27 Times that Taper Fades Looked Fly AF

When you wear a taper fade on short hair, you know you’re on-point anytime you leave the house. There’s just so much more you can do with this dashing cut, though. Add a part, start the fade at the neckline, pair it with an almost-mohawk—endless possibilities, endless styles, endless potential to show off how damn smooth you are.


Experience Taper Fades to Fab 

If you need some inspiration, look no further. Don’t just tell your barber you want a taper fade on short hair. Give him permission to experiment. Ask him to do something unique, something fly, something that will keep all eyes on you.


high taper fade

high taper fade



low taper fade

low taper fade



taper fade for black men

taper fade for black men



medium taper fade

medium taper fade



afro taper fade

afro taper fade



taper fade on long hair



curly taper fade



bald taper fade



Mexican taper fade



taper fade comb over

taper fade comb over



taper fade with waves



skin taper fade

skin taper fade



taper fade with dreads



taper fade for straight hair



taper fade with beard



short taper fade

short taper fade



burst taper fade



drop taper fade



taper fade mohawk



taper fade with design



taper fade with part



pompadour with taper fade


23. Swoop Part

black men Taper Fade hairstyle

Want to add a little extra oomph to a taper fade on short hair? All it takes is a curved part. Ask the barber for a little swoop, though. Everybody needs some extra swerve in their life.

Copy These Taper Fades on Long Hair


24. Hairline Fade

Taper Fade Hairline hairstyle

This cut is alternately known as both a hairline fade and a neckline fade because the fade starts at the hairline—and at the neckline, in the back. The secret is that you want to be able to see the fade; the gradient should be visible. Even without the longer shock of hair on top, this cut is fire.


25. Curly Top

Curly Taper Fade hairstyle

Short is relative, especially when it comes to your hair. No reason to crop those curls—they’re irresistible. Keep your hair a bit long up top—nothing crazy, just leave enough to create a contrast with your fade.


26. Taper Faded Undercut

Taper Fade Undercut hairstyle for young boy

Let the barber know that in addition to a taper fade on short hair, you want an undercut as well. You can get your haircut constructed so that it’s always ready for a side part or you can opt to slick it straight back instead.


27. Fierce Faux Hawk

Faux Hawk Taper Fade hairstyle

How smooth is this? That fade is flawless, the edges are sharp AF, and the curls are tight. Like, damn.

Taper Fades In Every Possible Way


A taper fade on short hair is a classic, timeless cut, but you can dress it up and take it to another level. How do you make your fade your own?