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40 Caramel, Violet & Cinnamon Brown Hair Color Ideas

Developments in hair color technology mean that you no longer have to stick with the hair color that you were born with. Caramel, violet, and cinnamon brown hair colors are some of the most popular shades of hair color in the world for those who are planning on coloring their hair.

Take a look through this inspirational list of caramel, violet and cinnamon brown hair color ideas to find inspiration for your next color.

Caramel, Violet and Cinnamon Brown Hair Color Ideas

It is now possible to dye hair in almost any shade that you want without causing much damage to the hair. However, if you are planning on changing your hair color dramatically then you should consult a trained stylist.

They will use the best products and techniques to make sure that your hair is not left feeling brittle and dry. To keep your new hair color looking fresh, you should make sure that you treat your hair with special hair color care products.

#1: Straight Cinnamon Brown

Glossy Caramel Brown Straight Hair


A warm mix of cinnamon and brown gives long straight hair a glossy shine. If you’re seeking a colorful update to your long tresses, cover them in this rich color to shine everywhere you go.


#2: Cinnamon Bob with Peekaboo Highlights

Cinnamon Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights


As if the large luscious curls and waves in this short bob weren’t enough spice, you can add even more with cinnamon hair color and blonde peekaboo highlights! Choose light or dark blonde, both will be beautiful!


#3: Violet and Dark Brown Waves

Violet Brown Waves


The brown base in this long wavy hairstyle is just barely noticeable because the violet hair coloring is what really captures the eyes! Go with all over hair color or an ombre for a trendy look year round.


#4: Cinnamon Brown and Caramel Highlights

Curly Inverted Caramel Brown Haircut


Curly hair this sultry deserves rich color! We love what a cinnamon brown with caramel highlights does for the springy tresses. You can stick with this color combination or even throw in a few burgundy highlights for contrast.


#5: Cinnamon Brown and Red Balayage

Cinnamon Brown Half-up Buns


Who would’ve pictured how gorgeous cinnamon brown and red could be as balayage? The colors melt together beautifully here on long wavy hair, but we’re sure this combination will work nicely no matter your hair length!


#6: Cinnamon Brown Long Layers

Feathered Layers On Cinnamon Brown Hair


After having your hairstylist cut in long layers on your dark brown or blonde mane, add cinnamon brown highlights or try a balayage. These feathered layers shine beautifully with the light color addition.


#7: Short Cinnamon Brown Twists

Cinnamon Brown Short Afro


Ladies of color looking for a stylish, protective look will love what short twists in rich cinnamon brown do for their confidence! The color flatters dark skin tones and can be spiced up more with a little red highlighting.


#8: Choppy Violet Bob

Choppy Wavy Violet Brown Lob


Choppy cutting on a long bob will get you the sexy texture seen here. However, it’s the violet hair color that will truly bring your look to life, especially when straight hair includes large waves.


#9: Cinnamon Brown High Pony

When your long hair is treated to gorgeous cinnamon brown color, gold hair accessories will stand out even better. This high pony is decorated with Dutch braids and a large gold hair cuff.


#10: Low Pony with Caramel Highlights

In just a few hours at the salon, you can brighten up your entire hairstyle just by asking for caramel highlights! Then gather your hair in a low tousled ponytail with loose waves.


#11: Highlights and Lowlights


Cinnamon brown hair colors can be built upon with a combination of gorgeous complementary highlights and lowlights. These colors can help to give the illusion of more texture and volume to any women’s hairstyle.

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#12: Messy Sexy

nice Messy hairstyle for girl

A messy sexy style looks super hot with caramel and burgundy highlights, however, you can rock any hair color with this style. Although this look may be a little bit extreme for your everyday look, you can rein it back in a little bit and still look amazing.


#13: Long Lush Chocolate Brown

nice Chocolate Brown hairstyle you like

This brown hairstyle is deep and sumptuous. When teamed up with this gorgeous haircut, the color looks amazing and full of body. Rich chocolate brown colors suit thick but subtle women’s hairstyles. Treat your hair with styling products to prevent the look from becoming “flyaway”.


#14: Warm Cinnamon


Warm cinnamon brown colored hairstyles go really well with a lot of different skin colors. Whilst cinnamon tones help to make pale skinned people look rosy-cheeked, they also look great on tanned beauties too!


#15: Loose Waves with Sweeping Bangs


Loose waves with this beautiful cinnamon brown color are gorgeous for a casual hairstyle or for a woman’s hairstyle for a formal event. Sweeping side bangs can really help to open up your face and show off your favorite facial features.


#16: Mahogany Hair Color with Soft Waves

 Soft Waves hairstyle for women

Mahogany hair color straddles the line between red and brown. This is a great choice of color for anyone who can’t make up their mind! The reflective color also enhances any soft wave style.

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#17: Black-Brown with Big Curls

Big Curls hairstyle you like

These big bold curls are super fun and funky. You can wear this hairstyle down when you are having a casual day out or you can pull it up into a gorgeous high ponytail for work.


#18: Waterfall of Curls


This truly glamorous style is made for the red carpet! Pull your hairstyle up into a high ponytail and then allow the big curls to come cascading down. This hairstyle looks amazing with cinnamon brown hair colors.


#19: Cinnamon Brown Highlights with a Signature Curl

 Signature Curl hairstyle for cite girl

Brown hair color with cinnamon highlights looks deep and rich. Change up your hairstyle by adding a significantly curled area to otherwise straight hair. This helps to create a beautifully varied yet gorgeously subtle style.


#20: Subtle Violet Hair Color


Add subtle violet hair color shades to a dark hairstyle to give your hair an amazing unique look. This will look like a normal black or dark brown hair color until it catches the light and then it will shine purple.

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#21: Blonde, Caramel and Brown Hair Color with Fishtail Plaits

Hair Color with Fishtail Plaits hairstyle

A Fishtail plait looks especially textured if your hair has lots of highlights and lowlights. Blonde and caramel highlights layered over a brown hair color base is an amazing choice for any plaited hairstyle. The differences in color really help the plaits to stand out.


#22: Beautiful Beach Hair


For beautiful beach hair, add a few light caramel or blonde streaks. If you go out in the sun a lot, your hair may even be bleached by the sun! A little lemon juice on your locks is said to help this process along. Boho waves complete the beautiful beach look.


#23: Short Curly Bob

best Short Curly Bob hairstyle you like

A bob hairstyle like this one looks great whatever hair color that you choose. To give the look an ultra-modern twist, make sure that your hair is longer towards your chin than at the back of my head. This sloped style looks seriously hot.


#24: Light Brown and Caramel with Loose Curls


Mixing caramel and light brown hair colors is an amazing way to add depth and texture to your style. Light brown and caramel complement each other rather than contrasting each other. They create a perfect thick mossy look that you will want to run your fingers through all day.


#25: Ombre Styling


In this take on the Ombre look, the brown hair color is more intense at the top of the style whilst it slowly becomes lighter blonde in color as it moves downwards. This is a light and refreshing look.


#26: Dark Brown Hair Color with Caramel Highlights

 Dark Brown Hairstyle for teen age girl

Dark brown hair looks good as a sleek and controlled style, but dark brown hair color can be overwhelming if it is a solid block of color. Add a little bit of a lighter touch by including some caramel colored highlights.


#27: Multi-textured Caramel


The look is really cool because it works multiple different textures, colors and lengths. Having darker undertones really helps to give the style depth. It is a great semi-casual look that can be worn to the office as well.


#28: Chocolate and Caramel

Chocolate and Caramel like haircut for women

Chocolate and caramel hair colors are well known for being an amazing flavor combination, and the combination works just as well for hairstyles! Gorgeous caramel highlighting looks perfect on chocolate brown hair with a loose curl.


#29: Shades of Cinnamon Brown


This women’s hairstyle is built around different shades of cinnamon brown hair color. Although the model actually has quite thin hair, the various different shades of hair color actually make her hair look quite thick and voluminous. Darker roots really help to enhance this hairstyle effect.

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#30: Strawberry Blonde


On a hair color chart, Strawberry Blonde sits part way between caramel hair color and cinnamon hair color. It is a great hair color idea if you have pale skin and petite features. It also looks really natural on people with a subtle tan.


#31: Cinnamon Hair Color with Brown Lowlights

Cinnamon Hair Color with cute women

Lowlights are a great way to give any hairstyle more depth and texture, although they work best with a loose wave hairstyle. Chocolate brown lowlights go really well with a fiery cinnamon hair color.


#32: Shrinking Violet


This hair color is very nearly black. It only has the smallest hint of violet hair dye in it. Although “shrinking violet” can be used to mean shy, you will feel anything but shy if you choose to use this hair dye color idea!


#33: Dusky Violet


If you have dark hair, a dusky or pastel shade of violet hair color may stand out a bit more. You can color all of your hair in this shade or you can choose to color a select few strands instead. If you only decide to color a few strands, you can use these strands to draw attention to your facial features.


#34: Thick Hair with a Hint of Violet

Thick Hairstyle for women

Thick hair looks perfect with a subtle hint of violet that only shines through when the light hits your locks. A dark shade which radiates violet dye will look instantly luscious and touchable. A women’s hairstyle which is this thick will offer maximum styles with minimum effort.


#35: Chocolate Violet Hair Color


Is it chocolate or is it violet? This brilliant shade of hair color is perfect for those who can’t make up their mind. Whilst the shade is an unnatural hair color, it is also subtle enough to wear at work without causing any trouble.


caramel brown hair color


caramel brown hair


cinnamon brown hair


violet brown hair


violet brown hair color


Caramel, violet and cinnamon brown hair colors can give your friends and admirers something to talk about. You are sure to make a big impression whether you choose a simple and subtle style, or whether you choose to give your ‘do an out of this world color. Check out some of our other lists for more inspiration about color and styling.