20 Startling Auburn Hair Color Ideas With Blonde Highlights

Auburn hair has long been associated with amazingly glamorous hairstyles. The rich intensity of the auburn color was a favorite amongst film starts in the early-to-mid twentieth century. Modern hairstylists have tried a variety of different ideas to help to keep this style modern and relevant. Auburn hair with blonde highlights has helped to update this look so that it is perfect for the twenty-first century.


Get your auburn hair colored with blonde highlights

Unless you are trained with using hair dyes and colors, you are recommended to ask a stylist to help you to color your hair. If your hair is naturally dark or auburn, you may have to bleach it before you put blonde highlights in. Doing this without adequate training can really damage your hair. Leaving bleach on for too long will leave your hair brittle and damaged. A trained stylist should be able to do this without damaging your locks.

#1: Best of Both Worlds

auburn hair with blonde

This mixed up women hairstyles for auburn hair with blonde highlights is truly gorgeous. The top of the style is soft and straight whilst the bottom is characterized by lovely loose waves. Creating a look like this gives you the best of both worlds.


#2: Sleek with Heavy Bangs

Sleek Heavy Bangs hairstyle with auburn hair

A sleek haircut is best for showing off your amazing auburn color. The sleek style helps to reflect the light and give your hair a healthy shine. Heavy bangs give your look a funky modern edge.

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#3: Messy Waves

messy wavy auburn blonde hairstyle

Messy Waves help to give your hair a kind of shabby chic look. Get this hairstyle by scrunching handfuls of mousse through your auburn hair whilst you are drying it.


#4: Glamorous Waves

Glamorous Waves auburn with blonde hair color

Long glamorous waves are perfect for an auburn hairstyle. Create perfect loose waves by leaving your hair in rollers overnight and then brushing through your style. This look is great for glamorous parties.


#5: Auburn Ombre with Loose Curls


Ombre styling looks fabulous whatever hair color you have, but it is a great way to show off different shades of auburn hair with blonde highlights. Give your hairstyle an extra edge by keeping the top of the style straight and sleek, whilst styling the bottom with loose curls.


#6: Windswept hair with a Side-Parting

Windswept haircut you love

A side-parting can completely change the look of a woman’s hairstyle. If you have light and floating hair, you can help to give your hairstyle an even wilder look by putting a part into one side.


#7: Golden Girl

golden brown hair color idea

Lightly auburn hair with stronger blonde highlights can look really golden. If you want your hairstyle to have a really winning look, then color your hair with this amazing golden shade.


#8: Asymmetrical Beauty

best Asymmetrical Beauty hair for cute girl

Asymmetrical hairstyles are really modern and edgy looking. Make your wild choppy cuts stand out more by styling your hair with straightening irons to give a gorgeously sleek look.


#9: Wavy Bob

Wavy Bob hairstyle for women

Wavy hair looks amazing in a long bob hairstyle. The shaggy style is perfect for smart-casual looks. Dyeing your auburn hair with blonde highlights will help to give the style an even more textured look.


#10: Sleek Layered Look


A sleek style is a great way to show off the intensity of your auburn hair color. Light layering at the end of your hairstyle will help to keep your style looking fresh. Taper your hair to a point for a really classic women’s hairstyle.


#11: Arched Bangs

 Arched Bangs hairstyle for beautiful women

Arched bangs are bangs which have been shaped to follow the natural arch of your eyebrows and the curve of your face. An arched style is a really cute hairstyle which looks amazingly edgy on thicker heavier hairstyles.


#12: Signature Streak

old red brass

If you want to make a real impression, you can just have one signature blonde streak put into your hair. It is really effective if you have a bold blonde streak in an asymmetrical fringe. This draws attention to your eyes and face.


#13: Big Bold and Beautiful

Beautiful hairstyle you like every time

Big hairstyles have always been synonymous with real glamor. Brush upwards from the roots to give any hairstyle more volume and get large permanent curls by having your hair permed by a professional.

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#14: Ombre Twist


For an unusual twist on the popular ombre hairstyles, you can color your auburn hair with blonde highlights which gradually move from the front to back. Whereas your hair will look more blonde at the front, your auburn hair color will look far more intense towards the back of the style.


#15: Hints of Violet

auburn and blonde mix color - violet

In addition to the auburn and blonde colors that you already have, you can also add a subtle hint of violet to your hair color. Violet helps to create a more intense colored hairstyle and gives your hairdo a slightly gothic edge.


#16: Long as You Dare

 Long brown hairstyle for women

If you want to grow your hair into a long hairstyle, you need to make sure that you take good care of it or else the condition could start to suffer. Regularly trim the ends to encourage growth and to get rid of damaged split ends.


#17: Dark Auburn with Loose Waves

Young girl dark Auburn hair color with blond highlight

Dark auburn hairstyles are really intense. Loose waves can help to lighten things up a little bit. Loose waves like these can be worn absolutely anywhere, from the shopping mall to the office. They are an ideal winter style too.


#18: Diagonal Curls


The easiest way to give any hairstyle diagonal loose curls is to style your hair using a heated curling iron. Take a small section of hair and wrap it around the iron. Remove your hair from the iron and then spritz it with a light holding spray. Repeat until you have curled all of your hair.


#19: Glamorous Curls

Curly auburn and brown hair

These gorgeous big curls make a really glamorous hairstyle which is reminiscent of the styles that were worn by 1940s movie stars. You will need a firm hold hairspray to keep your curls looking immaculate all night long.


#20: Blonde Majority


Make blonde the majority player in your hairstyle and just have a few hints of auburn in the background. Flipping the colors in this way can have a really striking effect on any women’s hairstyle.


If you don’t fancy changing your auburn hair with blonde highlights, then you can always add highlights of a different color. Alternatively, leave your auburn hairstyle a solid color and let your styling do the talking. There are plenty of different classic and quirky options available.