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25 Amazing Side Swept Crew Cuts for Men

A great hairstyle for short hair is the side swept crew cut, a variation of the wildly popular Crew Cut. To talk about the side swept crew cut, it’s important to talk about where it originated from first.

Many think that the Crew Cut originated from the military and the marine since it’s a common hairstyle there. However, this is a misconception. The Crew Cut actually originated from the Ivy League crew team who cut their hair this way to avoid hair falling on their face. Hence, it’s another name: the Ivy League Haircut.

side swept crew cut

Essentially the crew cut is characterized by the long hair at the top, with shorter hair on the sides and at the back – similar to the fade cut. It has been seen on many celebrities such as Channing Tatum and Jack Gyllenhaal.

The side swept crew cut has hair a little longer at the top, which is then swept to a side. The side swept crew cut is a more sophisticated variation of the crew cut.

jack gyllenhaal's side swept crew cut

Although we suggest you get a side swept crew hairstyle from a barber if you think you’re skilled enough you can do it yourself as well. We’ll give a very brief tutorial.

You’ll need a clipper with guards, a comb, scissors, and a mirror. Cut the hair at the back and on the sides to a uniform length.

side swept crew cut for men

Then using a comb and scissors cut the hair at the top to your desired length, usually a few inches longer than your sides so you can easily sweep them on the side.

We recommend a barber so the sides and top can blend together seamlessly. The way to style a side swept crew cut is as the name suggests, by sweeping the hair to whichever side you prefer.

classy side swept crew cut

You can use some products if you style, even though this cut is a style in itself. If you want to give your side sweep a neat appearance we recommend using a good pomade.

For a textured and messy look, you can use a hair clay or wax. We suggest that you avoid using the gel as it could clump your hair.

crew cut for men

Another point to note is the importance of sunscreen! If you cut your hair quite short, your scalp is at risk of getting sunburnt. The shorter your hair, the more the need for sunscreen.

Look for sunscreens specific to scalps because they have a lighter formula that prevents your hair follicles from clogging, and apply frequently!

Long with Ultra Short Sides

long side swept crew cut

Some guys like to show off the length they have on top by making the sides as short as possible.

The top has a fluffy texture that’s nice to run the fingers through and requires minimal gel to style. The shortness of the sides means you’ll need haircuts less frequently.

Mature Man’s Crew Cut

side swept crew cut for men over 50

Sweeping the hair to the side is often seen as youthful, but this side-swept crew cuts for men over 50 still look great.

If your hair is thinner, then having it a little shorter is best. Leave just enough to create the side-swept look.

Side Parted Crew Cut

side swept crew cut for asian guys

If you want to wear a side part, then get one side shaved short a little higher up. It helps create a distinct parting line.

All of the hair should be pulled to one direction for the cleanest look possible. A little texture in the front goes a long way.

Messy Sweep

messy side swept crew cut

Sweeping your hair messily over to one side has been popular for the last couple of decades. If that’s the look for you, then use your fingers and some soft hold gel to create the style. For a variation, wear the back a little longer than the sides.

Blonde with Fade

side swept blonde crew cut

Instagram / chamber_reed

Show your individuality by dying your naturally dark hair blonde. Brush it forward and to one side with lots of texture. The front should have the most volume. On the sides, consider a very gradual fade as short as you can go.

Side Swept Crew Cut with Hard Line

side swept crew cut with line

Instagram / bobb_tha_barber

Looking for an edgier vibe? Getting a hard line to separate the top from the sides is simple but effective. Get a gradual low fade for extra emphasis. On top, use hard-hold gel and keep the hair pretty low as you sweep it to your side of choice.

Slick with Fade

side swept crew cut with fade

Instagram / bullseye_michael

Here’s another side swept crew cut for men who want a fade.  It fades out to skin around the mid-forehead and the hair on top is dark and slick. You’ll need some hard-hold gel to achieve this look, too.

Hard Part and High Skin Fade

side swept crew cut with high fade

Instagram / daniel.hoffman

Hard parts and skin fade cement you as youthful and trendy. On one side, the hair retains the same thickness as the hair on top. Then get a pretty contrasting fade that gets more gradual as it fades out to skin.

Crew Cut for Receding Hairline

side swept crew cut with part

Is your hairline receding? Don’t be ashamed. Some guys have a hairline that looks like it’s receding from a very young age, called a mature hairline.

Get a part in your haircut that highlights where your hairline moves back, and keep the hair slicked low.

Salt and Pepper Crew Cut

side swept crew cut for older men

Instagram / andrettabarbearia

Does your hair grow in various shades of grey? This side swept crew cut is a great way to show that off.  Use gel with a slightly wet-looking finish to achieve slickness. Make sure the hair curves around the head from the crown.

Voluminous Sweep

side swept crew cut

Instagram / vladesinjune

Guys who want lots of volumes should attempt to sweep their hair up very tall and secure it with plenty of gel. This works best for thicker hair.

Getting a fade on the sides is also good if you have thicker hair, as it means there’s less to try and maintain and make look good.

Short Crew Cut with Line

side swept crew cut with line

If you want to sweep your hair to the side but keep it short, it can make crew cut look too close to being all one length. Get a hard line shaved into your parting to separate the side from the top.

Slick Quiff

side swept crew cut with highlights

Instagram / masbay_hairstylist

Crew cuts for men with longer hair in the front look great when put into a quiff. The hair should extend upwards before falling to the side near your hairline.

You can have less volume the further back you go along your head. Add a skin fade to emphasize the top.

Slick with Front Wave

side swept crew cut

Instagram / daniel.hoffman

Wearing your hair too slick can look a little boring. If you want a sleek look made with hard gel, consider adding a slight wave to the front section along the hairline. A contrasting fade will help bring out how clean-cut your look truly is.

More Amazing Side Swept Crew Cut Styles for Men To Get Inspired

Though the crew cut has been around for a long time, it still has the popularity it had when it first came about. This is probably because of the fact that the crew cut is easy to maintain and helps you have a more formal appearance without having to try so hard.

The same goes for the side swept crew cut. It’s also a versatile look that can be changed around to suit your style. And you never have to worry about how it looks on you because the side swept crew cut suits all face shapes!