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10 Tapered Undercut Hairstyles That’ll Make You Look Awesome

Undercut hairstyles have been the most popular and long-lasting hairstyles in the history of hair trends. Due to its wild popularity and long stay in trends, there have been a wide number of variations (ex- tapered undercut, mohawk undercut, fade undercut etc.) added to keep this trend alive for as long as everyone is happy about their outcomes that they expected from their hairstylists in the salon.


Coolest Tapered Undercut Hairstyles

To show what kinds of variations have been included in the undercut family of hairstyles, we will talk about the tapered undercut with 10 unique ways of wearing it.


1. Layers with A Tapered Undercut

tapered undercut with layers

Men who have silky and straight hair should go for layers on the top hair with a tapered undercut. Layers fall in different lengths and directions which give a nice illusion of strokes and as the hair comes down towards the sides, it seems to be fading away.

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2. Two Tone Tapered Undercut

two toned tapered undercut

Having an undercut automatically gives you the benefit of going for a two-tone hair color. Dying the top hair into pale-white color would really make the top hair stand out from the rest of the hair and really define the border between the top hair and the tapered side undercut.


3. Undercut with Loose Waves

tapered undercut for wavy hair

If you have thick wavy hair and a long beard, then going for this look is what you should aim for. Keeping thick waves on top with a tapered undercut that is connected to the beard with neatly trimmed corners really makes one look well-groomed and a high-profile guy in town.


4. Tapered Afro Haircut

tapered undercut for afro hair

Afro hair is one of the coolest hairstyles to style as an undercut. The hair texture is rigid, which gives one the advantage of having a preset Mohawk on top with a tapered undercut that blends the style altogether really well.

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5. Jet-Black Tapered Hair

 men's tapered undercut for black hair

Many guys out there think that having jet-black hair would be of no use to style as the haircut does not really show. This is wrong as a tapered undercut is just the right one to really show-off those dark locks and show the world the true beauty of having jet-black hair with a nicely trimmed undercut.


6. Pompadour with Sideline

Men who love having more than one hairstyle in their hair should seriously consider getting this hairstyle done already. The top hair is cut into a pompadour, while the sides are well-faded with a nicely trimmed sideline that really shows the border between the pompadour and the tapered undercut.


7. Flat Top Tapered Undercut

flat top taper hairstyle with undercut

Apart from having fluffy or standing hair on top, going for a flat helmet shaped top hair wouldn’t do any harm to you, in fact, it is a unique combination of having a tapered undercut with flat surfaced hair on top.


8. Asian Hair Tapered Undercut

tapered undercut for asian men

When we think of Asian hair, we imagine smooth, silky and straight hair that can be styled in any way you want to, which is actually right! This is a plus point of having Asian hair as one can go for a tapered undercut with light-weighted hair on top which has a lot of movements in them.


9. Spiky Tapered Undercut

 Spiky Tapered Undercut for Men

Pointy spikes have been a trend since the 90s and are still in demand these days. This is the very first style that most guys go for when they initially get a tapered undercut hairstyle to have an idea whether an undercut suits them and if they should grow out their top hair longer to keep on changing the hairstyle every few months.


10. Natural Grey Hair

tapered undercut for grey hair

There is absolutely no shame in having a modern-day hairstyle even if you’re as old as a dinosaur. In fact, it looks even classier on older men as they have completely white hair that makes the hairstyle more prominent.


From layers to waves to all the way to old men’s hair, we have shown you that no matter what type of hair texture or hair color you have, going for a tapered undercut is absolutely worth it and one should at least give it a try to see if it suits them or not.