15 Intriguing Havana Twists with Marley Hair Styles

Marley braiding hair is a fantastic artificial hair type which really closely resembles the texture and behavior of natural hair. It can be used for all sorts of different hairstyles, but Havana twists with Marley’s hair is one of the most popular options. This is because it is so easy to style Havana twists with Marley’s hair.


Trendy Havana Twists with Marley Hair

There are lots of different options for women who want twists. There are long styles and short styles, and some styles that blend both long and short hair. Because Marley’s hair is artificial, it is also very easy to give yourself a hairstyle which diverges from your natural color. These Havana twists with Marley hair can be a natural color like caramel or an unusual color like purple.

1. Long Havana Twists

Long Havana Twists

One of the beautiful things about putting long Havana twists into your hair with Marley hair is that you can get your hair as long as you want. A long hairstyle is traditionally very feminine.


2. Maroon Style

maroon marley twists

Havana twists in Marley hair are available in a whole range of different shades. Maroon and purple colors are always very popular because they go well with African-American skin tones.


3. Thin Havana Twists

Thin Havana Twists

Thin Marley twists look really good on ladies who have more petite features. These twists tend to be more delicate and have a lot more movement to them.


4. Free Flowing Chunky Twists

young girl Loose Havana Twists


If you are free-spirited and bohemian, just toss your hair back and enjoy yourself. Havana twists with Marley and other twist hairstyle are great when you are rocking out to music.


5. Chunky High Bun

Chunky High Bun with Marley Twist

Long Marley hair can be pulled up into a real high rise bun. Twist your extensions around in a messy twist and then secure them in place.


6. Thick Twist Bob

Shorter hairstyles still look great with Havana twists. Chin length styles and shoulder-length styles are very popular for women who prefer mid-length hairstyles.


7. Two Top Knots

marley twist on top knots

Why just have one top knot when you could have two? Two topknots is a very youthful and playful style which has become much more popular in recent times.

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8. Double Knots with Long Twists

Double Knots with Long Twists

Long hair looks fantastic with big double top knots. Pull your hair up into the knots and then let the rest of your hair flow freely from underneath the knots.


9. Perfect Purple

havana twists on marley hair

Thick twists look great in purple because the color is subtle but still different enough to get you noticed. Thicker Marley hair with Havana twists carries the color really well.


10. Front Knot with High Ponytail


Pulling a knot up at the front of your hair is a modern take on the retro quiff style. It helps to give your hair the look of extra volume and beefs up your style.


11. Mix and Match

Marley hair can be mixed and matched with lots of different accessories and alterations. Style in some classic features such as colored thread and beads.


12. Thin Caramel Braids

Caramel is a very popular color for Marley hair braids. Caramel colored hair is soft and regal, so it is chosen by a lot of women who want to look their best.


13. Twist in Short Hair

Havana Twist in Short Hair

A short cropped style looks really cute and fashionable for women. You can enhance your look by adding some color to it.


14. Side Swept Style

marley hair with side swept

Give your twisted look a bit of attitude by styling in an extreme side parting. Pull all of your hair over from one side to the other to create looks that mean “no-nonsense”.

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15. Mid Thickness Caramel Braids

thick caramel braids in marley hair

Choose caramel colored braids for a gorgeous new look. You can darken the caramel color of your Havana Marley twists by mixing it up with a few strands of black or dark brown color.


Havana twists with Marley hair offer women a great chance to change their hair in a drastic way. They are a really great type of hair extension for African-American women.