50 Best Hairstyles for Oval Faces to Try Without Any Doubt

Everyone knows that oval face type is considered perfect. Girls with such face shape can try out any hairstyle they wish. However, that doesn’t mean that they should forget about looking stylish. Yes, it is true – no hairstyle can make their face look terrible. But at the same time there are some oval shaped face hairstyles that will make women look truly fantastic. You can choose anything from the shortest pixie to the longest and curliest weave, but don’t forget to keep it neat and well-styled. Make sure to consider your hair type and the amount of time you are ready to spend in front of a mirror in the morning. Once the parameters are set, you are ready to make your choice.


Suitable Hairstyles for Women with Oval Shaped Face

You have an oval face and want to look as perfect as possible? All the roads are open for you. Depending on your hair type and length, you can choose any oval shaped face hairstyle out there. Don’t limit yourself to just one. You can try out as many as you wish. Experiment with length, color and other options. You can try the low maintenance cuts or go for something more creative. Give yourself a chance to look fantastic every day. We have prepared a list of popular haircuts for girls with oval faces. Take a look and give a couple a try!


1. Soft waves

women oval face shape hairstyle

If you have fine hair, it will look terrific in waves. Straight thin locks will look neat only if you cut them short and use some hair products. However, if you want to keep the length, opt for some waves of curls.


2. Amazing ombre

long haircut for oval face

Like a long hairstyle, but tired of ponytails? Let your hair shine by adding an ombre. If your hair is dyed blond, make the ends your natural dark color. Experiment with different shade mixes. You will love the result.


3. Be natural

natural medium length oval face shape haircut

Your face is oval, so you don’t have to think about styling your hair a certain way. If your mane is naturally wavy, let it be such! This oval face shape haircut will make you look fantastic all day long without any maintenance.


4. Go long

oval face shape hairstyles 4-min

If your hair is thick, you can easily grow it as long as you wish. Thick hair looks perfect when it carelessly falls down your shoulders. You can experiment with occasional curls and waves or just leave it looking natural and amazing.


5. Middle part

oval face shape hairstyles 5-min

Your oval face shape will allow you to choose between bangs or no bangs. If your forehead is not too large, you can easily go for a middle part. This will allow your hair to neatly fall on the sides of your face and will prevent frequent fringe cropping appointments.

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