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41 Masculine Low Drop Fade Haircuts For 2024

The low drop fade haircut is both edgy and suave, so it’s no wonder it’s a popular hairstyle choice for men. Its gradually faded sides give any face shape a handsome definition and it allows you to keep a fair amount of length up top for numerous styling options. After seeing the best fade haircuts below, you’ll wonder why you didn’t try the style sooner!


What is Drop Fade Haircut?

A drop fade is one of the many variations of skin fade. The skin part is what gives it its name. The main feature of a drop fade is that the hairstyle ‘drops’ behind the ear, creating a nice and neat arc that appeals to many men.

Drop fade haircuts come in all shapes and sizes. They vary in the layer and the top part length. The drop fade on the sides doesn’t limit you to a specific type of hairstyle. The longer you grow the hair on top, the more options you can work with. Drop fades can be low, medium, and high.

drop fade cut

It’s possible to create such a haircut for men of all hair types. It looks great on thin and brittle hair and thick and curly locks.

The main advantage of the drop fade haircut is low maintenance. Besides keeping the hair on the sides short, the back is trimmed. In addition, your barber appointment frequency will decrease depending on how low you decide to go with a drop fade haircut.


The Best Low Drop Fades for Men

When you go to the barbershop, you might face a stylist with a very vague understanding of a drop fade. You’ll need to explain that you need the hair behind your ears to drop down in an arc.

To ensure you get what you are looking for, we recommend showing your stylist one of the below low drop faded styles before getting into the chair.

1. Pompadour with Texture

low drop fade with pompadour

For a look that says you care what your hair looks like but don’t care if it’s not perfect, go with a textured pompadour on a low drop fade. You’ll brush up the front into a smooth shape, but the hair behind it will be mussed, spiked sexiness.


2. Wavy Drop Fade

low drop fade on wavy hair

If you have naturally wavy hair, you don’t have to worry about your low fade taking away from that. It will actually accentuate it; just work in a little mousse with your fingers only on the most forward part.


3. Low Drop Fade on Curls

low drop fade on long hair


If you have thick curly hair, a drop fade can help take some of the bulk out of it. Wear your hair down or up in a man bun or ponytail when you want the fade to be noticeable.


4. Buzz Cut Fade

black guy with low drop fade cut

Men of color who are aiming to start over with their hair will love the way a low drop fade complements vey short hair. This look is basically a buzz cut with a drop fade. Wear with or without a full beard for handsomeness.


5. Low Drop Faded Pomp

Asian boy with low drop fade

How suave is this sleek pompadour with a low fade? If you’re not afraid of a little height and appreciate styles with attention to detail, consider this pumped-up drop faded pompadour! You’ll even love the thin pointed sideburns.


6. Faux Hawk Fade

tapered low drop fade

The mohawk isn’t just for men with certain face shapes. You can rock it too with a drop fade haircut. Use the length up top to create a rolled shape and make a faux hawk. It’s the epitome of daring and debonair.


7. Braids with Drop Fade

shape up braids with low drop fade

Black men can really switch things up for their hair by rocking long braids on one half of the head, then adding a dropped low fade to the other half of their head. The top hair will be very short but can still show a bit of the natural hair’s texture.


8. Low Fade for Thin Hair

low drop faded fohawk

Getting bored of your thin or fine hair? Head to the barber and ask for a trim that gives you a dropping low fade look. If you add short choppy layers, you’ll have built-in texture easy to style with just a little product on fingers.


9. Slicked Back Fade

slick back hair with low drop fade

Older men will appreciate the neatness and professionalism of a slicked-back haircut with a low cut drop fade. Whether you wear the look with a trimmed full beard or no beard, you’ll be office-ready or feeling dapper in no time.


10. Asian Fade

crop top with low drop fade

If you have a round face you’d like to distract from, a bluntly cut short haircut may help with that. The straight front will help give your face a boxier look. Paired with a low drop fade, your face will now have more defined sides.


11. Man Ponytail

low drop fade for thin hair

Whether you braid your thin hair before gathering it in a man bun or you leave it loose, having thin hair will allow a drop fade to be seen easily underneath your locks. A top braid can also give your style a rugged, Viking feel.


12. Low Drop Faded Curls

low drop faded curls


Cut out the bushiness and thickness of having very curly hair by breaking it up with a low fade. You’ll love showing off a thick head of curls and the sharp feel of a drop fade. 


13. Older Men’s Hairstyle

old men's low drop fade

The nice thing about low drop fade haircuts is there’s no age limit! Men older than 60 can rock this look just as well. Give a youthfulness to your long locks by neatly combing them straight back or to one side.


14. Cornrows with Low Drop

men's braids with low drop fade

Another great protective style for Black men includes cornrows. These will last several weeks and help with low-maintenance styling. For touch-ups, just use fingers to brush in mousse or gel.


15. Tapered Low Fade

men's low drop fade cut

Tapered haircuts are another look that’s becoming increasingly popular among men. Rock the style together with a drop fade and you’ve got a 21st-century men’s hairstyle you can wear anywhere, including to the office!


16. Low Fade and Full Beard

low drop fade with beard

Some men are lucky enough to have thick hair both up top and in their beards. If that’s you, a low drop fade cut can do wonders for accentuating thickness while also taming it for styling. This thick layered front is great for displaying your waves or curls.


17. Low Drop Fade with Line

low drop fade with design


One fun way to put your own special touch on your low drop fade haircut is by having your stylist shave in a line or two. The style above features a curved line with a small criss-cross on the bottom, but poke around online to get other ideas!


18. 360 Waves and Drop Fade

low drop fade with 360 waves


If your hair is similar to that of Black men’s, consider 360 waves paired with a dropping low fade. It’s a nice choice for when you want to maintain a short haircut but still have a minimal yet noticeable style. The look above connects a full beard, which is a great option for men with more rounded face shapes.


19. Drop Fade with Textured Crop

Younger men typically have very blonde straight hair, as seen above. This makes them the perfect candidate to rock a low drop fade with cropped textured top. We love how the lengthy top features both long straight pieces and short slightly wavy or spiked pieces.


20. Low Drop Fade Undercut

Low Drop Fade with Undercut

This is a classic example of a low faded undercut for men with thin and straight hair. The skin part of a fade starts right above the ear and drops right behind it to create a neat arc.

The next fade layer is about half an inch long. The top part of this fade can be as long as you wish, but we prefer it to be long enough to create a stylish comb over, as you can see in the photo.


21. Drop Fade with High-Maintenance Top

Medium drop fade hairstyle

This is an excellent low fade haircut for men looking for something hassle-free sides but ready to spend a few minutes a day on the top part.

The skin layer of this drop fade is about 3 inches wide, while the top part is about 3-4 inches long. The long hair on top needs some maintenance daily and makes this fade more fashionable.


22. Frohawk Drop Fade

drop fade with fohawk

Drop fade haircut is often used to be a part of a frohawk. The farther the hair drops behind the ear, the more mohawk-like style is created.

Here you can see a low fade hairstyle coupled with long and curly hair on top that creates a great mohawk without exposing too much skin. This is an excellent choice for men with thick and curly locks.


23. Faded Wavy Haircut with Beard

It looks messy, but it is an elegant hairstyle. The drop fade haircut makes a stunning combo with wavy hair creating a perfect motion. The beard and drop hair add styles and balance to the entire look.


24. Drop Fade Blowout

If you love blown-out hairstyles, then this one is definitely for you. The hair in this style is teased and brushed into a sleek finish, while the drop fade focuses on an epic blow-dry.


25. French Crop with Fade

Wavy or curly hair any hair texture is best for low cut drop fades. They add a perfect definition and a stunning contrast to the messy hair over the top.


26. Long On Top

It’s a head-turning low fade with a perfect parting over the side and a blended, layered top over the back. The gradual drop fade blends well with the beard and hairline, offering a seamless look.


27. Drop Fade with Hair Design

It is a unique hairstyle where the stunning peak is built with two sides meeting the top. The shaved lines on both sides add incredible depth to the entire look.


28. Low High Top Fade

The fade offers a sleek finish with gradually blended and faded sides. It’s perfect for men who have medium-length and thick hair. It works well for those who need ideally treated sides and the bottom of the hair while neatly done top. High hair looks great with a low drop fade.


29. Drop Fade with Undercut

This faded style looks perfect for men with curly hair. It gives an edgy look to the entire hairstyle with a curly undercut on one side.


30. Messy Quiff And A Sideline

The low drop fade hairstyle with a messy quiff is very trendy and gives a stylish look to an individual. It is the perfect choice for people who love an edgy look.


31. Long Drop Fade

This fade is easy to handle hairstyle with a modern twist. In this haircut, the barber needs to taper it around your ears and tone down the hair volume, giving you an edgy look.


32. Drop Fade On Black Wavy Hair

On top of your hairstyle, Waves offer the best impression of your faded look. This is because the skin on the sides is exposed to create a perfect balance of the ocean waves and drop fade. However, you can only style the waves if you have proper styling tools.


33. Shape Up Drop Fade

If you have curly hair, then this hairstyle is definitely for you. Have a long beard with sides’ shaved and curly hair on top with low drop fade giving you a stylish look for the eve!


34. Afro with Low Skin Fade

If you have curly afro hair, go for this low skin fade haircut that will suit you. The edge-up design with a long afro enhances your entire look.


35. Hairstyle with Highlights

Additional highlights over the top of your hair and a low fade haircut give your look a seamless finish. It is not one of the high-maintenance hairstyles, but you’ll need perfect hair styling gels for carrying this look.


36. Fringe Fade

If you plan to put yourself in the spotlight, go for this trendy hairstyle. The fringe that hangs loosely with a perfectly cut drop fade hairstyle gives you a relaxed and chilled look.


37. Side Swept Drop Fade

low drop fade cut

If you are in love with asymmetrical hairstyles, then a side-swept is one of the excellent hair choices for you. This hairstyle has a simple undercut with a fringe hanging on one side.


38. Irregular Fade

This hairstyle is for those who love a splendid appearance with a stunning look in public.


39. Disconnected Low Drop Fade

If you want an incredibly stunning look, then go for this disconnected fade hairstyle. It gives you a stunning look with a furious edgy appearance.


40. Taper Undercut + Drop Fade

Undercuts on the side with an epic styled pompadour on top is perfect for those who can carry such high-maintenance styles.

This haircut needs a perfect gel to style the hair and make it look tame. You can carry this haircut easily for the office, evening parties on weekends, and everything in between. It would be best if you had a blow-dry with a hairspray to get them properly in a finished look.


41. Line Up Low Fade 

Don’t worry; you can get a drop fade hairstyle even if you have short curly hair. This line-up low fade haircut is perfect for you.


When it comes to fade haircuts, you often can’t go wrong. If you are tired of the classics, you’ll be glad to know that low drop fade hairstyles are offering you a brand new world of fashionable images. By allowing the fade to drop behind your ears, you make a regular hairstyle neater and more impressive.