30 Caramel, Violet & Cinnamon Brown Hair Color Ideas

Developments in hair color technology mean that you no longer have to stick with the hair color that you were born with. Caramel, violet and cinnamon brown hair colors are some of the most popular shades of hair color in the world for those who are planning on dyeing their hair. Take a look through this inspirational list of caramel, violet and cinnamon brown hair color ideas to try to find inspiration for your next color.


Caramel, Violet and Cinnamon Brown Hair Color Ideas

It is now possible to dye hair almost any shade that you want without causing much damage to the hair itself. However, if you are planning on changing your hair color dramatically then you should consult a trained stylist. They will use the best products and techniques to make sure that your hair is not left feeling brittle and dry. To keep your new hair color looking fresh, you should make sure that you treat your hair with special hair color care products.


#1: Highlights and Lowlights


Cinnamon brown hair colors can be built upon with a combination of gorgeous complementary highlights and lowlights. These colors can help to give the illusion of more texture and volume to any women’s hairstyles.

Caramel Highlights on Brown Hair Ideas


#2: Messy Sexy

nice Messy hairstyle for girl

A messy sexy style looks super hot whichever hair color you are rocking. Although this look may be a little bit extreme for your everyday look, you can rein it back in a little bit and still look amazing.


#3: Long Lush Chocolate Brown

nice Chocolate Brown hairstyle you like

This brown hairstyle is deep and sumptuous. When teamed up with this gorgeous haircut, the color looks amazing and full of body. Rich chocolate brown colors suit thick but subtle women’s hairstyles. Treat your hair with styling products to prevent the look from becoming “flyaway”.


#4: Warm Cinnamon


Warm cinnamon brown colored hairstyles go really well with a lot of different skin colors. Whilst cinnamon tones help to make pale people look rosy cheeked, they also look great on tanned beauties too!


#5: Loose Waves with Sweeping Bangs


Loose waves are gorgeous for a casual hairstyle or for a woman’s hairstyle for a formal event. Sweeping side bangs can really help to open up your face and show off your favorite facial features.