40 Easy & Cute Bun Hairstyles Trending in 2022

Bun hairstyles were always among women’s favorite, and they will remain on top even in 2022. Whether we’re talking about modern space buns that all young ladies adore or elegant low buns, these hairstyles are here to rock the trends once again.  Depending on your hair length, you can use sponge donuts to help you build a flawless bun hairstyle.


Bun Hairstyles

When we are talking about elegant bun hairstyles, there are plenty of options: the chignon bun that rocked the 40s, the ballerina bun, or a low sock bun with decorations. If you want, you can transform any of these hairstyles into something that will suit your personality, style, and face shape.

Discover below 40 easy to recreate bun hairstyles that will be in high demand in 2022!

1. Chignon Bun

chignon bun

The Chignon bun was highly admired and used in the 40s. It is very a very elegant bun that you can wear anytime you need to look remarkably beautiful and glamorous. To make it look flawless, you can use a hair donut and side strands to cover the sponge.


2. Space Buns

space buns

Space buns are among the most popular bun hairstyles in 2022. To recreate this look, part your hair in two sections. For each section, style a bun on top of the head. You can even braid a few strands and wrap them at the base of the space buns.


3. Sleek Bun

sleek bun

This fabulous sleek ballerina bun looks incredible and is ideal for all those women who want to make an impression at an event. Gather all the hair on top of the head and create abun. Make sure all strands are secured and that there are no threads that stick out.


4. Cornrow Bun

cornrow bun

Cornrow braids are quite versatile because they look fabulous in so many ways. In this case, gather them all in the back and style a voluminous bun. This is a hairstyle that can help you anytime you’re tired of carrying the long braids on your shoulders.


5. Sock Bun

sock bun

When styling this ravishing sleek low bun, to obtain that perfectly round effect, use a hair donut. You will cover it with hair, and the bun will be flawless. Opt for a pearled hair decoration if you want to look even more elegant.


6. Natural Hair Bun

When you have natural curly African American hair, you can’t complain about the lack of volume. Use a comb with dense brittle and gather the whole mane on top of the head, where you will style a bun. Complete the look with discreet makeup and a pair of rounded golden earrings.


7. Half  Up Bun

half up bun

A half bun hairstyle uses only the top strands and sometimes the temple hair. Gather all those locks on top of the head and style a bun. Create a few waves and tousle the mane to get that messy appearance.


8. Wedding Hair Bun

bun hairstyle for wedding

Buns are ideal hairstyles for any occasion, including weddings. Whether you are the bride or a guest, a bun will certainly make you shine. Use a large hair donut to recreate that bun hairstyle and get a fringe that you can wear on one side.


9. Bun with Bangs

bun hairstyle with bangs

Opt for a messy look that is ideal for walks in the park, a stressful day at the office, or coffee or movie with your friends. Keep the bangs spread on the forehead and style a loose bun on top of the head. 


10. Japanese Hair Bun

japanese hair bun

If you want a bun hairstyle that is inspired by the Japanese culture, opt for a low bun. Use a hair donut to obtain that flawlessly rounded hairstyle and decorate it with pink or cherry flowers. For the make p, opt for a fuchsia lipstick and a pale pink eyeshadow.


11. Long Hair Bun

long hair bun

Having thick hair is a blessing for women, and it will be such a shame not to take advantage of this aspect. To recreate this hairstyle, you need to section the hair in three and style three low buns. Use a hair strand for each and wrap it at the base.


12. Ninja Bun

Ninja buns are high and perfect for African American women who want to keep their natural hair in one place. Use plenty of jam until you can create a sleek hairdo. Pin all the hair in a top bun and wrap a strand around the base.


13. Double Bun

bun hairstyle

When you have long hair, your options are limitless when it comes to hairstyles. Instead of creating the regular bun on top of the head, you can style even two updos! Place the first bun using a donut, and on top of it, use a smaller donut to create the second bun.


14. Bun Braided Updo

When you want an out of the ordinary hairstyle, keep the long bangs falling on both sides and use the top hair to style two buns. Continue the hairdo by knitting two fishtail braids.


15. Low Braided Space Buns

Whenever you crave for an absolutely gorgeous bun hairstyle, this is a marvelous option. Part the top hair in three sections and style French twisted braids. Once you reach the base, roll the hair into two space buns.


16. Braided Bun

Cutest braided bun hairstyle with long hair

This braided bun might seem complicated, but actually, this is one of the easy bun hairstyles out there. All you need to do is make a long braid and arrange it into a bun. Pin it to the rest of your hair in as many places as you wish to create a curved look.


17. Messy Bun

messy bun for long hair

The messy bun is a great way out for girls who don’t want to spend too much time on their hair but would like to keep it out of their faces. Make a low ponytail, arrange it into a bun and pin it to keep its shape. In order to create a messy look, let it be loose. If you have long hair, try these long messy bun hairstyles.


18. The classics

classic bun hairstyle with medium length hair

The classical bun is very easy to make. Gather your hair into a high ponytail and tie it with an elastic band. Then wrap the ponytail around the elastic band and use some pins to attach the bun to the rest of the hair. Use some spray to avoid stray hairs.


19. Cute bun hairstyle for short hair

short bun for long haircut

If your hair is not too long, there is no need to forget about the buns. In fact, small buns look extremely cute. So, follow through the standard bun making procedure and don’t worry about the size. After all, everyone knows that size doesn’t matter.


20. Loose Bun

loose bun hairstyle for black hair

This loose bun is perfect for medium-sized hair. Make a ponytail and tie it with an elastic band. If you don’t have enough hair to wrap around, just pin it to the band. The result will look very interesting. A great choice for girls who don’t like long hair.


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21. Creative ribbon

Cutest bun hairstyles for women 6-min

If your hair is very long or you are about to get a weave, you can go for a ribbon bun. It is created by making a loose bun, tying it with an elastic band in the middle and running one wide strand of hair to cover up the band.


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22. Braid-bun mix

bun style for girls

This fun hairstyle will surely be appreciated by girls, who like to get creative. You start by making a braid. Then hair gets pulled up on top, tied with an elastic band and pinned to the rest of the hair. Then the ponytail is arranged into a bun.


23. Curly Bun

curly bun hairstyle for cute teen girl with long hair

If you are making a bun for a special occasion, you can go with loose curls. You start with curling your hair. Then you create a low bun. Afterwards, pull some strands out to make the curls obvious. You will love the look!


24. Low bun with a braid

braid with bun style

Mixing buns and braids can go a long way. This is a great and easy bun hairstyle. All you need to do is leave two strands on the sides and then go through with making a low bun. Then you braid the two strands and arrange them on top of the bun.


25. High and loose

high and loose hair buns for women

This is a great bun for women with wavy hair. Since a tight bun is almost impossible to make, they should go for creating a high loose one. Then the waves on top will be obvious and the bun will seem voluminous. Give it a try!


26. Cute and simple

simple yet attractive bun hairstyle by young teenage girl

This bun will become the best friend for girls with medium-length hair in no time. All you need to make is a high ponytail and tie it to the end stays inside the elastic band. A cute and simple bun is ready and needs no maintenance during the day.


27. Get creative

creative buns for long hair

If you are really good at making different hairstyles, then it is time to get creative. Take a look at the picture. You will need to start braiding from up top, arrange a braided curve and then make a bun with the rest of the hair.


28. Wavy and loose

Cutest bun hairstyles for women 13-min

This is a fast and easy bun hairstyle for women who have fine hair. In order to create a lot of volume, make waves with a flat iron and then create a very loose low bun. Pull some strands out to make a bun look as big as you can.


29. The Knot

women best hair bun styles

This is a great and simple hairstyle that looks quite complicated. No need to be scared. All you need to do is make a short upper braid and let it run down to the bottom where you arrange a knot. Pin into the rest of the hair and apply some hair spray to keep it intact.


30. The Donut Bun

Cutest bun hairstyles for women 15-min

If your hair is not long enough to make a proper bun, you can use special accessories. A donut can become your best friend. In fact, it has helped many women create original hairstyles. Give it a try and you won’t regret it!


31. Short Bun hair

women buns for short haircut

If you like original hairstyles, this fun bun is for you. Braid your bangs to run backwards and pull the rest of the hair up to the crown. Carelessly tie the hair into a bow and pin it to hold shape. You will look truly amazing.


32. Accessories

Cutest bun hairstyles for women 17-min

Accessories are a very important part of different hairstyles. They can create a real pageant style out of a regular and mundane cut. The same goes for buns. Use bows, ribbons, pins and elastic bands to make your bun stand out of the crowd.


33. Weave Bun

black hair buns style for women

If your hair is not too long, but you’ve always wanted a cute bun hairstyle, use a weave! Hair extensions create amazing and very neat buns. You can choose voluminous upper buns and simple low ones. Experiment!


34. Minimize the effort

Cutest bun hairstyles for women 19-min

If you want a bun but wish to minimize the effort, you can create a half bun. This means creating a bun out of side hair and leaving the bottom loose. This is a great hairstyle for quiet evenings at home since it can easily fall apart.


35. Asymmetrical bun

Marley hair bun for women

There is no reason to make a bun right in the middle. Experiment with arranging this hairstyle on different sides of your head. Make sure to use a lot of pins and hairspray to keep it intact. Asymmetrical buns like to fall apart.


36. Braids + Bun

Cutest bun hairstyles for women 21-min

Make a voluminous braided bun on the very top of your head to create a wonderful hairstyle for a special occasion. Hair is too short? No problem. Follow Alyssa Milano and get a weave. You will really get some heads turning. If you are an African American woman, try these black braided bun hairstyles.


37. Red Bun

colorful bun hairstyle with medium length hair

This high bun is created by making a very high ponytail and tying the end with the same elastic band that holds the beginning. Add some cute accessories to make the hairstyle even more amazing. Red hair color adds a ton of style.


38. High and tight

easy hair buns you like

If you really want your bun to serve its original purpose, make it as high and tight as possible. As you can see on the photo, Olivia Wilde has done just that and is ready for a long day of work. Don’t forget that the initial purpose of a bun is to keep the hair neat and out of your face.


39. Side Braided Bun

Cutest bun hairstyles for women 24-min

You can mix and match braids and ponytails to create an original hairstyle. In the end, you can tie everything together and make the appearance of a bun. This creative hairstyle is perfect for times when you really need to impress someone.


40. Side Bun

buns for short hair with cute girl

Buns on one side look really unique. However, they will require a lot of help to stay together. Use different accessories to keep the bun in place and some hair spray to allow it to stay neat throughout the day.


Ready to experiment with some amazing buns? We hope these options have made your choice a little easier. Start with the classics and go on to try different braided variations, as well as loose hairstyles. Get ready for an amazing bun journey. Best of luck!

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