60 Unbeatable Short Hairstyles for Long Faces [2020]

16. Soft blond asymmetry

Short Hairstyles for Long Faces 16-min

Asymmetrical haircuts are very stylish and can be a great help for women with all face types. This elongated bob is great for girls with straight hair. Add some side swept asymmetrical bands and your image will be complete.


17. Short graduated bob 

Short Hairstyles for Long Faces 17-min

If your face is long and you still want a graduated bob, it must be short. Otherwise, it will just elongate your face even further. Make sure that the frontal strands don’t go beyond your chin length and you will look truly amazing!


18. Windblown pixie 

Short Hairstyles for Long Faces 18-min

Messy hairstyles are preferable for girls who hate hair hassle. This short windblown pixie will not require you to spend any time in front of the mirror. You can even forget to brush. If you like the look, go for it!


19. Wild curls

Short Hairstyles for Long Faces 19-min

A bob with wild curls is another perfect short hairstyle for long faces. It adds your face some volume which helps it appear more oval. If your hair is naturally curly, then this hairstyle is what you’ve been looking for.


20. Messy bob 

Short Hairstyles for Long Faces 20 (2)-min

Got fine hair and a long face? A messy bob can be the best choice for you. It will outline the round part of your face and allow you to forget about too much maintenance. You can get layers to add some much-needed volume.

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No need to keep worrying about your long face shape! These amazing haircuts are a wonderful solution. Take a long look at these useful options and choose the one that appeals to you the most. These bobs and pixies are all wonderful. Don’t wait to make the right choice!