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Does Dark Hair Make You Look Older?

When gray hair begins to attack your beautiful mane, you start thinking about which color to choose to hide the aging process.

Many women get upset and feel old and useless when they see the first gray hairs on their heads. While men are less sensitive about the matter, most of them wish the problem would go away.

Some may feel that dyeing their hair too dark will make them look older. The correlation between hair color and age perception has long intrigued beauty enthusiasts and experts alike.

Delve into the intriguing debate surrounding whether dark hair makes you look older or younger.

dark hair look old

Why Women Want Dark Hair?

The first wish most people have is to get their natural color back. So they start browsing the shades closer to their own. They end up finding whatever seems the most suitable and going to the stylist or dyeing at home.

Unfortunately, in most cases, getting the hair to look as natural as your own is very hard. While an onlooker won’t be able to tell the difference, you’ll see it every time you look in the mirror.

Sometimes, young men and women want to opt for dyeing their hair very dark. They think it will make them look different. It will. But dark hair will also make them look older.

Why Does Dark Hair Make You Look Older?

Your color should always suit your skin tone. If you go too dark, you are bound to change the appearance of your skin.

Dark brown and black hair color often makes light skin look older and outlines all the wrinkles and creases you might have.

The best advice for choosing a color to make yourself look younger is to go to shades lighter than your natural shades. If you go darker, you probably won’t like what you see in the mirror.

Dark hair mistakes to avoid:

What Colors Can Make You Look Younger?

Warm colors help brighten your skin tone and, if they are attractive enough, they can draw attention away from facial flaws that happen as you age.

Ashy colors, on the other hand, will highlight a complexion that might already be fading. A subtle application of makeup that matches your new hair color can do wonders, also. Here are the colors:

Warm Gold Highlights

gold highlights on brown hair

This is a great choice if you have a brown or brunette hair color. Your stylist won’t have to target any gray hairs for this one, because they will blend in naturally.

Caramel Blonde

Not quite a bright blond, but sort of a blond/brown mix, a caramel color looks lovely on all skin tones.

Chocolate Brown

chocolate brown hair color to look younger

Also, if your hair is brown, you can warm up the color by having your stylist do a chocolate color. If she cuts it into a lob, your hair will be the envy of your social circle.

Copper Highlights

If you’re ready for a little adventure, copper highlights on brown hair are stunning.


auburn hair color to look younger

This is a classic color that many women adopt when they are going gray. It never goes out of style.

Must Try Medium Layers for Your Next Haircut

Other Hair Color Tricks That Can Age You

Although choosing a darker hair color can really be a big mistake when you’re putting on years, there are a few other choices that can be unflattering.

No Highlights

If you go for one, flat color it can detract from its beauty and make your new color look false. A few highlights added can give your hair more movement and a more voluminous look.

Platinum Blonde

platinum blonde make you look older

This is too light and too close to gray hair. It will give you an ashy appearance and make you look like you’re trying too hard to look young.

Not Maintaining Your Color

The last thing you want to have with your new hair color is gray or dull roots. Once you decide to color your hair, you can change up the color, but think of it as an investment that you’ll have to maintain.


Who can enjoy very dark hair?

If you are younger than 25 years old and don’t have any signs of aging on your face, don’t worry about the color. Experiment with any shade you like!

What color hair makes me look older?

Anything darker than your natural hair color can look false and make you look older.

Do I look younger with darker or lighter hair?

A hair color that’s one to three shades lighter can make you look younger.

Does dark hair look healthier?

Generally speaking, dark hair bleaches the face and can make you look ill.

Is black hair attractive?

It is a trend among some younger people. Attractiveness is a relative term.

Does long hair make me look more attractive?

It can if it is voluminous.

Does long hair make me look old?

If it’s thin, yes.

Does dark hair look thicker?


Does dark hair make me look paler?


Which hairstyle makes me look older?


Can a haircut make me look older?

Yes, if you have a haircut that’s decades-old or a bob.

At what age should a woman cut her long hair?

You should start cutting your hair into a shorter hairstyle if it begins to look thin.

Why do people want dark hair?

They think it will make them look younger and impermeable to gray hairs.

Why does dark hair make me look older?

Because it washes out your skin tone and looks false.

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Khilea Jessup

Saturday 16th of November 2019

And what about dark skin people?! I guess we don't matter, right? And you wonder why such a movement exist.

Sonya Tanner

Wednesday 2nd of January 2019

When properly cared for, dark brown hair can be shiny, luxurious and beautiful. It only makes you look older if you don't take care of it! I've seen blondes that look as old as my grandmother. It's all in how you care for yourself, not the color of your hair.