40 Ringlet Curls To Make You Look Amazing

Ringlet curls have been one of the main properties of beauty for ages. Long, beautiful and curly hair made men go crazy and women very envious. The secret to their popularity is simple. Such natural curls are very rare. However, women came up with a way to make such hair very easy to sport. That’s why nowadays you will often meet girls and women with ringlets.

This hairstyle is a must-have for special occasions, beauty pageants, and photo shoots. If you want to look beautiful and sure of yourself, you will definitely need curls to help you. Girls have been going out of their way to make them last by making perms and attaching hair extensions. The result is always different. So, if you are about to go curly, take a look at some options first.


Top Ringlet Curl Hairstyles for Women

Want to look fabulous as though you just won a beauty pageant? Go for making ringlet curls! This is a perfect way to make your hair look fantastic without too much hassle. There are several ways to make them last longer and some of them are more damaging than others. But there is no reason not to make such curls for a special occasion. They will stay intact until evening and will make you feel very sure of yourself. Ringlets are a perfect way to get some attention from men since they have been an integral part of beauty for centuries.


1. Long and tight spirals

ringlet curls for women 1-min

This hairstyle is perfect for a special occasion. Such curls are hard to create on your own, so they might need some professional attention. That’s why you won’t be making them on a regular basis. Try them out for a wedding or a photo shoot.


2. Smooth and beautiful

beautifu lringlet curls for women

These ringlets don’t start on top of your head, which makes them look smooth. Start curling your hair near your temples. This will make the hairstyle seem much neater. It will also feel more natural. Women with long hair usually don’t have curls on top, since the rest of the mane is too heavy.


3. Side part

ringlet curls for women 3-min

If you don’t want your beautiful curls to be getting into your eyes, consider getting a side part. This will create a smooth and tidy look. Such appearance is perfect for women with medium length hair and a perm.


4. Wild and red

ringlet curls Browne hair

If your hair is short or medium-length, a great idea would be to go wild. Since the length will not allow you to make a perfect pageant style look, opt for the opposite. The wilderness is often very sexy and you are sure to love it.


5. Soft and incredible

ringlet curls for women 5-min

This incredibly soft curls can easily be made on your own with a flat iron. The advantage of this hairstyle is that it won’t fall apart as fast as the tight ringlet curls. Make sure not to start at the very top to create a natural look.


6. Straight bangs

ringlet curls for women 6-min

Straight bangs do wonders for outlining your curls. This mix of two hairstyles is considered to be very popular nowadays. Keep your bangs blunt and straight and make the rest of your hair as curly as you wish. The result will be truly amazing.


7. The mix

nice ringlet hair for girl

If you want to diversify your curls, you can make soft and large rings on top and small and tight ones at the bottom. This will look very special and help you keep the hairstyle intact longer. Make sure to use some hair spray to keep the top part neat.


8. Be natural

ringlet curls for women 8-min

If your hair is naturally curly, there is no reason to do anything about it. Natural curls are a subject of envy for many people on this planet, so why ruin them? No reason to make them more or less curly, just let them be natural!


9. Short perm

short ringlet curls haircut

If you think that girls with short hair should forget about ringlet curls, you are very wrong. A perm will save the day! Short perms look amazing on oval and heart-shaped face types. They are also very easy to maintain.


10. Accessories

ringlet curls for women 10-min

Curls look wonderful on their own. No doubt about it. But if you are about to make them for a special occasion, all you dream about is how they will stay neat throughout the day. This is where accessories come in. They will make your hairstyle look even more perfect, while keeping the curls in check.


11. Hair extensions

ringlet curls for black women

Even if your hair is naturally curly, you probably don’t keep it very long. Hair extensions are a must for girls who are dreaming about long curly manes. They are easy to take care of and will create the most jaw-dropping look.


12. Occasional curls

ringlet curls for women 12-min

If you want to look special, but don’t want to spend too much time on curls, you can go for occasional curl hairstyle. This means that you will be curling just some strands of your hair. Such method will make your mane look voluminous with the least effort.


13. Fluffy and frizzy

ringlet curls for women 13-min

Most girls go out of their way to deal with frizzy hair, while others like to flaunt it. Take a look at the photo. Doesn’t the girl look stylish? While this might not be a good idea for an everyday look, this hairstyle will look great at a photo shoot.


14. Regal curls

natural ringlet haircut

When you watch old movies and look through 1 or 2 century old photos, you must be finding many curly hairstyles. While it was not as easy to create the curls as it is now, girls went out of their way to look beautiful. So, try a regal hairstyle for yourself.


15. Low ringlets

ringlet curls for women 15-min

If your hair is naturally wavy, you can make it even more special by creating some neat low curls. Usually, wavy hair is quite hard to take care of and keep from being wild. Low ringlet will save the day.

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16. Creative curls

ringlet curls for women 16-min

Tired of the classical curls? Get creative! You can curl your hair in the middle only, while leaving the top and the bottom parts straight. This will make a very special look, which will surely get you some male attention.


17. Permed and leveled

ringlet curls for women 17-min

Your hair doesn’t have to be all the same length in order to create amazing ringlet curls. In fact, a perm will look good on most haircuts. If you add some properly made highlights, your look will become even more special.


18. Side comb over

ringlet curls for women 18-min

Voluminous curls give you a great reason for being creative. So, no need to wait. Try the side comb over. It will look truly unique and will keep heads turning your way. Get ready to use hair gel and pins to keep it intact.


19. Fine curls

best ringlet curls hair for young girl

If your hair is fine, you can still make great curls. In fact, fine hair will become much more voluminous and will make you look really incredible. Make sure not to make curls which are too tight. Otherwise, the fineness will be too obvious.


20. Asymmetry

ringlet curls for women 20-min

Curls are an awesome way to create an asymmetrical hairstyle. You won’t need to get a haircut at all! All you’ll need to do is make some curls tighter than others. In the end, you will get an original and asymmetrical hairstyle.






















We hope our list of amazing ringlet curl hairstyles has inspired you to start experimenting with your hair. Even if there is no special occasion coming up, you can still wield a flat iron and curlers. After all, who said that women need a special occasion to look and feel beautiful?