70 Captivating Inverted Bob Hairstyles That Can Keep You Out of Trouble

Inverted bob hairstyles have become a new trend nowadays. Stylish yet easy to maintain inverted bob hairstyles can keep you out of trouble. The versatility and ease of care are two of the biggest draws for all kinds of bob hairstyles.


Best Inverted Bob Hairstyles for Stylish Women

Bob hairstyles are already popular among teen girls and working women. Inverted bob haircuts and hairstyles have given this bob hairstyle a new twisted look that got huge popularity. Here are 20 gorgeous trending inverted bob haircuts and hairstyles to give you some fresh ideas.


1. Long Inverted Bob

Long Inverted Bob Haircut
The long inverted bob style is great for people who still want longer hair but like the look of a bob. It still uses stacked layers in the back. From the front, you have the look of long hair. It creates a very elegant look.


2. Shoulder Length Inverted Bob

Shoulder Length Inverted Bob
This type of bob doesn’t necessarily need to be used with long hair. As the model here illustrates, it can also be used with shoulder-length hair. Bobs don’t need to be flat either. The model illustrates well that with a little teasing, this hairstyle provides a full look. It is great whether you are in the boardroom or out on the town. It is extremely easy to make the transition.

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3. Angled Bob

 Angled Bob hairstyle
This type of bob provides a different look depending on the angle that you are viewing it from. The pictures below illustrate that well. From the side, you are able to easily see the bob. From the back, you get more of a shoulder-length look. No matter how you are looking at it, it provides a very low maintenance hairstyle.


4. Short Gradual Bob

Short Gradual Bob

We have discussed that a bob looks great at any length. Our next model is a great example of that. She is wearing a very short bob that is very gradual. It works very well with the natural curves of her face.


5. A-line bob with an ombre

Captivating Inverted Bob Hairstyles 22

This cute a-line bob will look great with an ombre. If you have dark hair, ask your hairstylist to dye just the top layer of it, while leaving the rest natural. This ombre will really make a great impression. Just make sure to keep it neat or the color border will be lost.


6. Cheryl Cole Inverted Bob

Cheryl Cole Inverted Bob
There are as many different combinations available for every type of inverted bob discussed in this article as there are people. Cheryl Cole is a great example of that. We discussed the long inverted bob earlier. Cheryl adds her own style to it by lengthening the front, to give the look of long hair. She also has the bobbed even further. From the back you would think she has short hair. This is a great look to keep everyone guessing.


7. A Line

A Line inverted bob hairstyle
A line might not initially seem like a bob. But, there are many similarities between A line, graduated, and inverted bob. In fact, a hairstylist of 40 years explained to me that they are essentially the same thing but offer different looks. She even stated that inverted is just another term for graduated. No matter what you call it, our example illustrates that it creates a very alluring look.


8. Short Inverted Bob

 Short Inverted Bob
This type of bob doesn’t have to be used with long hair. That is what makes it so versatile. Our model bellows shows off a short inverted bob. It still offers layering around the back of the neck. The front is cut short to make this hairstyle even more low maintenance. It is also great for women with faces that are short and round. It provides the same “framing” effect as the round bob that we discussed earlier.


9. Asymmetrical Bob

Asymmetrical Bob
This type of bob is the newest trend in 2015. This is due to many extremely famous celebrities walking the red carpet in different versions of it. It can be cut long, short, or medium length while still providing an extremely attractive look. One of the draws for this type of style is that it works for women of all face shapes.


10. Jourdan Dunn Bob

Jourdan Dunn inverted bob hairstyle
Jourdan Dunn’s hairstyle is yet another example of the versatility of the inverted bob. She has it very short in the back but keeps it long upfront. This is great for fashion models because it makes wonderful photographs. Anyone viewing her pictures will be immediately drawn to her rounded face and beautiful eyes. But, you don’t need to be a fashion model to rock this style. It is perfect for anyone with a rounded face that almost resembles a triangle.