35 Fabulous Marley Braids for Classy Look

Marley braids can be ranked in the top 5 trendiest hairstyles among black women. With the crochet having an almost natural texture and feel, women started wearing them in different styles and colors.

For long or short, thick or thin, braided or loose hair, are easily achievable at a moderately affordable price. And Marley braids are no exception in this equation. They are one protective style that will last about six up to eight weeks if you took care of it, after styling it for a maximum of 2 hours.


Popular Marley Braids

Here are 35 Marley braids of different styles and colors to give you an idea on which style to choose before the actual work begins.


#1: Medium Length Marley Twists

Medium Marley twists hairstyle

The more the twists and the shorter the hair, the more voluminous your hair will look. This is one style that will appear more vibrant than ones without twists.



#2: Top Knot Marley Braid

Top Knot Marley Braid haistyle

Although Marley braids are a style on their own, styling them even more also works. Like this top knot, it doesn’t require much time to acquire yet it’ll make your hair look neat and suitable for outing. Not to mention it’s an easy DIY hairstyle.


#3: Accessorize Your Look

Short hair usually has less styling options than long hair. And so, to achieve one remarkable look even with a short hair, try adding accessories that will grab attention towards them. Fedoras, hair beads and other accessories of your own choice will surely play a part.


#4: Sided Fauxhawk

Sided Fauxhawk Marley Braid hairstyle

Fauxhawks can be easily achieved by creating cornrows on one side and letting the rest of your Marley braids flow to the other. It’s not hard to acquire yet it’s a remarkably outstanding look.

Mesmeric Marley Crochet Braids


#5: Long Marley Braids

black women Marley Braids hairstyle

With varying lengths and thicknesses of each strand, you’ll get a distinct style each time. This protective hairstyle isn’t hard to achieve, will last up to almost 6 weeks and will be suitable for many events depending on the style. So you can say it’s totally WROTH IT!