5 Long Auburn Hairstyles to Embrace an Autumnal Aesthetic

Red hair is vibrant, eye-catching, and wonderfully rare, which means that when you step out with long auburn hair, no one will be able to keep their eyes off of you. Of all the shades on the red spectrum, auburn is perhaps the easiest to maintain since there’s brown mixed in with all those copper, russet, and titian hues.

Auburn is also one of the most autumnal colors. As a result, it compliments green, grassy hues, earth tones, additional fall-friendly shades, and metallics such as bronze, gold, and rose-gold.


Long Auburn Hair

You can’t let your long auburn hair simply hang there, lifeless and left to its own devices. In praise of your tresses, it’s essential that you adopt a flattering hairstyle. You might be a natural redhead, or maybe you need to spend some time at the salon to find your perfect shade of auburn. However you achieve your ginger status, here are a few ways to rock your lengthy locks.

#1: Endless Spirals

black women curly with Long Auburn hair

I’m a sucker for curls, and it just so happens that curls are beautifully suited to long auburn hair. Put away your straightener and stop getting so many blowouts. Give your spirals the freedom to thrive. I promise that before the end of the day, you’ll lose track of all the compliments you’ve received.

Lighten up Your Style with Auburn Red Hair


#2: Copper Waves

Copper Wave Long Auburn hairstyle

As with every hair color, you can skew auburn in either direction you like. Ask the stylist to add more brown, and you’ll end up with a darker, warmer hue. To pull off a coppery auburn similar to this shade, the dye needs to veer toward red, preferably one with coppery tones.


#3: True Red Texture

Red color Long Auburn hairstyle

There are copper undertones to spare in this rich orange auburn, as well. Curls, waves, and layers all add dimension and texture, allowing your hair to throw off different facets of color. I’m a massive fan of auburn/copper mixes. Are you?


#4: Dark and Dramatic

Long Auburn Dark hair color idea

Why have long auburn hair if you aren’t going to show off the goods? Working a dramatic hairdo doesn’t mean you’re a drama queen. Darker, lusher hues strike an appealing contrast. The layers are a fab idea, as well—you can never have too much lift and movement.


#5: Glistening Gold

Long Auburn golden brown hair color

Can you spot the traces of gold in this auburn coiffure? Golden brown highlights are snaking through the ginger red, which creates a lighter auburn that has a strawberry blonde patina. I dig it.


What specific color is your long auburn hair? What’s the hairstyle you wear most often?

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