25 Perfect Hairstyles for Heart Shaped Faces

Heart shaped might sound very cute and it often is, however such face type is not considered perfect. More often than not, girls with heart shaped faces forget about it and choose the wrong hairstyles. So, lets remember the basics. The perfect face type is oval. Such face shape looks great with any hairstyle. Others need some help from the outside. If your face is shaped like a heart, you must be looking for a hairstyle to make it seem more oval. Now that you know this simple truth, the time has come to find a perfect heart shaped face haircut to make you look as stunning as possible. Lucky for you, heart shape is often close to oval, so there won’t be many restrictions.

Incredible Heart Shaped Face Hairstyles for Women

If you identified your face type as heart shaped, you are ready to choose the right hairstyle for yourself. Relax, it won’t be hard. Most of the popular haircuts will look wonderful on a heart shaped face, which means you won’t have to put in too much effort. However, in order to look fantastic, you need to know exactly which hairstyle looks good on you and which one is absolutely wrong. We prepared a list of 25 hairstyles which perfectly suit girls with heart face types. Take a look!

1. Shoulder length with side swept bangs

hairstyles for heart shaped faces 1-min

If you want to emphasize your heart shape, then you can go for a long haircut. Sometimes it is a good idea to flaunt your face type, when the heart (or triangle as others call it) is not too obvious. Make sure to create bangs to hide a high forehead.

2. Bob with an ombre

hairstyles for heart shaped faces 2-min

A long bob will make a girl look fantastic, if she adds something special to it. This type of bob does a good job softening the triangular features. But it would look too boring just on its own. So, why not add an ombre?

3. Chin length

hairstyles for heart shaped faces 3-min

When you are trying to make your heart shaped face look more oval, consider getting chin-length haircuts. The volume doesn’t always matter. You can just make a simple bob, which is shorter in the back and longer in front.

4. Style the ends

hairstyles for heart shaped faces 4-min

If you are going for a simple chin-length bob, consider styling the ends to be curled inwards. This will do a good job making your face seem more oval. At the same time it will add your bob some diversity and style.

5. Long and blond

hairstyles for heart shaped faces 6-min

Straight blond hair is always a good idea for a girl who cares about her face shape. Long hair elongates the face, so make sure it has a little volume. It doesn’t necessarily need to be curled. Just blow dry your long locks to fluff them up.

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