85 Trendiest Cornrow Braids Hairstyles of the Season

Want to try a gorgeous braided hairstyle but not sure which one? Cornrows braids are a great choice for both women with natural black hair and Caucasian women. The technique involves forming braids tight and close to the scalp.

For short and long hair, cornrow braids add beautiful detail. Choose to braid them all the way down to the ends or stop halfway and leave the rest of your hair loose. 

The style lasts between six and eight weeks, perfect for the woman looking for a low maintenance hairstyle.


Cornrow Braids

These 85 cornrow braids hairstyles are a must-try!

1. Half Cornrows Half Box Braids

half cornrows half box braids

If you like the look of both cornrows and box braids, mix them together! Start the braids and cornrows at the edge of the head and braid them up to eventually wind around a cute bun updo.


2. African Cornrow Braids

african cornrow braids

These African cornrow braids feature a more ridged look. Instead of being flat against the head, their raised edge creates a cool pattern. Braid them at an angle toward the back of the head and form a low updo. 


3. Side Cornrow Braids

side cornrow braids

Need a new idea for your long blonde hair? Instead of one simple side braid, try five cornrow braids. Start them at the temple and down to the ear, then braid back to the ends.


4. Middle Parted Cornrow Braids

Middle Parted Cornrow Braids

Maintain the symmetry of your face with a center part and cornrow braids. Your stylist will part hair in the center, then add the cornrows and form one braid on either side. These braids will combine into a low bun above the neck. 


5. 4 Cornrow Braids

4 cornrow braids

If you have thick hair, braided the hair into four cornrows is great hairstyle option for you. Not only do the middle two braids look thick, but by having the side braids smaller and thinner, you create a cool balance across the head.


6. Cornrow Braided Ponytail

cornrow braided ponytail

To make a dramatic statement with your hairstyle, go for a ponytail with cornrow braids. Tiny braids start at the hairline to create wavy designs that are gathered into a ponytail. Wind several of the braids around the ponytail instead of using a hair tie.


7. Cornrow Feed in Braids

Is your natural hair still growing out? These long cornrow braids are feed-ins and are a great protective hairstyle. They’ll combine with your natural hair to form a gorgeous lengthy look no one will realize isn’t your real hair!


8. Cornrow Braids with Straight Back

Your eyes won’t know where to look with this crazy beautiful braided hairdo. The back is long and loose with soft waves while the top of the head all the way to the hairline is braided into cornrows. A cool star shape makes this hairstyle a must-try.


9. Cornrow Braids for Kids

cornrow braids for kids

If your child is active and needs a break from messing with her hair, treat them to this adorable child’s hairstyle with cornrows and braids. The cornrow front acts as a headband, while the rest of the hair is braided and capped with colorful beads.


10. Cornrow Lemonade Braids

cornrow lemonade braids

The lemonade braid hairstyle was first made popular by Beyonce. This look is cornrows and braids directed toward one side for a mix up in dimension. If you have an oval face, this is a chic look you’ll love wearing for the way it flatters your angles.


11. Cornrow Braided Bun

cornrows braided into a bun

A beautiful blonde ombre hairstyle stuns with its braided cornrows. While the braids are thick to start with, the ends are thin and stand out when wound up into a thick bun.


12. Cornrow Crochet Braids

cornrow crochet braids

Get the best of both cornrows and loose waves with this thick ponytail. Start off with five cornrow braids that are crocheted into your natural black hair, but stop at the middle of the head and comb them into a ponytail. Curl the hair for more waves or use products to emphasize your current texture.


13. Twisted Cornrows

From far away, these cornrows might look like regular braids, but up close you’ll see they’re actually twisted. They’re created by only using two small sections of hair and winding them around each other down to the ends.


14. Cornrow Braids for Caucasian Women

cornrow braids for white girls

If you’re a Caucasian woman, you can still rock cornrow braids. Thick hair will create these jumbo cornrow braids, accented with purples and pinks.


15. Asian Cornrow Braids

cornrow braids for asian girls

We’re sure Asian women get bored with their typical straight hairstyles. This is one great reason to try a cornrow braided hairstyle. The front of this look features shapely braids in brunette and purple.


16. Braid mix

Cornrow Braids mix hair for teen age girl

Mixing different types of braids is a wonderful way to make an impression while reducing the hassle of styling. Start with cornrow braids on top and go on to create the classical braid on the bottom.  Check braided updo styles


17.  Small Cornrows 

Cornrow Braids twists hairstyle for little girl

Creating cornrows on long hair can be a lengthy and complicated process. Some girls opt for just making them on top of their heads and twisting the rest of the hair to make nice and neat curls.


18. High bun

High bun Cornrow Braids Hairstyles For Black Women

When you make cornrow braids, you don’t lose an opportunity to create the same hairstyles you did without them. This high bun looks especially appealing when coupled with some bright accessories.

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19. Cornrow Mohawk

Mohawk Cornrow Hairstyles For Black Women

If you’ve always wanted to make a statement with your hair, but shaving it or dyeing an outrageous color was out of the questions, cornrows can help you. Create a wonderful fohawk by braiding the side strands.


20. Long hair extensions

Cornrow Braids for Women (5)

If you’ve always dreamed about long hair, you can easily get it by attaching a cornrow weave. Start by braiding your own hair and weaving in the faux strands. The result will be unbelievable.


21. A weave

A weave Braids hairstyle everyone favorite

If you want your hairstyle to look stunning, consider weaving in some differently colored hair extensions into your cornrows. It’s a great opportunity to check out the way a certain hair color suits you. Check braids with weave hairstyles here.


22. Top twists

Top twists Cornrow Braids hair

Arranging your cornrow braids into voluminous top twists is a great way to diversify your look. Don’t be afraid to experiment with cornrow braids. They are designed to give your imagination plenty of room to act.

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23. Thick cornrows

Cornrow Braids for Women (11)

If you have thick and voluminous hair, thick cornrow braids are exactly what you are looking for. They are a great way to tame your mane and give your image a neat and respectable look. Give them a try!


24. Unique approach

Cornrow Braids for Women (1)

The uniqueness of your cornrow style fully depends on your imagination. If you have someone who does these braids professionally, you can come up with a truly amazing hairstyle and enjoy it for days.

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25. The aftermath

Cornrow Braids for Women (13)

Wearing cornrows for a long time can lead to a wonderful hairstyle once you let them down. If you never had stunning curls and waves before due to frizzy and unruly hair, you might get them once you undo thin cornrows.


26. High cornrows

all time favorite High cornrows Braids

These cornrows are not done along the scalp but start right at the base. They look great on women with long hair and offer you various styling options. If you don’t like tight braids on your head, this style is for you.

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27. Cornrows for short hair

Cornrow Braids for Women (15)

If your hair is shoulder-length or shorter, you can still enjoy cornrow braids. If you want to add some length, then you can use hair extensions. Cornrow braids look fantastic no matter how short your hair is.


28. Cornrow style imitation

Cornrow Braids style you love

While most of the cornrow styles are available to black women, white girls with thin hair can do an imitation. Take a look at how simple and appealing this small braid looks. It takes just a few seconds to make.


29. The classics

The classics Braids hairstyle for teen age girl

Simple braids are exactly what every girl needs to try at least once in her lifetime. If you are black, have long and thick hair and are dreaming about perfectly neat cornrows, the classical approach is for you.

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30. Cornrow Highlights

beautiful Cornrow Braids Highlights cut for men

Cornrows are a wonderful opportunity to make experiments. Especially the ones that have to do with wild colors. Consider a striking ombre, using violet, pink, blue, red, green or whatever else you can come up with.


31. Partial cornrows

women's favorite Partial cornrows Braids haircut

Partial cornrows are a great choice for women who want to make a statement with their hair. Just look at how amazing this hairstyle is. Only the top part of the hair is braided. It makes a good contrast with the rest of the voluminous locks.


32. Cornrows with Havana twists

Cornrow Braids for Women (21)

This combination hairstyle is something to envy and desire. The bangs and a couple of side strands are arranged into cornrows. Then the upper part of the hair is braided into Havana twists and the rest stays soft and curly.

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33. Side part

Side part Cornrow Braids hairstyle you like

This is the cornrow style that keeps the braid out of your face. The side part allows the overall image to be neat and symmetrical. This is a wonderful choice for young girls who are into sports.


34. High ponytail

Cornrow Braids for Women (23)

These cornrow braids are arranged in a way to make the high ponytail seem natural. There is no brushing, tying, or twisting. Your ponytail is half-ready. All you have to do is sweep the rest of your hair up.


35. African patterns

African patterns Cornrow Braids for Women

Using cornrow braids to create amazing designs is a popular approach to the African hairstyling. Take advantage of your cornrows and make whatever patterns you can come up with. A professional hairdresser can follow even the wildest dream.


36. The thicker the better

Cornrow Braids for Women (26)

If you’d like to enjoy a thick braid but your own hair is not thick enough, you can use a weave. You can either find a weave that matches your hair color or use this opportunity to test other shades.


37. Accessorize

Cornrow Braids for Women (27)

There are many different accessories on the market today to make your cornrow braids even more stunning. Check for clips, rings, bows, and other things that can make your hairstyle shine.

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38. Asymmetry

 Asymmetry Best Black Braided Hairstyles

Use cornrows to create wonderful asymmetry with your hair. You can use them to make a side ponytail with the cornrow braids created just on one side of your head. This is a no hassle hairstyle many women will like.


39. Havana twists

Havana twists hairstyle for black women

Havana twists are another way to braid your hair if you are tired of cornrows. This is a more voluminous way to make your hair shine. Girls with thin hair might appreciate this style to enjoy the much-needed volume.


40. Wild weave

Cornrow Braids for Women (30)

Looking for a wild hairstyle? This amazing cornrow weave can do the job. Just take a look at how stunning it is! This hairstyle can become a great choice for a special occasion, including a beauty pageant.


41. Spike it up

50 Best Black Braided Hairstyles To Charm Your Looks 2016 Designideaz Ebony Braids Hairstyles - Liked Hairstyles

Cornrows can do a great job lifting your hair up and keeping it neat and out of your face. Take a look at how only one part of the strands is braided, while the rest of the hair stays free and available for more styling.


42. Sunny dyes

Cornrow Braids for Women (32)

Cornrow braids are a wonderful opportunity to dye your hair a lighter color. If you are tired of your black locks, light brown and blond shades are waiting for you. Do some experimenting and you’ll love the result!

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43. Criss-cross patterns

Cornrow Braids for Women (34)

Playing around with cornrow patterns is fun. If you can’t do it on your own, ask for the help of your best hairdresser. Wonderful patterns on top coupled with long braids on the bottom make up a great image.


44. Donut

Cornrow Braids for Women (35)

There is no reason to always come up with something new and unique for your cornrow styles. You can easily use your favorite hairstyles. They will look amazing with the cornbraids. Try the donut bun!


45. Nubian twists

Cornrow Braids for Women (36)

The world of braids is changing and various twists are in style. After creating cornrow braids, you might want to consider something different. The Nubian twists might be harder to make but they look just as glamorous. 


46. Cornbraid variety

Cornbraid variety hairstyle for women

There is no absolute rule for making great cornrow braids. You can practice any style you like, including these large braids that surely can make an impression. The idea is the same while the result is magnificent.


47. Partial approach

the debate over the best weave for natural hair | micro braids within black hairstyles plaits black hairstyles plaits With regard to hairdo - Pleasant Hairstyles

Look how great cornrows suit this hairstyle. All you need to do is braid just the top part of your hair, while the rest of your locks are styles into neat curls. You can use this partial approach for various hairstyles.


48. Highlights

Cornrow Braids for Women (39)

Highlights for cornrows are easy. Women use different techniques to make their braids look fabulous. You can either dye every other strand so every other braid looks different or try something interesting such as an ombre.


49. Minnie Mouse

Cornrow Braids for Women (40)

This Minnie Mouse hairstyle is available to women with long and thick hair who like standard cornrows. Just look at how amazing this hairstyle is. The best part about it is that there is not too much hassle.

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50. Braiding extravaganza

Cornrow Braids for Women (41)

Using various types of braids for one hairstyle is becoming more and more popular. Whether you have thick and long hair or opt for a weave, the result will be stunning. It’s a perfect choice for a special occasion.


51. Two cornrows

50 Best Natural Hairstyles For Black Women Herinterest Cornrow Braids Hairstyles For Black Women Cornrow Braids Hairstyles For Black Women - Pleasant Hairstyles

Not all women are patient enough to handle the full blown cornrow hairstyles. That’s why you can use your imagination to come up with partial braids. Take a look at how well the cornrows are incorporated into this simple hairstyle.


52. Mature hairstyle

Mature hairstyle with Cornrow Braids for Women

One of the greatest benefits of cornrows is that they are suitable for women of any age. Sometimes the hair gets thinner with age, but thanks to hair extensions it won’t be noticeable.


53. Asymmetrical undercut

Asymmetrical undercut hair for women

The modern approach to the shaved asymmetrical undercut is great but not all women are brave enough to try it. Cornrow braids can easily save the day by offering you this asymmetrical wonder. Don’t be afraid to use it!


54. High and away

High and away Cornrow hairstyle

High hair hairstyles are always trendy. Even if you decide to get cornrows, there is no reason to opt just for buns and ponytails. You can arrange your hair any way you like regardless of the cornrow type.


55. High and tight

Cornrow Braids for Women (46)

Tight high bun hairstyles have become a classic for cornrow wearers. They do a great job outlining your features and suit women with round face types. You can add a few inches to your height too.


56. Shiny hair

Cornrow Braids for Women (47)

In order to make your hair shine, you might consider using special hair products. Shiny cornrow styles look especially appealing and they become the most common choice for parties or beauty pageants.


57. Burgundy and glamourous

Burgundy and glamourous Braids hairstyle for Women

Dyeing your cornrows a new color is exactly what you need to lift your spirits. If your hair is not too thick, consider creating partial cornrows. New hairstyle coupled with a new color is the way to success!


58. Neat braids

Cornrow Braids for Women (49)

The neater you make the cornrows, the less hassle you’ll have with them in the future. If you are not sure that your skills are good enough to make these braids, ask a friend or hairdresser for help.


59. Mohawk

Mohawk hairstyle for black women

What’s a better way to create a stunning hairstyle than doing it with cornrows? No mohawk in the world looks as stylish and creative as the hairstyle you can come up with using the braids. Give it a go!


60. Alternative choice

Alternating the size and the position of cornrows on your head is exactly what you need to create a unique hairstyle. Consider using prominent dyes to make highlights before braiding the cornrows.


cornrow braided low bun


side cornrow bun






cornrow braided updo with braided bangs



cornrow braids with undercut









blonde hair cornrow braids





cornrow braids






cornrow braids with side ponytail


There are so many cornrow braiding styles for women that the above ones are just the tip of the iceberg. Use your imagination to create real masterpieces. Your hairstylist can show you the way or you can experiment in the comfort of your own home.