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60 Most Flattering Wavy Bob Hairstyles Trending Right Now

A wavy bob should list the top when we think of sleek and shiny haircuts. After all, a bob doesn’t necessarily have to be sleek and strict. You can easily pull off a cheerful, vibrant, and playful hairstyle.

The bob is a convenient haircut, although many women don’t think it that way at the beginning. You can style it in different ways, and a wavy bob is not the exception.


Examples of Wavy Bob Hairstyles

So, how to style the wavy bob? Options are endless; you can opt for looser or larger curls and smaller locks, depending on your preferences.

The length of your wavy hair bob is also up to you. Regardless of your chosen style, a short, middle-length, or even long bob still looks awesome with sexy waves.

When styling this haircut, remember that the products you choose need to be effective; you need to be cautious when buying sprays, curlers, and other stuff. Put quality first.

Wear a bandana or headpiece and bobby pins to style your bob, but you can also opt for extensions for volume. Highlights are always a good way to go if you prefer edgy looks.

Are you ready to rock wavy bob? These 40 wavy bobs will make it easier for you to get ready for work, school, wedding, you name it.

1. Layered Wavy Bob

Layered Wavy Bob

Layers give any type of hair volume, while ombres add texture. A caramel shade will make the wavy hair look incredibly delicious! Each curl will have its own personality, and the look will make you elegant and sophisticated.


2. Wavy Weave Bob

Wavy Weave Bob

If you don’t have long hair, don’t panic, you can reproduce this fabulous hairdo by using a weave. Choose your favorite hair extensions to style a gorgeous middle-parted bob hairstyle with waves.


3. Wavy Asymmetrical Bob

Asymmetrical Wavy Bob

Asymmetrical bob hairstyles keep one side of your hair shorter, and the bangs longer. If you need to pull off a fantastic color, we recommend a white-gray color that will certainly stand out. Also, waves will make the hair reek of sophistication.


4. Wavy Sew In Bob

Sew In Wavy Bob

Sew-in extensions are pretty easy to attach, just braid your hair into protective hairstyles and add the weave. You can choose wavy hair to recreate this outstanding retro look. Add a touch of elegance with a white scarf wrapped around your neck.


5. Wavy Blunt Cut Bob

Wavy Blunt Cut Bob

Do you want to look like a supermodel? Choose an outstanding outfit and complete the look with a bob hairstyle. Keep the roots in their natural color and opt for a shiny silver hair dye. Waves will give the hairdo a big stand out.


6. Bob for Thick Wavy Hair

Bob for Thick Wavy Hair

Aren’t you tired of all those regular hair colors? Now it’s your time to shine with a pale pink nuance for your hair. Get a bob haircut with choppy bangs that are longer on sides and create beautiful waves.  Such an exciting way to look mesmerizing!


7. Thin Wavy Bob

Thin Wavy Bob

When your hair type fights against you, win the competition with a fabulous hairdo. A bob haircut with baby bangs is something we highly recommend! Make an eye-popping yellow ombre and define each strand with waves.


8. Blonde Wavy Bob

Blonde Wavy Bob

For a smooth silky hair, make sure you adopt a shoulder-length haircut. Create rounded bangs that go just above your eyebrows and pick a beautiful blonde nuance that matches the skin color. Don’t forget about the waves if you want to make this look even more ravishing!


9. Middle Parted Wavy Bob

Middle Parted Wavy Bob

Such a delightful way to be in the spotlight! With this dark ginger bob hairstyle, all the eyes will be on you! Create a middle part and a few waves. Your appearance will be so relaxed but at the same time, very cool.


10. Wavy Stacked Bob

Wavy Stacked Bob

Make stacked layers fall one over each other in the back to create that tremendous volume. In the front, keep the bangs long and use a straightening iron to create those beautiful waves. Also, a stunning silver color will make you look delightful.


11. Large Waves

vintage wavy bob

A wavy bob hairstyle is a perfect way to get an elegant look that is both gracious and eye-catching. Choose a warm blonde color with copper reflexes and make sure the waves are large and well-defined. 


12. Wedding Short Bob

wavy bob for wedding

Sometimes we can say that less is more and this amazing bob hairstyle proves our point! So get a short haircut and create texture by using a curling iron. As for decoration, you can use a simple pearl crown that is delicate and makes you look like a princess. 


13. 20’s Red Bob

retro wavy bob

Inspired by the 20s, this retro wavy look encaptures the true glory of these magnificent years. Before adding that vivid bold red color, get an asymmetrical bob haircut. Tease the roots to build more height and decorate with a metallic headpiece. 


14. Flower Crown

wavy blonde bob

When you are an incurable romantic, build a look that will capture anyone’s heart. Go for messy waves and place a floral crown on top of the head. Also, pay attention to the nuances used for the crown and use similar hues when doing your makeup and nails. 


15. Bob for Women Over 50

wavy bob for women over 50

Wavy bob hairstyles suit women of all ages, and they are a very practical choice for ladies over 50. Go for a dark chestnut brown color that matches your olive skin and complete the look with a pair of cool glasses. 


16. Waves with Headband

wavy bob with headband

When you’re dealing with too much hair volume, use a wide headband in an eye-popping color like this vivid lime green. It will draw all the attention to your face and keep those curly tresses out of your way. 


17. Bob with Undercut

wavy bob with undercut

Instagram / lydie.hairartist

Combining different styles is the recipe for a nonconformist hairstyle. Opt for a straight short bob with the top swept on one side. Curl some of your pieces and do a temple undercut.  Make sure you use a heat protection spray before handling the iron. You won’t need any makeup because this outstanding hairstyle speaks for itself!


18. Straight Short Bangs

wavy bob with color

Instagram / imjudytran

This white bob hairstyle with pale pink pieces might require a lot of effort. Getting this color involves seeing a good colorist, bleaching, and constant after-process care. So ensure you’re up for this commitment and purchase your purple shampoo before doing the color. 


19. Feathered Bob

messy wavy bob

When your goal is to create fullness, this layered bob haircut is the right approach. Go for a sombre and short wispy bangs. While the fringe is carefully spread on the forehead, the longer tresses should be waved, separated, and tousled to obtain that messy appearance. 


20. Multicolored Hairstyle

dyed wavy bob

Instagram / peytonmuurderhair

A wavy bob hairstyle is a great idea for a woman with prominent cheekbones. The proper length of the cut should be around the jaw. Complete the look with a middle part and style numerous colored highlights, especially in the front area. With a curler, give those pieces more texture. 


21. Half Up Half Down

Half up half down hairstyles are childish and cute, especially if kept messy. Opt for a balayage that uses a luscious platinum blonde color and create more volume by building imperfect waves. The best way to do that, without using a heated tool or going to the salon is to wave your hair overnight. 


22. Wet Waves

wavy perm bob

Instagram / jasminejjhair29

Wet looks are your best friend when you have curls that need definition. Take some hair gel and rub it in your hands. Gently apply it to your hair if you don’t want to overload your tresses. Those copper blonde highlights will build a beautiful contrast between your natural hair color and these thin pieces. 


23. Wavy Pixie Bob

Wavy Pixie Bob

For this long pixie hairstyle, make sure you choose a natural brown shade. To give the hairdo more volume, make a few smooth waves and style your bangs on one side. Also,  if you are wearing glasses, they will make the look even more interesting.


24. Messy Wavy Bob

Messy Wavy Bob

An A-line bob is ideal for modern women that want to look their best at the office and every time they go out. Make some choppy ends to get dimension, some bangs that cover the eyebrows and waves to achieve that trendy look.


25. Wavy Bob for Round Face

Wavy Bob for Round Face

When you have a round face, with prominent cheekbones, opt for a hairdo that creates the illusion of an oval face. You can pull off that look by pinning your crown hair into a pony. Spare a few strands from your bangs and let them fall on the forehead.


26. Wavy Wedding Bob Style

Wavy Wedding Bob Style

Whether you are a bride or a bridesmaid, a bob hairstyle with well-defined waves will guarantee you an unforgettable look. Swipe your bangs on one side and use two big hairpins to secure the strands.


27. Wavy Retro Bob

Retro Wavy Bob

If your gray hairs are starting to show off, don’t hide them! You can still make a fabulous hairdo! Get a bob haircut and toss your locks on one side. Use some bobby pins to secure the flip.


28. Bob with Bangs

wavy bob with bangs

One of the cutest ways to style medium wavy bob is to pair it with bangs. There’s a lot of things you can do with this combination. For instance, you can use a nice curler to make lovely locks and sweep your bangs aside for a beyond adorable style.


29. Classic Wavy Bob

wavy bob haircut for women

Gorgeous locks on short hair are super sexy. You have the freedom to choose whether you’d like smaller or bigger curls. Wavy bob haircut looks both classy and relaxed. Curls frame your face perfectly and accentuate the fullness of your cheeks which is exactly what we always want to achieve with makeup.


30. Chic Wavy Bob with Side Part

women with wavy bob haircut

Here’s a chic hairstyle you can rock for any occasion. Combine cute choppy bangs with short, but wavy bob that creates the messy or bed head look. Not only will you boost fullness of your hair, but at the same time, you’ll achieve that Parisian chic effect all girls want to emulate.


31. Wavy Graduated Bob

Wavy Graduated Bob for Women

Girls and women with short wavy bob will be happy to know that sleek style is not the only way to rock this haircut. You can throw some sexy waves into the combination. In fact, waves will give your graduated bob more volume, but make sure you use a nice mousse.


32. Wavy Bob with Highlights

Wavy Bob with Highlights

Add a new dimension to your bob haircut by making subtle waves and adding highlights. For instance, blondish highlights add more structure to brunette hair thus making your wavy haircut even more structure. This is particularly beneficial if you add highlights on each side of your face. Super cute!


33. Wavy Long Angled Bob

A common myth that most girls and women believe in is that bob isn’t suitable for curly hair. But, that’s not quite correct. In fact, if you have curly hair, you can achieve this wavy bob hairstyle without even having to use a curler or any other product unless you want to. Try it out.


34. Wavy Bob Ombre

Long bob, waves, bangs, and two colors make this hairstyle both chic and edgy at the same time. For the best effects make sure, your bangs are on the shorter side, i.e. above your eyebrows.


35. Glamorous Bob

wavy bob haircuts for women

Here’s a great wavy hairstyle with bangs for all ladies who want to achieve that glamorous feel. What makes this wavy bob style so amazing? Well, it’s wavy but also sleek, cute but playful, and delicate but empowering. If you’re looking for a hairstyle that will help you ooze confidence at work, this is the one.


36. Long Bob with Highlights

Sometimes you want shorter hair, but you don’t want it to be super short. In those cases, long bob is the solution. Go one step further and get a long wavy bob using a good curler and mousse that will allow you to shape luscious locks and enhance the volume of your hair.


37. Platinum Medium Bob with Waves

Platinum Wavy Bob

For an elegant new look, you may want to try medium wavy bob styled asymmetrically. Part your hair in a manner that one side is more voluminous than the other. Create gentle waves near the ends of your hair strands for a cute and elegant image.


38. Fiery Red Bob

Red orange hair is playful, vibrant, and chic at the same time. Instead of sleek bob, you can opt for a wavy bob hairstyle that will make you look like you’ve just stepped out of some romantic movie. Waves, in this case, are formed in the lower part to add more drama to your look.


39. Wavy Rose Pink Hair

Are you a fan of edgy hairstyles? If so, then you may want to try out this one. Dye your hair pink and get a cute, short, wavy bob parted asymmetrically. All adventurous girls will look absolutely amazing with this hairstyle. Don’t miss out.


40. Textured Bob

textured wavy bob styles

Bob is the hottest hairstyle trend this year. Celebrities are rocking it, influences on social media networks are flaunting their bobs, and now it’s time for you to do the same. Your wavy bob haircut and textured look coupled with loose waves will boost the volume of your hair instantly for amazing results.


41. Sleek Bangs and Wavy Bob

Debating whether to get bangs or not? You should definitely try them out and combine with a short bob. Add more edge to your hairstyle by mixing sleek and messy look. It’s easy; get sleek and straight bangs but make sure your bob is wavy. This combination of strict and relaxed styles gives you a unique vibe.


42. Bob with Side Fishtail Braid

Medium Wavy Bob with Fishtail Braid

Girls and women with bob haircut have plenty of styling options at their disposal. Basically, all you need is a little bit of creativity to get a breathtaking look.

For instance, combine medium wavy bob with a braid that acts like a headpiece and gives you a more sophisticated vibe fit even for the most formal occasions.


43. Long Beachy Waves

Spring and summer are just around the corner, and you’re probably looking for a hairstyle that will introduce more playfulness to your appearance. Beachy locks of a long wavy bob and nice blonde hue are going to the hottest summer hair trend for sure.


44. Wavy  Short A-line Bob

Girls with thin hair may want to add extensions that would increase the volume of their mid-length bob with waves. That way, wavy hairstyle would be even more luxurious and feminine.


45. Wavy Lob Balayage

Wavy Lob Balayage

Short haircuts such as bob are a perfect platform for balayage, in this case, purple or violet. This particular coloring technique adds a unique dimension to your hair and makes it appear lightweight and edgy. At the same time, balayage accentuates those cute waves on bob cut.


46. Bob and Top Knot

Speaking of colorful hairstyles, another option is to go for a grey, violet, or dye of some other color. Add more volume to your long bob by creating waves. To finish off the look, make a messy top knot for a casual style.


47. Brunette Hair Highlights and Waves

Dark Brunette Wavy Bob with Highlights

If you have dark hair and are thinking about making subtle changes, then you can just go for chocolate highlights on your wavy bob cut. They will make wavy strands even more noticeable. Make longer curls for a sophisticated look that you can also translate to casual occasions whenever necessary.


48. Choppy Neck-Length Bob

Choppy, wavy bob haircut is ideal for girls and women with oval face due to the fact that effortless texture creates a slimming effect. Plus, wavy strands frame your face and have a youthful impact.


49. Shaggy Bob

shaggy wavy bob hairstyles for women

You can look and feel like an It-girl with this one length bob with an internal texture that enhances the natural movement of the hair. Bangs add more structure and frame. Plus, you can style bangs any way you want depending on the preferences and mood.


50. Inverted Bob with Layers

Long inverted bob with long layers in the front and stacked in the back is yet another amazing option for women and girls who want to try out wavy bob styles. This style has texture, but without choppiness.


51. Short Wavy Bob

short wavy bob haircut

Loose curls aren’t the only option for women who want to try wavy hair bob, and you can go for tighter curls too. In fact, tight curls add more movement and make your style bouncy.


52. Short Beach Waves

medium wavy bob haircut

You know, there’s no rule which says you need to opt just for tight or loose waves. You can add both in the mix. Waves are tighter on the top and loosen up as they reach the ends for a carefree and chic wavy bob style.


53. Short Wavy Bob with Bangs

short wavy bob with bangs

Nina Dobrev’s choppy cut bob stops at the jawline and is paired with baby bangs for a chic hairstyle. Wear it at the office or on date night to feel gorgeous anytime.


54. Short Wavy Bob for Black Hair

short wavy bob for black women

Embrace your natural black hair or weave in extensions on a wavy middle-parted bob. This black bob hairstyle makes for a great relaxed look on weekends.


55. Layered Wavy Bob

short layered wavy bob

You’re sure to have a whole new perspective with the way this layered short wavy bob brings dimension to any shape face. Platinum and grey hair color make this cut young and fresh.


56. Wavy Weave Bob

short wavy bob with weave

For an older woman who wants to maintain her sophistication, a wavy bob with weave and light streaks of caramel is full of a delicate body.


57. Inverted Wavy Colored Bob

short inverted wavy bob

An inverted bob features a short back and a long front. No matter your color, it’s a great choice for round faces as it helps elongate the face.


58. Colored Stacked Bob

Short Stacked Wavy Bob

Short stacked bobs are full of texture and body you can create with texture creme and hair spray. Purple-pink or another bold color will no doubt bring out parts of your personality you didn’t even know you had.


59. Short Wavy Bob For Woman With Glass

very short wavy bob

Mix medium blonde with light blonde highlights on a shorter straight bob with a few waves. Wear with your favorite pair of dangly earrings for a day and nighttime look.


60. Short Wavy Bob for Women Over 50

short wavy bob for women over 50
Prefer to stick to a more traditional hairstyle? This bob hairstyle is perfect for older women and still has the flat cut at the bottom but with waves intermixed and a beautiful all-over blonde color. Straight bangs round it all out.


Ready to bring more playfulness to your sleek bob? A wavy bob is one of the most adorable hairstyles that girls and women can easily rock. Now that you know how to achieve this look, you need to start working on it. Thankfully, these hairstyle ideas can help you to get inspired.