50 Stylish Crew Cuts for Men with Short Hair

The crew cut is a men’s hairstyle which has been popular for decades and looks likely to remain a fashionable option for decades to come. One of the reasons for its popularity is that it is a low maintenance style which doesn’t come with any additional costs. If you like to keep your hairstyle relatively short, then this might be the best men’s haircut for you.

The Best Crew Cuts for you to try

These crew cut styles are all really easy to try, so you can keep trying out new ones until you find a style that looks great on you. Alternatively, change your style every single day for a little bit of variety. Reinventing your hairstyle regularly will help to keep people interested in you. A simple crew cut can be styled in thousands of different ways!

#1: Short Sides with Tousled Top

the crew cuts for young guys

Keep the sides of your hair short but add length across the whole width of your head. Run your fingers through it from the front to give it a tousled look.

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#2: Mid-length Crew Cut

crew cut hairstyle

A mid-length hair cut is a classic look. It is a simple, no-nonsense style which works well on almost any man!

#3: Side-Swept Tousled Crew

hairstyle for cutting crew

For a side-swept crew cut look, you will need to have some length on the top of your style. Run product through your hair sweeping it from left to right.

#4: Spiked Crew Cut

crew cuts for men 48-min

To create defined spikes you will need to put product in your hair and then run a comb straight upwards through your hair from the roots.

#5: Highlight

crew cut haircut for men

Having highlights put on the tips of your hair can help to give the impression of thicker hair with more texture. Choose a color which complements your natural hair color for as unbleached surf look.

#6: Fluffy Spikes

crew cuts for men 46-min

Fluffy spikes can look less aggressive than well-defined spikes do. If you have a fluffy style, you will find that people just want to run their hands through it all day!

#7: Widow’s Peak

crew cuts for men 45-min

If you do not have a naturally straight hairline, then a crew cut could be a great choice for your style. Keeping your hair shorter means that your hairline works with the style, rather than against it.

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#8: Contrast

the crew cuts hair you like

For a really striking crew cut style,  you should keep the sides closely shaved, whilst allowing the hair in the center of your head to grow into a thick and voluminous style.

#9: Micro flick

crew cuts for men 43-min

If you have had a relatively short cut, you can style in a very short hair flick at the front. This gives your style a subtle hint of a difference without doing anything too extravagant.

#10: Stubbly sides with a stubbly beard

best crew cuts hair style

Keep the top of your hair longer and thicker whilst using a beard trimmer to shave the hair at the sides. Keep your beard the same length so that your hair and your beard segue effortlessly into one another.

#11: Center Only Cut

crew cuts for men 41-min

Shave your hair so that you only have thick hair on the very top of your head. The rest of your style should be only stubble. This looks great when it is teamed up with a stubbly beard too.

#12: Lightly Curled Crew

crew cuts for men 40-min

A crew cut is a great style for anyone with slightly curly hair. This type of style makes the curls more manageable but still allows you to show off your natural style.

#13: Thick and Luscious with a Light Beard

men crew cut hair

People will just love to run their fingers through this thick and luscious longer crew cut. The style works really well when teamed with a beard because it shows both softness and masculinity.

#14: Textured Fluffy Crew cut

crew cuts for men 38-min

Run your fingers upwards through your hair to give it this uninteresting fluffy texture. You can enhance the texture of a fluffy men’s hairstyle by having highlights and low lights put into your hair.

#15: Long and Tousled with Highlights and Low lights

long crew cut haircuts for boys

This cut is on the long side for a crew cut but still looks fabulous. Putting in highlights and low lights will help to give your hair more texture.

#16: Long and Spiky

crew cuts for men 36-min

Any length of hair can be transformed into spiky hair if you have enough setting product. Once you have put product in your hair, run a comb from the roots to the tips.

#17: Hair Raising

men best crew cut hair

If you have thick and luscious hair, you can create this style by warming a little hair gel on your hands and then running your fingers upwards and over. Style in the formation that best suits your face.

#18: Mid-short cut with a beard

crew cuts for men 34-min

Use a shaver to cut your hair to the desired length. Set your beard trimmer to the same cut length for an all-over great look.

#19: Colored Tips

crew cuts for men 33-min

Colouring the tips of your hair was a very popular style in the past and it is now coming back into fashion. Coloured tips help to give spikes more definition and make your hair look thicker.

#20: Long top with Tapered Sides

tapered crew cut hairstyles

Leave the top of your crew cut style long and then make your sides gradually shorter and shorter. This style is great for the office.

#21: Mohawk Lite

crew cut hairstyle look nice

A Mohawk lite is a crew cut crossed with a Mohawk. Keep your hair very short at the sides, and then have a longer strip down the middle of your scalp.

#22: Wiry Spikes

crew cuts for men 30-min

If your natural hair is made up of thick wiry strands it may form into natural wiry spikes until it reaches a certain length. Keep your hair short enough for it to do this and you will have effortless spiky hair.

#23: Short Cut

crew cuts for men 29-min

This short cut really shows off the shape of your head. A short cut looks great with a beard or it looks good with a clean shaven face.

#24: Soft and Textured

crew cuts for men 28-min

A soft and texture short cut is a great choice for people who do not want longer hair, but who are concerned about looking too “hard” with a very close cut.

#25: Soft Spikes with Tapered Sides

crew cuts for men 27-min

Gain extra height with your style by building up soft spikes. Tapered sides to your look will give you a really trendy style.

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