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Top 25 Short Brunette Hairstyles for Women

Sexy, sassy, short brunette hairstyles provide unequivocal proof that brown-haired women are beautiful and charming.

Perhaps because brown is the most common hair color, people assume that anyone with brown hair is uninteresting, unfashionable, and unable to have a good time.

What’s up with that? Brown hair is bold, lively and looks fantastic when it’s short.


Classy Short Brunette Hairstyles to Inspire a Crop

The first step is to list the short brunette hairstyles you can see yourself wearing.

What works for you? Do you want some bangs, or are you ready for the clippers and the scissors? Take a while to think about it—and let these brunette examples inspire you to go in for a serious chop.

1. Soft Pompadour

short brunette slicked back hair

If you think pompadours are for men only then here is a short brunette hairstyle to prove you wrong. Ladies can opt for a professional look by chopping their mane into a jaw-length layered pixie cut and using a round brush and hair dryer to create the puff of their dreams.


2. Round Bob

short brunette hair for over 50

Brunette women getting on in years can save themselves from the hassle of styling their straight hair with a short bob. The strands bending naturally around the face with wispy bangs grazing the brows take this classic cut to another level. Simple and elegant!


3. Bixie

short brunette bob

The bixie is a hybrid hairstyle having the shortness of a pixie and the shape of a bob. Ask the hairstylist for a shorter back with longer sides and top.

The deep side-parted bangs covering the entire forehead create a stylish appeal. Spice up the look with babylights and you won’t regret it!


4. Sleek Ponytail

short brunette ponytail

Styling short locks in a ponytail can be quite a hassle but the effort is worth it.

Use an ample amount of gel or pomade while brushing back the strands into a low, medium, or high ponytail, depending on your mood.

Remember to smooth out all the bumps for a sleek and sexy finish.


5. Short Shag

brunette pixie hair

Versatile and playful, short shags are perfect for ladies with dark hair and a lively spirit.

Use the razor-cut technique to achieve jagged layers that result in a lot of movement and texture on the head.

Side-tousle the strands to fall forward on the face and get ready to rock the world!


6. Gorgeous Swoop

short brunette hair with highlights

Instagram / trim_zarautz

This short hairstyle is all about the swooped bangs. Go for a jaw-length haircut with soft layers.

When styling, use a large round brush and hair dryer to create some volume near the roots resulting in the perfect side-swept fringe that won’t be overlooked.


7. Modern Mullet

short brunette hair with undercut

Instagram / buzzcutfeed

The modern mullet is a softer version of the classic 70’s haircut.

It is the perfect short hairstyle for brunettes who are not afraid to express their wild side. The top is kept the longest and tapers towards the front and back while the sides are shaved to expose the skin. Bold and beautiful!


8. Vintage Vibes

short brunette hair color

Curly bobs became popular in the 1920s and are rocked by many even today. They are versatile and look flattering on all face shapes.

Steal the show at a formal event by adding barrel curls to the short tresses and finishing off with hairspray. Still looks boring? Try blonde highlights!


9. Curtain Bangs

short brunette hair for round faces

Instagram / buzzcutfeed

Curtain bangs are in full swing this year and look exceptional when coupled with a cropped hairstyle. Make a style statement with a short sassy pixie while the strands at the front are cut the shortest in the middle and elongate towards the sides. Chic!


10. Face-Framing Curls

side part short brunette hair

Take a break from those long tresses by chopping them at chin length with as many layers as possible. Add curls to the short strands and finger brush them to fall around the face flawlessly. Finish off with a good head shake and voila!


11. The Fringe

Did you know that you can get a pixie cut that still provides you with some hair to hide behind? The secret is in the bags. Tell the hairdresser that you want some fringe that brushes below your eyebrows. That floppy fall of hair will give you an air of mystery.


12. Beautifully Braided Lob

Short Brunette Hairstyle for asian women

More often than not, lobs are shorter than bobs. You might think you can’t do much with hair this short, but as you can see, that’s not the case at all.

Random braids look lovely in even the shortest locks, so you might want to start practicing your plaiting techniques before you go in for a chop.


13. Edgy Side Sweep

Side Sweep short brunette style for girl

This isn’t quite a bob, either, but it’s one of our favorite short brunette hairstyles. It’s just messy enough to be edgy and fashion-forward. It’s purposely uneven, mainly thanks to the part, but those sharp, jagged layers need to be on display. Maybe it’s just us, but the glasses seem to make the style, too.


14. Short and Spiked

See? Sometimes, simple is best. If you’re brave enough for a super short crop, then all you need to do is place a bit of product on your fingertips and run your fingers through your hair to style it. Easy breezy, right?

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15. Almost an Undercut

 Undercut with short brunette style for girl

Dark hair is dramatic, which is one reason why short brunette styles are so flattering. Take this close crop that resembles an undercut, for instance. The angle of the cut on the sides is sharp, and the quiff up top is just a bit lighter—perfection!


16. Short and Curly

short curly brunette hair

Let those curls spring through! There’s no reason you can’t keep your short brunette hairstyle curly. In fact, you should, by all means. Embrace the natural texture of your hair because a crop looks even better with curls.

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17. Perfectly Straight

short brunette bob

Can’t take your eyes off, right? Blunt cut bobs/lobs are the biggest trend this season. Flaunt your dark mane by cutting the strands uniformly to dangle above the shoulders in a perfectly straight line. Remember to use a good quality heat protectant when straightening the hair regularly.


18. Textured Pixie

short brunette hairstyle

Flirty and feminine, that’s what pixie cuts are! Recreate this short brunette hairstyle by cutting layers into the hair adding some volume and texture to it. Couple the look with straight-cut micro bangs and long pointy sideburns. Short, sexy, and low-maintenance, what more to ask for?


19. Curly Fauxhawk

short curly brunette hairstyle

Those blessed with natural curls can flaunt them with a fauxhawk to turn around some heads. The curls are longest on the top and shorten towards the back with a V-shaped neckline and tapered sides. Complete this hipster look with curly bangs falling on the forehead. A hand-tousle and done! 


20. Choppy Layers

short messy brunette hairstyle

Messy is the new dressy! Laid-back brunettes can shed off some weight from their heads by opting for choppy layers achieved by cutting away uneven chunks of hair for an edgy appeal. Go for a deep side part, add soft curls, and tease them for an undone look.


21. Wavy Lob

Wavy lobs are a go-to hairstyle for all the fashionistas out there. The strands are cut straight to sway above the shoulders with textured layers creating a ruffled appeal. Add curls and brush them out, resulting in gorgeous waves that will set your look on fire.


22. Simply Chic

There is no need to complicate a hairstyle when a simple look does the job. Experiment with a short round bob and wear it with a deep side part for the fringe to cover one eye. Keep the hair simply straight for a classy look or add curls. Your call!


23. Play with Symmetry

Young ladies can play with the symmetry of their hair to turn their short brunette hairstyle into one of a kind. Try an inverted haircut keeping one side longer than the other and spice it up with a blonde balayage. Top off with loose waves and wow!


24. Stacked Bob

short brunette razor bob

A stacked bob adds volume to a thin mane while removes unwanted bulk from thick tresses. It is defined by a short A-line haircut that elongates towards the front with layers stacked at the back. Couple the angular side locks with bangs and you will love the results.


25. Side-Tousled

short brunette hairstyle

Last but not the least, add a personal touch to a stacked or inverted bob by pairing it with a feathered side-tousled fringe. Amp up the brunette look by adding curls to the ends only and finish off with some texturizing spray. Tada!


Nothing is boring or basic about brown hair. On the contrary, there are plethoras of bold but short brunette hairstyles begging you to experiment with them. Do you hear the siren song of the scissors?