50 Wispy and Blunt Bangs To Switch Up Your Style

Wispy bangs, blunt bangs and other various bangs have always been an important part of many hairstyles for women. They have such a great variety of wonderful uses, that sometimes it seems as though going around without them is a crime against beauty. Bangs do wonders for covering up the unwanted forehead wrinkles, draw attention to the eyes and can be styled in as many different ways as your imagination and time will allow.

There are several ways to have your bangs done and two of them are wispy bangs and blunt bangs. By looking at several options you can make a decision about which way you want to wear your bangs. Blunt bangs are very easy to restyle, while the wispy bangs are easier to maintain. Go ahead and make your choice.


How to Style Blunt Bangs

Actress Beth Behrs blunt bangs hairstyle

There are many different ways to style blunt bangs. Let’s take a look at some of them. The most popular way to style such bangs is to keep them straight. This will take some blow dryer work.

Pull the bangs straight down with a brush and blow-dry them to create a blunt look. You can also side sweep your blunt bangs during blow drying. This will produce an attractive style, which won’t require much brushing during the day.

If you want to outline your blunt bangs, go for braids. Make two braids on the side of the bangs, while leaving the fringe standing out. The braids should be pinned to the back of the head or incorporated into the rest of the locks. You can even braid your whole hair, just leave the bangs out.


How to Style Wispy Bangs

The secret to making wispy bangs is quite easy. If you are bold enough to cut your own bangs, take some time to read the instructions. At first, you have to push your bangs apart into sections and pin them up to the top of your head.

Leave one strand hanging right in the middle of your forehead. Cut it as short as you like. Then free up another strand and cut it to maintain the size of the first one. Once you are done with all of the strands, put your scissors into a vertical position and cut up into the hair. The higher up you go with the upward cutting, the wispier your bangs will be. Make sure not to overdo it or you will end up with sloppy and sparse fringe.


Best Hairstyles With Wispy Bangs and Blunt Bangs

We have prepared 50 different ways to wear your wispy or blunt bangs. If after going through our choices you are still not sure which bangs will fit you best, start with the blunt bangs. If you don’t like the result, it will be very easy to make them wispy. There is no need to go to a beauty salon to change them. All you will need is a hairdryer and some imagination.


1. Wavy wispy bangs

wispy hairstyles with bangs

Wavy hair is a great start for the wispy bangs. Blunt just doesn’t fit into the picture. These bangs don’t really need much styling. Perhaps a little work with a flat iron would be required to help them have the same wave.

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2. Side parted wispy bangs

wispy blunt bangs

Side parted wispy bangs are a great choice for women with thin hair. There is almost no maintenance needed to keep such bangs in place. Just brush the hair to one side and leave one or two strands hanging over the forehead.


3. Asymmetrical blunt bangs

blunt hairstyles with bangs for young women

Blunt bangs don’t mean exact symmetry. Making heavy looking asymmetrical bangs is a great idea for women with curly hair. Yes, they will need some flat ironing, but the result will look amazing and will do wonders for outlining the eyes.


4. Long wispy bangs

wispy bangs long hair for cute girl

If your hair is not thick enough for blunt bangs, go for the long wispy ones. Long bangs have a lot of advantages. Once you brush the long bangs to the side they will create an impression of volume over the top of your forehead.


5. Long and Straight wispy bangs for curly hair

Wispy and Blunt curly haircut

If your hair is curly it would be a great idea to make straight wispy bangs. Such bangs will balance out the thick look created by the heavy curls and give your face a feel of light freshness, which will make any girl look brighter.