almost any way you wish for a windblown look. Use the light shade of blonde for this image.

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20. Ombre Mix


Ombre is a fail-safe way of making your medium length hair shine. Start with your natural locks on top and then consider making two or three blonde layers. Make sure that the color gets gradually lighter.

21. A-line Bob


A-line bob is a wonderful hairstyle for girls of all ages. Don’t make it too stacked in the back in order to avoid any extravagant look. You can either dye the whole bob one color or use ombre or even balayage coloring technique.

22. Keep It Longer


If your teenage girl’s medium length hairstyle seems to look fantastic, you can consider growing your hair a little longer. Check out the way it looks when it’s reaching your chest. If the appearance gets duller, get a haircut.

23. Wavy Hair with Hairpins

Medium length blonde hair can look gorgeous like this with just a bit of your time in the morning. You will need a curling wand, a bit of a hair spray and a few hairpins. Hairpins are on the peak of their popularity the moment, so don’t hesitate to try them on. Pick a few with a different pattern – that is how you can make your hairstyle look super trendy!

24. Dark Roots on Blonde hair

What a lovely way to spice up this lob hairstyle – with dark roots and blonde hair everything looks better and more beautiful. You can style this hair with beach waves or leave it straight – it is on you to choose.

25. Blonde Ombre Hair

 medium length blonde hair

Hairpins are something that you shouldn’t miss this summer. They look very chic, especially those decorated with pearls.

You can combine a few and add your hair a whole new vibe. They look like this is great for all kinds of special celebrations.

26. Half Up Curly Hair

If you are bridesmaid-to-be, then look no further than this medium twisted hairstyle. You can also curl your hair, turning it into lovely medium beach waves.

By adding some fresh flowers as a crown, this hairstyle will get a fantastic bridesmaid upgrade that you won’t be able to resist.

27. Pink Blonde Combination

Medium blonde hair is fine, but how to make it look even more appealing? Add some pink highlights and stop worrying!

While your roots are still dyed blonde, the rest of your hair should be in lovely pink undertones. This is just one more type of strawberry-blonde hair, which took the internet by storm.

28. Layered Medium Hair

Combination of dark and light blonde highlights is always a good idea. You can absolutely enjoy having this type of shoulder-length blonde hairdo, and not worry about overgrown hair. With a blend like this, you can be absolutely sure that the time between dyeing will be prolonged.

29. Fresh Cut Blonde Bob

The lob is one of the most popular medium hairstyles. No surprises there, since it is practical as well as super stylish. Instead of cutting your hair layered, cut it straight, and make these gorgeous beach waves. You can only ask your hairdresser to use special scissors to chop your hair ends.

30. Ash Blonde Haircut

medium ash blonde hair

Ash-blonde is great for all women that don’t like honey or golden undertones on their hair. The point is to protect your ash-blonde from washing out by using the purple shampoo. The highlight blend will only enhance the beauty of this lovely medium hairstyle.

31. Golden Blonde

Unlike the ash tones, golden ones can look great on every occasion. Women with warm skin tone are more prone to wearing this kind of hair dye, but it is not a surprise to see fair-skinned women wear it too. Golden locks like these can be achieved with a wide curling wand. However, make sure to protect your hair before heating.

32. Beige Blonde

This combination is absolutely great if you like unusual combinations and styles. This medium length blonde hair is great for day to night wear since the waves will provide you with a chic look, no matter where you go.

33. Braided Hairstyle

Braids make every hairstyle different and unique. They are not only practical – braids are a timeless addition to any hairstyle. You can braid your hair completely or do an elegant half up half down hair, like in the photo above. Blonde highlights will make your braid even more enhanced and so beautiful.

34.. Peach Highlights on Blonde Hair

medium length blonde hair with highlights

If you are tired of blended and blonde highlights, then think outside the box and add a few summer colors to your hair. You can be sure that these peachy tones won’t pass unnoticed.

35. Platinum Blonde

shoulder length platinum blonde hair

Platinum blonde is a perfect shade for medium length hair, especially with highlights or done with blonde balayage technique. This medium hairstyle is great for all those girls who like something classy, yet casual and ready to wear for day to night events.

Medium Blonde Hairstyles for Women Over 50

The main advantage of the medium length blonde hairstyle is that they suit women of any age. If your hair is vibrant enough to bear the medium length, you can easily create any of the below options on your locks.

We would recommend you to pay close attention to the hairstyles that feature bangs. They hide the wrinkles on your forehead, focus attention on your eyes, and can take up to 10 years off of your age. Women over 50 will like our medium bobs with some asymmetry. Or simple shags.

Try Shoulder-Length Blonde Hair Highlights

medium blonde hairstyles with different highlights

You don’t have to stop yourself at one color. There are so many shades of blonde on this planet that lifetime won’t be enough to try them all.

But you can trick the destiny and try various blonde shades as highlights. Most blonde shades look terrific together. The classic highlight mix involves two shades. Nowadays, girls go for 3, 4 and even 5 hues!

If you are into a medium blonde hairstyle, you now have a few more to choose from. Don’t forget to experiment with sets of colors, asymmetry, long bangs, and smart highlighting. Good luck with becoming even more beautiful!