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23 Trendy Greek Hairstyles for a Super-Flattering Look

Greek hairstyles can serve you as inspiration whenever you want a hairdo that looks glorious. Channel your inner goddess and sport a look that will instantly transform you into a gorgeous appearance.


New Ideas of Greek Hairstyles

Even if these greek hairstyles might seem intricate and hard to recreate, there are a few updos that you can pull off at home. Below you will discover all sorts of braids and techniques that will provide more volume and that stunning Greek look. They are suitable for all hair lengths and types, so scroll down to discover them.

Greek Updo for Short Hair

Greek updo for short hair

A Greek updo is a perfect solution if you’re looking for a fun and easy way to add some stature to your short hair. In the front, you can part the hair in the middle and keep the bags on both sides. And headband jewelry will give you an elegant look.


Elegant Long Hair

Greek hairstyle for long hair

This sleek style has long, wavy hair that is worn in a loosely styled bun while also containing a loose braid shape. Further, this ancient hairdressing style is often credited with giving women’s hair its natural wave and body.


Short Brown Ponytail

Greek hairstyle for short hair

Looking for a unique and stylish way to show your Greek pride this summer? Try a ponytail and attractive headband combo. This simple style is perfect for those hot days spent on the beach or at the pool.


Greek Braided Bun

Greek hairstyle with braided bun

When it comes to hairstyle, Greeks know how to rock it! This particular hairstyle involves braiding a bun at the nape of the neck. The look is completed with loose waves cascading down the back. You can enhance more style by adding a gorgeous bobby pin.


Crown Braid Hairstyle

Greek hairstyle with crown braid

Greek women have been wearing crown braids hairstyle for centuries. This style is perfect for those with medium to thick hair, as it requires minimal maintenance. Whether you go for a loose or tight crown braid, there’s no wrong way to wear this style.


Wavy Blonde Hair

Greek hairstyle for wavy blonde hair

The long wavy blonde hairstyle is perfect for those who love the beachy waves look. For a more natural look, try choosing a style that features loose waves instead of tight curls.

If you want something a little more dramatic, go for more volume and height. A headgear around the forehead keeps the top hair in place.


Twisted Bun

Greek bun hairstyle for blonde hair

It is simply a medium hair bun for thick hair made with small, tight buns. You can create it by gently pulling all your hair back into a medium pony and making a bun around it. However, this style looks great on blonde hair.


Sleek High Bun

Greek high bun

What could be more calming than a big smooth tight high bun hairstyle that is from ancient Greece? Further, it is the perfect hairstyle to achieve a sense of balance and serenity.

This style works well on medium to large head sizes, and it is a great way to add volume, shape to your hair.


Crimped Hair Low Bun

Greek updo hairstyle

If you need an updo with a lot of volume, inspired by Greek hairstyles, which is also ideal for weddings or events where you need to look elegant, start by using a crimper iron for the roots. You’ll achieve a nice texture and dimension. Style a loose French braid and pin it into a low bun. 


Ginger Braid

Greek braid hairstyle

This Greek braid hairstyle features a slightly loose dutch braid that starts from the top that we recommend you to wear on one side. You can also style straight bangs and wear them just above the eyebrows. 


Greek Hairstyle with Headband

short Greek hairstyle

Whether you have long or short hair, Greek hairstyle can always come up with something distinctive that will transform you into a goddess. In this case, that headband with a design will remind everybody about the Hellenic culture. 


Greek Hairstyle for Weddings

Greek wedding hairstyle

This Greek wedding hairstyle is breathtaking, with those voluminous roots and loosen curls. That diamond accessory on the forehead is by far an application you can’t ignore that reminds us about Greece’s glorious times. 


Half Up Half Down Hairdo

Inspired by the Greek-Roman hairstyles, this half up half down hairdo features tight ringlets on the lower part and wear them on the shoulders. Opt for a middle part with a bun in the back. Place a golden crown on the forehead to complete the look.


Curly Hair Braid

Long hair is ideal for Greek hairstyles because you can create all sorts of braids. To give that knit more volume, curl your hair before you start braiding, and you’ll obtain that chunky effect. Decorate the hairdo with pearled bobby pins and secure the ends with a thick strand of hair.  


Curly Updo

Your source of inspiration for this coiffure is an ancient Greek hairdo that uses well-defined ringlets. Create a nest in the back and make it hold your gorgeous curly hair while you get a middle part for the long bangs. 


Curly Blonde Updo

This Greek curly hairstyle is perfect for women with blonde hair and fair skin because it makes the neck look longer and slimmer. Use two thin headbands or ribbons on top and build a messy bun in the back. 


Greek Hairstyle with Modern Touch

If you want your coiffure to look modern, you take inspiration from this hairdo. Get a low bun in the back and lift your roots to master a one-sided comb over for your longe fringe. 


Curly Updo with Ponytail

If you want to turn all heads when you enter a room, this prom hairstyle will make you look mind-blowing. Curl your mane, especially your tips, and style a bun in the back.  Spare a few strands and place them over the bun to create a pony. 


Rolled Bun

Create a Greek-inspired hairstyle with a headband and a rolled low bun in the back. You can also roll a few strands around the headbands and spare a few locks from the fringe. Let them carelessly fall on the forehead. 


Double Headband Curly Hairstyle

A double-thin headband will marvelously complete a curly Greek bun hairstyle. You can use a doughnut to make the low hairdo more voluminous and regal.


Rolled Braids with Decorations

Obtain an ancient queen look with a Greek knot hairstyle. Roll your tresses and knot them into small buns. Decorate the hairdo with golden Hellenic inspired leaves. 


Halo Braid

Start building your halo braid on one side if you want to create that braided Greek hair crown around your head. Accessorize the whole updo with floral applications. 


Multiple Buns

Style a middle part and roll each strand to build several buns in the back of your head. Make sure you lift your roots to get more volume and use a ribbon as a headband to achieve that Greek touch.

Take Hairstyle Inspiration from Gypsies


Greek hairstyles are elegant, refined, and with regal touch. They transform any woman into an ancient queen and demand grace and respect. Some are easy to pull off, others more intricate; either way, they are suitable for all hair lengths and tastes.