20 Perfect Short Curly & Wavy Hairstyles You’ll Definitely Love

From observations, it has been seen that contemporary ladies that have curly hair prefer a wavy hairstyleThey either go for pixie haircuts for short bobs which present layering options that are favorable for wavy hair. If the texture of your hair is thicker, then you can only afford less layering unless you carry an extremely short haircut.



Popular Short Curly and Wavy Hairstyles for Women

Below are 20 gorgeous short length curly and wavy hairstyles to give you inspiration on the perfect short curly hairstyles that will fit your face size and shape.


1. The Vintage Diva

Perfect Short Curly 1

Try this smoking hot short curly haircut and you’ll look stunning for sure! The very complicated wave and the entire image are inspired by hairstyles of some decades ago. Presently, vintage appearance are seen as individuals and it is loved and refined by most ladies.


2. Retro Waves

Perfect Short Curly 2

This is another amazing short wavy haircut that gives you a new look. These Retro waves are soft- flowing and form a unique hairstyle that is roundish in shape, thus, emphasizing your beautiful facial qualities and femininity.


3. The Short curly Hairstyles that have Rebellious Waves

Perfect Short Curly 3

This is a nice hairstyle that can be worn to any events or occasions. The curls are wet, breezy and sexy, and they can be obedient to wind only. These golden glares is capable of putting a brighter look on your image, and it can go hand-in-hand with golden accessories. This look is mesmerizing with its exotic beauty.

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4. You look awesome Bob!

Perfect Short Curly 4

This short wavy hairstyle is best-fit for dense or thick hair. All that is required for this amazing hairstyle is a normal wave with a little mousse. It has a copper color which looks gorgeous and can be excellent on you if it matches your complexion.


5. The Blond Bob of Keri

short curly haircuts

One of the most popular short curly haircuts in recent days. Keri Hilson is a popular American singer that looks more beautiful whenever she wears this blonde short wavy bob. This blunt cut style is suitable for a particular set of persons. If you are slim, have a face of diamond shape with little features, then this is the perfect style for you.


6. Bonding Moment

short wavy haircut

This hairstyle has an edgy view with a weighty bang and cropped side cut. Different designs can be added to the shaved or cropped side and some sweet colors can even be added to bring out more beauty. This glorious style can be realized on a natural hair or through the use of ole fashion 27-piece bond.


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7. The Big Bouncy Curls

curly hair style with short hair

This is a short curly haircut that can bring about a casual look to an entirely new higher degree. This style is patterned in such a way that curly bangs rest on a side of your face, with the other part of your face deliberately left open.

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8. Scrambled Curls

Perfect Short Curly 8

This is kind of similar to the big bouncy wave except that it appears shorter. This hairstyle has a chaos texture with a contrast in the perfection of view. It gives a kind of weird impression as if your hair was whirled by the tornado.


9. The Glamorous and Eye-Catching Hairstyle

Perfect Short Curly 9

This hairstyle is characterized by gorgeous curls and highlights, and contrasting textures and lines. Interestingly, this hairstyle best-fit girls that like seeking people’s attention.


10. Very Short Curly Haircuts

short length curly haircut

It doesn’t really matter how long your hair is, waves can be awesome even on short hair. Wave them and leave long bangs as shown in the picture. This hairdo is perfect for both slim and plump ladies.


11. Teasing Waves

curly haircut

This hairdo is favorable to ladies that have a long facial look because it features parallel lines without any volume on the crown. Are you easy-going and fun to be with? Then this hairstyle is perfect for you.


12. Gentle Sea

Perfect Short Curly 12

Most ladies don’t fancy strongly pronounced waves on dwarf hair. This hairstyle shows very light curls, reminding of gentle waters and the elegant sandy beach somewhere around the Maldives. This amazing texture is obtained due to layering.


13. A Glamorously Shaped Hairdo from Victoria

Perfect Short Curly 13

Victoria Beckham unveiled a glamorously shaped curly hairstyle. This heavy bang gracefully opens her face, straight tresses, with a beautiful jawline. This hairstyle is suitable for tall and slim ladies with a diamond shaped countenance.


14. Tousled Platinum Waves

Perfect Short Curly 13

This is a bright sparkling hairstyle that was rocked by Rita Ora at a polish advertisement campaign. The hairstyle Rita considered as the best fit for photo shoot is the tousled short curly bob hairstyle. Her platinum curls are nonchalant and airy despite their thickness.


15. Messy Curly Bob

Perfect Short Curly 15

This is a hairstyle you would really like to rock. Jaimie Alexander wore this wavy hairstyle when she did advertisement for Viva Mag. Her fabulous curly bob with a random curly design disarms with the exclusive spontaneity and shagginess. The face framing lock is absolutely fantastic.


16. Extremely Short Wavy Hairstyle

Perfect Short Curly 16

It is well known to us that coming up with waves on shorter hair is kind of difficult. Jamie Alexander’s pixie cut has grown in such a way that it has been fashioned to boost her hair texture. Even if complete waves was not achieved, Alexander can be proud of a unique short hairstyles that has defined pieces similar to light waves.


 17. The Wispy Blonde Chamomile Waves

Perfect Short Curly 17

Blue eyed blonde haired Wanamaker Milan looks gorgeous on her bunch of collar bone hairstyle, special for its long front pieces. She improves the delicacy and tenderness of her look by styling her hair wavy.


18. Strawberry Blonde Curly Bob


This beautiful short curly haircut was rocked by Kate Mara at the 66th Prime time Emmy. The color of this style is very complimenting and gorgeous to the eyes.


19. Ombre Messy Curly Bob

Perfect Short Curly 19

This ombre wavy bob is gorgeous and enjoyable to rock. It has an off centered line and disconnected edges that brings out awesome finish and texture.


20. The Greek Wavy Undo

Perfect Short Curly 20

This is a Greek Hairstyle that was rocked by Hayden Pantyliner. Her short curly blonde form a reasonable volume and fun wavy texture.


Hope you have enjoyed these haircuts and got the ideas for the best short curly wavy hairstyle that will match your outlook generally. Try a new short curly wavy haircut to look fresh!