18 Epic Red Highlights on Brown Hair to Look Gorgeous

Red highlights look great no matter your hair is dark or light brown. There are so many different shades of red out there along with interesting and sometimes unusual ways to make highlights, that this approach will never get old.

Red highlights are exactly what you need to freshen up your image. They can be both soft and outrageous, extravagant and respectable, mind-boggling and subtle. When it comes to red highlights on brown hair, you can go for darker hues such as burgundy and cherry. There is so much to choose from!


Different Red Highlights on Brown Hair

In order to make you understand how amazing red highlights on brown hair can look like, we have collected 18 impressive examples. Take a look at what can be done with red highlights and you’ll definitely find something suitable for yourself.

Women all over the planet have been using red highlights to make themselves look magnificent. The time has come for you to give them a try. Check out the various red highlights on brown hair. You can also check these brown hairstyles on caramel highlights.

1. Dark red impression

dark red highlights

If you’ve always wanted to achieve the stunning look of your hair, you can try this style. Dark red highlights will make you look bold and bright.

Golden, Ash & Reddish Brown Hair Colors


2. Patchy highlights

Patchy red highlights on brown hair for beautiful girl

Patchy red highlights on brown hair are just what you’ve been looking for. Consider asking your stylist to follow the example shown at this photo. You will love the way you’ll look.


3. Ginger bangs and ends

ginger highlights on black hair for girls

If you are looking for an interesting way to incorporate ginger highlights into your brown hair, consider dyeing just the bangs and the ends. You will definitely be making a great impression.


4. Magenta highlights

Magenta red highlights on black hair for young girl

Magenta red highlights look amazing on brown hair regardless of the place you decide to make them. It can either be classical highlights or partial strands or even just the bangs. Whatever works for you.


5. Copper shimmer and brown


Dark brown hair might not look great with dark red highlights but when mixed with copper red shimmer, the result is stunning. Since both of these colors are natural, their mix is very appealing.


6. Asymmetrical red highlights

asymmetrical red highlights on brown hair for cute girl

Make asymmetrical red highlights on brown hair to make your image truly unique. Maintain an ombre style with different color levels. Just make them asymmetrical.


7. An impressive mix


Red highlights on brown hair will look stunning if you add a few more colors. Mix the brown highlights on top and burgundy and rose strands on the bottom. What a unique approach!


8. Ruby fusion


Ruby red strands look great when combined with brown hair and other shades of red, such as ginger, copper or even rose. If you are looking for an opportunity to make a statement, this is it.


9. Shades of red

black hair with red highlights for amazing girl

Red highlights on brown hair look amazing. A mix of different shades of red can become exactly what you need. 


10. Short and impressive

red highlights in brown hair

Red highlights on brown hair look especially stunning when the hairstyle is short. You can create a spunky and unique impression by incorporating different shades of red into your long bangs.


11. Bubblegum fun


If you want an impressive appearance, consider using such unusual red shades as bubblegum. The rest of your hair can be dyed black, brown or ginger but a few strands should stand out.


12. Soft subtlety

brown hair red highlights

Red highlights on brown hair can look outrageous but can also appear soft and subtle. Consider more natural shades of red to be used with your brown locks as partial or patchy highlights.


13. Amber and ginger


Amber and ginger hues look perfect with brown. All depends on how you decide to place your highlights. You can either opt for an alternating option of use an ombre-like approach for a subtle transition.


14. Work the bangs

red highlights for short black hair

If you are considering highlighting short hair, you need to pay special attention to the bangs. Your best bet would be to grow them long enough for the highlighting to be the most obvious.


15. Bubblegum brown


There are many different shades of bubblegum red that can be used with different hair color. This is the hue that can help you to make a statement and give your simple hair color a boost.


16. Soft copper

brown hair with Soft copper red highlights

Soft copper red highlights on brown hair look absolutely natural. Just make sure the red hue you choose is the closest to your natural brown color. The overall result will be stunning.


17. Red and light brown


Natural red locks look awesome with brown. So whatever is your own color is, as long as it’s not too dark, you can create this amazing mix and enjoy it.


18. Get creative

red highlights on brown, black, and blonde hair for creative girl

There are so many ways to go about making red highlights on brown hair. So why not get creative and come up with something no one has ever tried before. Go for it!


Playing around with red highlights on different hair colors is fun. Depending on what shade you are starting with, you can pick an amazing red hue to use for highlights. Don’t stop at just one color. Experiment with many!

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