Which Plum Burgundy Hair Color Should I Try?

You’re going to be seeing a lot of burgundy plum hair colors in the coming months. Perhaps it’s the autumnal answer to rose gold, which has been trending so hard this summer.

At any rate, the rich tones are certainly evocative of the fall. The combination of burgundy and plum is on the lighter side of goth, kind of.

The plum saves the burgundy from being too harsh, while the burgundy keeps the plum from looking too purple. Does the mix pique your interest?


Burgundy Plum Hair Color

Burgundy plum hair colors are like fantasy hues if you have really dark fantasies. The combo is set to be the color of the fall and early winter, but who says you have to wait for colder weather?

If you love dramatic, bejeweled tones, then this deep purple delight will please you all the way to the roots of your hair.

Face-Framing Layers

Burgundy Plum Hair Color

You’ll find lots of women with long hair experimenting with burgundy plum hair colors. It’s easy to see why—with all that length, you can see the real dimensions of the color combo. See how rich it is? You almost want to pour it into a wine glass and drink up.


Colorful Curls

Colorful Curly Burgundy Plum Hair for girl

Anytime you color your hair, you ought to curl those locks, too—even if you only experiment once. Curled hair throws off so many hues. You can show off your dynamic mix to its best advantage and create hair envy wherever you go.

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Subtle Streaks

Burgundy Plum Hair Color

We love burgundy and plum hair colors that showcase both shades. Here the plum takes center stage, interwoven with delicious burgundy streaks that stand out from the purple. Yum!


Plum Pretty

Plum hair color idea for women

The awesome thing about dyeing your hair a combination color is that you’re in control of the balance of color—well, you and your stylist, that is. For example, you may want to err on the side of plum, while someone else might prefer a burgundy overlay with subtle plum highlights.


High Shine

Burgundy Plum Hair Color

Here’s a perfect example of how gorgeous burgundy plum hair colors are. Check out that shine—her hair looks liquid, almost.

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No wonder burgundy plum hair colors are trending so hard right now. Does this color combination tickle your fancy?

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