Crew Cut Vs. Buzz Cut: Is There Any Difference?

Short haircuts like a crew cut and buzz cut are very popular and men across the globe sport them gladly. However, the crew cut vs. buzz cut debate has left many people confused and they do not know how to distinguish one from the other. There is nothing wrong with getting confused here, as the two haircuts are quite similar and have very short hair.

They are both very cool and impressive making men look more masculine and powerful. The minor differences between them might not bother most people, but if someone is going to a hairdresser, he has to know all the distinctions to be clear about what he wants.


What Differentiates Crew Cut from A Buzz Cut?

There are not many differences between the two, but if you look closely, you will notice them. Here are some of the differences between a crew cut and a buzz cut that we have noticed.


The Generality And Specificity

crew cut vs buzz cut

A buzz cut is more general, as a range of short military haircuts comes under the category of buzz cuts. The crew cut, however, is a particular hairstyle which has a clear distinct outline of features which distinguish it from other short hairstyles.


Here are some more differences you should know about:


The Difference in Orientation of Length

difference of length between crew cut vs buzz cut

In buzz cut, the length of hair remains the same in all directions. It looks more sophisticated and is easier to manage as the front, back and sides of the head have hair of about 0.5 cm long.

Both the buzz cut and crew cut are done with clippers, but a crew cut has varying length of hair at different positions in your head. In a crew cut the hair is shorter at the back and longer in the front along with other variations. You can even say that a crew cut is a type of buzz cuts.


Fade And Tapered Sides

Fade and tapered sides of crew cut and buzz cut

A buzz cut has pretty much same length and distribution of hair all over your scalp, but a crew cut is quite different in this regard. The buzz cut has no tapering or fading, but a crew cut is a crew cut primarily because of the tapering in front.

The sides in the front of the head are faded and tapered to make a sharper hairline with short hair in the background.

Tapered Crew Cut Hairstyle Ideas


Shaved Sides And Back

difference between crew cut vs buzz cut

In a buzz cut, the sides and back of the head have similar hair. However, it is different in the case of a crew cut. The back of the head is shaven off in a crew cut and sometimes the sides are saved off too.

This makes the crew cut more intense and sharp so that there is a more masculine and fashionable touch to it. The shaving makes the buzz cut vs. crew cut debate more comprehensible.


By all these differences, it can be concluded that both the buzz cut and crew cut are very short haircuts, but they have major differences in them.