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31 Epic Golden Brown Hair Color Looks

Whether you have dark or fair skin, golden brown colors can be an awesome choice for any woman with short or long locks. The color range for this eye-popping shade includes so many amazing nuances like copper, caramel, or lighter hues that make your hair glow and look luscious.

Moreover, golden brown tresses are perfect for any season, so you won’t have to worry that your hair is ever out of style. You can achieve mesmerizing highlights that emphasize your mane, stunning ombres that make you feel cool and modern, or a new full-head brown color that looks natural and is very easy to preserve.

Golden Brown Hair Color Ideas

If you’re into natural-looking hair that doesn’t look dull and keeps your locks amazingly toned, scroll down and discover some of the best golden brown hairstyles!

1. Layered Side Bangs

golden brown layered hair

Warm brown skin tones will benefit most from this golden brown hair color. If you have prominent cheekbones, we recommend you get a layered fringe and haircut.

Swipe the bangs to the side and wear your long strands on the shoulders.

2. Caramel Creamy Ombre

golden brown fine hair

This caramel creamy look will amazingly flatter women with a peachy skin tone. Do a side part and layer your mane.

Go for a golden ombre and create casual waves with a straightening iron or with a curling wand.

3. Wavy Side Part

golden brown medium hair

A blunt cut will make your tresses gain thickness and a more voluminous aspect. Use a rotative brush to give your hair a loose wavy texture and more dimension.

Also, you can opt for a side part with bangs that you will style on the lateral, and towards the back.

4. Short Bob

golden brown bob

A short bob with a side part looks wonderful especially when you create a stunning golden-brown ombre. The color has warmth and will work like a charm with your green eyes.

Do a side part and style those bangs towards the back, revealing your face.

5. Rich Curls With Highlights

golden brown afro hair

These fabulous curls have all the right ingredients to nail a cool, voluminous hairstyle. The hair has a brown hair color and features flattering golden highlights that add depth and texture to each curl.

Those ringlets have enough length and they look tight, nourished, and healthy. They are amazingly layered to obtain that fabulously rounded shape.

6. Gold Pigtails

golden brown pigtails

Pigtails are fun, childish, and a great match for women who want a joyful look. If you have a large forehead, you should definitely include bangs that cover it.

Straighten your hair before doing those two ponytails and secure them with small black elastics.

7. Golden Brown Hair + Pink Money Pieces

golden brown hair with face framing highlights

Love an unconventional look that places you in the spotlight? Then you must try this warm golden brown hair color with money piece highlights.

Before waving your hair to achieve more volume and texture, part your hair and dye them in a pale pink color. For best results, bleach the hair before applying the dye.

8. Golden Sombre

golden brown ombre hair

Hazel eyes will be awesomely highlighted by your stunning ombre. Go for a middle part with long curtain bangs and layered long hair.

Create loose wide layers and make sure the nuances and colors for your ombre are warm and glowy.

9. Long Loose Waves

long golden brown hair

When you are styling layers, you can concentrate them in the upper part, especially when you want more volume for the above-shoulders area.

Also, you will have to curl the ends to gain a fuller look that creates dimension.

10. Messy Top Bun

golden brown topknot

If you have a strong jawline that you want to highlight, go for a top bun that reveals your face and gives a more elongated look.

Choose a dark copper color and pin all your hair up, twist it, then secure it to build your bun.

11. Wedding Half Up Half Down

half up golden brown hair

Blonde highlights and golden brown strands are a match made in heaven. By layering your hair you will get a marvelous glow and the lighter tresses will blend amazingly with the darker shades.

Moreover, this hairstyle is also an amazing choice for a wedding, especially if you are going for a diaphane look.

12. Messy Wet Pixie

short golden brown hair

Women with darker skin tones can pull off a stunning brown hair color. If you want it to be lighter, or golden, then keep the roots in their natural color, then light up the rest of the hair.

Also, if you’re not into long locks that require styling and a great amount of time when washing and prepping, chose a low-maintenance pixie cut.

13. Half Dreadlocks

golden brown dreads

There are so many ways you can style dreadlocks. If you don’t feel to, you are not required to crocket the entire strand. You can simply just do half.

Additionally, if you naturally have brown hair, you can lighten it up just a little bit, especially at the tips.

14. Casual Waves

golden brown wavy hair

When your hair is flat and dull, you have so many styling options that can make it look glamorous and with more volume.

First, you need to find the best color for your hair and if you want something natural, a golden hair color is a suitable choice. Also, you can gain that stunning wavy effect with a triple curling iron.

15. Long Hair with Green Headband

golden brown hair with headband

This 80s-inspired look will certainly give you all the attention you deserve. To make that stunning copper ombre stand out, choose a green thick headband that matches the color of your eyes.

Wave the edges and style your sideburns, creating a small curl.

16. Messy Wavy Bob

dark golden brown hair

A wavy bob that has more length in front is an ideal choice for all women who want an elongated look.

Do a side part and define those waves with some hair gel. If you want to get more waves, then use a triple curler.

17. Floral Crown with Braid

golden brown braid

A simple loose untied braid might feel too dull for your liking but there is always room for improvement. And a multicolored floral headband is definitely the right approach for you.

Spare a few stands from your bangs and let the casually fall on your face, giving you a romantic look.

18. Crimped Hair + Low Bun

golden brown bun

A common technique that hairdressers use when they want to give fine hair more volume is to easily crimp the roots.

This way, when styling it into various other hairstyles, the hair doesn’t lack dimension and looks richer. Once you did this prepping, comb your tresses and style a low-back bun.

19. Twisted Hair with Floral Clip

golden brown hair with clip

90s fashion and trends are back in 2024, so if you loved twisted hair that you secured in the back with a voluminous clip, then you will instantly fall in love with this look.

It has a cute high-school girl vibe, with top hair pinned in the back and long strands from your fringe falling on the face.

20. Feathered Lifted Pixie

golden brown pixie cut

If you crave volume, this hairstyle will provide plenty! Go for stacked layers in the back and a feathered look with bangs spread on the forehead.

Create golden brown hair locks and blonde highlights, then lift the side to get dimension.

21. Waves and Rounded Bangs

golden brown hair with bangs

When your hair has such thickness and natural volume, layers are the best approach because they can give your hairstyle a more defined shape.

Also, if you think your hair color is too dull, then try spicing things up with some golden brown lowlights and blonde highlights.

22. Low Wavy Pony

golden brown ponytail

This color looks so natural, and glowy! And if you were born with it, it would be such a shame to change it. However, if want something more spectacular, experiment with different stylings that suit your personality.

This simple yet glamorous look is so easy to replicate. Just comb all the hair back, and secure it in a pony with a clip that looks like it’s made of melted gold. Then wave your hair and you’re good to go.

23. Long Golden Hair with Undercut

golden brown hair with undercut

Grey-green eyes will be marvelously highlighted by golden brown hair. Moreover, if you have a wild side that you want to be able to hide sometimes, you can opt for an undercut.

Shave the temple area and make sure you can cover it when you do a middle or a side part.

24. Natural Dark Blonde

reddish golden brown wet hair

Looking for an easy hairstyle that you can get within minutes? Try this half up half down hairdo that keeps the crown hair swiped to the side and pinned in the back.

The lower nape tresses are untied, naturally waved, and slightly teased to get that messy look.

25. Brown Mix

brown hair color ideas

Golden and reddish brown hair colors look perfect when mixed. Settle for a more natural look with a soft brown base and a few golden brown highlights. You won’t regret the move.

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26. Partial Highlights

partial golden brown highlights

Partial highlights are a great way to go about trying a new hair color. So if you are thinking of going golden brown, you can start with just a few strands. Perhaps you won’t need anymore.

27. Brown Balayage

golden brown ombre

Your brown balayage will look even more amazing if you add it some charm by dyeing the very ends the same color as the top. This approach is very original and will certainly make a wonderful impression.

28. Golden Caramel Highlights

11 (3)

When you consider highlights, don’t overlook reddish brown. If you are not ready to become a full-blown redhead, reddish brown highlights will help you get closer to the desired image.

29. Brown Lowlights

tone hair color ideas for brown hair

While highlights, sombres, ombres and etc. are very popular right now, simple one –tone dyeing shouldn’t be overlooked. Dyeing you tresses light colors is a wonderful way to spice up your style.

30. Richer and Softer

brown hair color ideas

The main advantage of brown hair color is that there are plenty of shades to play around with. The richer the color is, the more effective your hairstyle will look. Don’t be afraid to mix and match.

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31. Soft Transition

golden brown hair

Choosing the shade of brown that’s closest to your own is a great way to create a soft color transition. Don’t rush to get a complete color makeover. You might want to see what a similar color will look like.

Enjoy these amazing ways to go about golden brown hair colors. Brown comes in many different shades. Try at least one of them and enjoy the new you!