Does Dark Hair Make You Look Older?

When gray hair begins to attack your beautiful mane, you start thinking which color to choose to hide the aging process. Many women get upset and feel old and useless when they see the first gray hairs on their head. While men are less sensitive about the matter, most of them wish the problem would go away.

dark hair look old


Why People Want Dark Hair?

The first wish most people have is to get their natural color back. So they start browsing the shades closer to their own. They end finding whatever seems the most suitable and going to the stylist or dyeing at home. Unfortunately, in most cases, getting the hair to look as natural as your own is very hard. While an onlooker won’t be able to tell the difference, you’ll see it every time you look in the mirror.

Sometimes, young men and women want to opt for dyeing their hair very dark. They think it will make them look different. It will. But dark hair will also make them look older.

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Why Dark Hair Makes You Look Older?

Your color should always suit your skin tone. If you go too dark, you are bound to change the appearance of your skin. Dark brown and black hair color often makes light skin look older and outlines all the wrinkles and creases you might have.

The best advice for choosing a color to make yourself look younger is to go to shades lighter than your natural shades. If you go darker, you probably won’t like what you see in the mirror.


Dark hair mistakes to avoid:

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Who Can Enjoy Very Dark Hair?

If you are younger than 25 years old and don’t have any signs of aging on your face, don’t worry about the color. Experiment with any shade you like!

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