50 Flattering Long Pixie Haircuts to Copy

Pixies have been popular for a long time. Hairstylists have come up with different interesting varieties. One of them is a long pixie.

Everyone knows that pixie means short. However, there ways to keep a pixie intact while adding some length. If you are tired of a short hairstyle, a long pixie cut can be your way out. Consider browsing different pixie hairstyles to find the long one which suits your taste.


Long Pixie Cuts

Long pixie hairstyles are an amazing way to diversify your style. Cutting your hair short is very fashionable, but sometimes you want to add some length. A long pixie will give you a chance to try out this amazing combination. In most cases, bangs are made to make a pixie longer.

Such a haircut is the middle ground between a pixie and a bob. However, bobs usually require more care than pixies, so the latter is a more worry-free choice. Take a look at the below long pixie haircuts.


long pixie cut for Asian women



long shaggy pixie with bangs



long pixie with quiff

long pixie with quiff



long side swept pixie cut



long messy pixie for thick hair



long pixie with balayage



long blue pixie



long white pixie cut



long pixie cut for women with bangs



long dark pixie cut


11. Long Asymmetrical Pixie

long asymmetrical pixie

An asymmetrical pixie is especially flattering on women with oval-shaped faces. Pick a girly color like platinum or light blonde and add a little volume at the crown.


12. Long Braided Pixie

An A-line pixie with highlights is given a side braid to texturize the look up. With waves and teasing at the crown, it’s packed with volume.


13. Long Curly Pixie

long curly pixie

This long pixie stops at the cheek level and is also packed with volume. The tight curls can be shaped with your natural texture and product or with a curling iron.


14. Long Layered Pixie

long layered pixie

For a long pixie with side bangs, add in short layers to get sexy volume. A glowing color like burgundy or light red looks great on pale or light skinned women. 


15. Long Messy Pixie Hair

long messy pixie hair

Prefer the bedhead look? You can get that vibe easily on a long pixie by using fingers to tousle hair into soft waves or curls. 


16. Long Blonde Pixie

long blonde pixie

For a professional style you can feel confident wearing to work, opt for a long pixie in blonde. This style focuses volume at the back and is mostly straight locks.


17. Straight Pixie with Highlights

long pixie

Here’s an androgynous long pixie everyone will love if their goal is edge: a straight pixie with uneven bangs and stark blonde highlights. Sides get gradually shorter as they approach the ear level.


18. Long Pixie Cut for Black Hair

long pixie cut for black hair

A long pixie is especially stylish on Black women because of its chic classic black color. Straight the hair before adding in an uneven part for volume. A bit of teasing will make the style even better.


19. Long Pixie for Older Women

long pixie for older woman

If you’re an older women seeking a low maintenance style but still want a youthful look, a long pixie in blonde is for you. This one features a deep diagonal part and several shades of blonde.


20. Long Pixie for Straight Hair

long pixie for straight hair

If your hair is already naturally straight, consider yourself lucky. On a long pixie, all you need to do to liven it up is add in bold colors like pink and teal!


21. Long Pixie with Shaved Sides

long pixie with shaved sides

When you’re seeking an edgier hairstyle, a long pixie can still fit the rocker in you. Just add a bald fade up to the temples and go for a bold color like bright red or electric blue. This style features thick fluffy waves up top.


22. Long Shaggy Pixie

From the front, this hairstyle appears to be long hair, but it’s actually just a long pixie. Different layers in two shades of blonde make this look girly and flirty. The curtain bangs are just right to make your eyes peek through.


23. Long Tapered Pixie

Tapered pixies are great for women with thick hair. Not only will this style of a long pixie add shape, it will also make curly hair more manageable.


24. Thick Long Pixie

thick long pixie

If your thick hair is frustrating you, chop it off to a long pixie. Straighten the hair and spritz in hairspray for volume. A side part and a fun color like baby pink ensure this is a look no one else will have.


25. Rainbow Long Pixie

long pixie cut

With one side shorter than the other, texture stands out even more. Teal, green, blue and purple pair perfectly with colorful eyebrows; this is an Insta-worthy look!


26. Volume on Top

long pixie hairstyles

The length of this pixie is concentrated on the top part. Volume is created by making layers and giving the hair some texture. Long blunt bangs add some visual length, while the rest of the hairstyle look amazingly fashionable.

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27. Pixie Haircut with Long Bangs

long bangs pixie hairstyles

This pixie is elongated by the bangs. In fact, this is the most popular way to make a long pixie. Wispy bangs are added to reach the middle of your ears. The fringe is side swept to avoid getting into your eyes.


28. Wavy Strands

long wavy pixie hairstyles

This long pixie haircut reminds a little of a bob. However, it has a pixie shape and the length is achieved by adding wavy strands in the back. The fringe is also rather long to create an impression of a longer hairstyle.


29. Hair Extensions

colorful long pixie haircut

The easiest way to make a long pixie is to add hair extensions. Separating thin strands on each side of your head is a great way to create a fashionable asymmetrical hairstyle, which is bound to be unique in your neighborhood.


30. Side Swept Fringe

long pixie with side swept fringe

A long fringe is a worry free way to make your pixie longer. Grow your fringe as long as possible and side sweep it to create a sophisticated hairstyle which will fit a woman of any age or profession.


31. Messy and Textured

long pixie hairstyles 6-min

Messy styles are a great way to elongate your pixie. The volume on top is created due to textured long strands. Long fringe is swept side ways to create an impression of a crest on top. Make sure not to overdo the length. Otherwise, a pixie will quickly turn into a bob.


32. Voluminous Bangs

boycut hair for women

Another creative way to elongate your short pixie is voluminous bangs. Volume is created with the help of some gel and a hairdryer. If you don’t want to bother with long procedures, you can turn this fringe into regular straight side swept bangs.


33. Over The Ears

long pixie hairstyles for women

This glamorous long pixie hairstyle is created by arranging strands in front and behind the ears. This pixie is perfect for women with fine hair. It looks very neat and doesn’t require too much maintenance.


34. Brush Them Over

long pixie hairstyles 9-min

This stylish long pixie cut hairstyle is created by brushing the hair against the growth direction to make long side swept bangs. The longer the fringe, the more fashionable this hairstyle will look.


35. Eye-covering Bangs

long pixie hairstyles 10-min

This sexy style is achieved by growing long eye-covering bangs. This hairstyle is closer to the bob than a pixie, however, it is rather short in the back, so it is still considered such. No matter what you call it, it creates an amazing look!


36. Gray and Great

gray long pixie haircut for girls

Gray and dusky blonde hairstyles are really in fashion. It is a fantastic color for a long pixie cut style to be worn by women with androgynous features.


37. Long Pixie with Faux Hawk

long pixie with faux hawk hairstyle

Undercut your pixie haircut to allow you to create a punkish faux hawk style. Comb upwards and forwards to give an amazing peaked fringe. Comb the style over your undercut when you want a more demure pixie style.


38. Sweepover

long sweepover pixie for women

Use a comb and some loose hold hairstyling gel on a long pixie cut to sweep it all over from one side to the other. Backcombing the hair on the feature side of your head will help to give you a little bit of volume.


39. Long Crop

long cropped pixie hairstyle

Long elfin crops are great for women with narrow faces. These pixie hairstyles help to accentuate high cheekbones to give women a really modelesque and fashionable hairstyle.


40. Too Cool for School

Cool long pixie haircut

This type of stylish pixie haircut is based on messy teenage boy hairstyles. When the look is transposed onto a glamorous woman, the haircut looks so hot that it positively sizzles.


41. Long Pixie Crop with Side Parting

A long pixie cut is perfect for high flying business women when it is styled with a side parting. Part the hair on one side before cutting the pixie crop. Use a few clips to stop your hair falling into your eyes.


42. Voluminous Combover

Give your long pixie hairdo an extra volume by combing upwards straight from the roots. Use your comb to roll your hairstyle over to create a punk-lite style.


43. Tousled Crop

tousled long pixie crop haircut

For a “just got out of bed” hairstyle which is really easy to create, you should try a long tousled crop hairstyle. Just put a little soft hold styling gel onto your hands and then run your fingers backward through your hair.


44. Half Shaven Head Undercut

long pixie with shaven undercut

Give your long pixie an amazing style twist by integrating a signature undercut into your style. Shave a patch to suit your face shape and then dye the area a color which completely contrasts your natural look.

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45. Complementary Highlights

Give long pixie hairstyles more texture and depth by introducing highlights which complement your natural hair color. Copper color highlights look amazing with rich browns.


46. Strong Crown

long pixie style

A strong crown and parting can help your hair to look like it is radiating from your head. Believe it or not, but a strong crown and parting can actually help a thin long pixie cut to look much thicker.


47. Thin Groomed Crop

long pixie haircut

A thin groomed pixie crop is an excellent choice for women over 50. This stylish hairstyle is youthful and can help to flatter older faces. Ask your hairstylist for easy styling tips for this look.


48. Choppy Long Pixie Cut

Choppy Long Pixie Cut

Try a long choppy pixie haircut for a women’s hairstyle which looks great at the beach or at the club. Cutting in mixed length layers creates a really versatile style.


49. Sweeping Fringe

long pixie cut with sweeping fringe

Add a mysterious element to your long pixie by putting in a long sweeping fringe which covers one of your eyes. This gives your look a punky twist.


50. Pageboy Bob

pageboy bob long pixie hairstyle for girls

The Pageboy style is quickly coming back into fashion. It is cute, stylish and matches with the Danish concept of “hygge.” Round off a bob to give a Pageboy long pixie style.


We hope we gave you some useful assistance with making a choice. Browsing options is always a great help. So, take some time to contemplate your new haircut. Long pixies are in style! So give one a try.

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