71 Cornrow Braids To Twist and Turn Your World

Admit it, every time you look at the cornrow braids, you wish you could make a few. The cornrows became popular many years ago and their popularity is gaining momentum every year. Thre are many cornrow styles you can enjoy and just as many ways to do them. All you have to do is make a decision to create cornrows and find a hairdresser who can do it. Some women are brave enough to try creating these hairstyles on their own. Don’t be afraid of trying it. Most likely you can learn how to make them rather fast. Once you get a hang of it, you can go further by creating new and impressive styles for yourself.

cornrow braid style


How to Do Cornrows

If you are ready to try making cornrows on your own, you’ll need a rattail comb, wide tooth comb, moisturizer, hair gel, spray bottle with water, hair clips. Below are the simple steps. Follow them closely:

  1. Brush and detangle your hair.
  2. Separate your hair into sections. If you’ve never done cornrows before, part the hair from one ear to the other so you’ll just be braiding back part. This is a simple approach.
  3. Take one section which is the width of a finger and tie the rest of the hair so it doesn’t interfere.
  4. Add hair gel to the chosen section.
  5. Separate the hair into three sections.
  6. Make a few regular braid stitches first.
  7. Now you start cornrow braiding by adding hair to the middle section of your braid.
  8. Take a little hair and add it to the middle section. Then cross the right piece under the middle part.
  9. Repeat the same procedure with the left piece.
  10. Continue until you are done.
  11. Repeat with the rest of the sections.


Cornrow Braids That Make Your Heart Soar

Whenever you decide that the time has come to make cornrow braids, don’t let that feeling go. Every woman needs to try this hairstyle at least once in her lifetime. The benefits of cornrows are numerous. Besides looking fabulous, they are easy to take care of and they don’t damage the hair. You can wear these braids for days without worrying about special styling. Washing and drying are easy as well. We collected 71 different cornrow styles for you to try and enjoy. Take a look!



1. Braid mix

Cornrow Braids mix hair for teen age girl

Mixing different types of braids is a wonderful way to make an impression while reducing the hassle of styling. Start with cornrow braids on top and go on to create the classical braid on the bottom.  Check braided updo styles


2. Cornrows and twists

Cornrow Braids twists hairstyle for little girl

Creating cornrows on long hair can be a lengthy and complicated process. Some girls opt for just making them on top of their heads and twisting the rest of the hair to make nice and neat curls.


3. High bun

High bun Cornrow Braids Hairstyles For Black Women

When you make cornrow braids, you don’t lose an opportunity to create the same hairstyles you did without them. This high bun looks especially appealing when coupled with some bright accessories.

Ghana Braids for Women

4. Cornrow mohawk

Mohawk Cornrow Hairstyles For Black Women

If you’ve always wanted to make a statement with your hair, but shaving it or dyeing an outrageous color was out of the questions, cornrows can help you. Create a wonderful fohawk by braiding the side strands.


5. Long hair extensions

Cornrow Braids for Women (5)

If you’ve always dreamed about long hair, you can easily get it by attaching a cornrow weave. Start by braiding your own hair and weaving in the faux strands. The result will be unbelievable.