30 Variants of Dark Hair Color to Try in 2022

Are you in the mood to update your look with dark hair color? Whether it’s a classic choice like dark blonde or black, or something more punchy like violet or burgundy, dark hair colors have a way of classing up any hairstyle. With no particular texture or hair length required, there’s no reason you can’t try out one of the below colors ASAP!

Below are 30 dark hair color ideas you can’t go wrong with!

1. Dark Brown Hair

dark brown hair

Dark brown hair looks beautiful against medium and light skin tones. The chestnut color is perfect for fall, but looks great any time of year. Wear your hair long to show off the color!


2. Dark Hair with Highlights

dark hair with highlights

One beautiful way to lighten up your dark hair is with highlights. On black hair, blonde highlights pop and look super pretty when displayed in a crown braid.


3. Balayage on Dark Hair

balayage on dark hair

Add some style to your long dark hair with blonde balayage. This color will start a little below the roots and go through to tips for natural color and effortless style.


4. Dark Blue Hair

dark blue hair

Why go for traditional dark hair colors like brown and black when a dark blue looks stunning and stands out? Color like this will stay for a couple months before needing to be touched up.


5. Dark Purple Hair

dark purple hair

Another great dark hair color to try is purple. The deep shade is especially flattering on light skin tones. Wear it on long hair or this cute bob with straight bangs.


6. Dark Red Hair

dark red hair

Dark red hair is truly sexy and somewhat vixen-ish. It’s another great color to rock for fall but wear it anytime of the year for a beautiful addition of color to any length of hair.


7. Dark Blonde Hair

dark blonde hair

This shade of dark blonde contains a rich and beautiful touch of caramel. On a long curly hairstyle parted at the side, you’ll always look chic with this shade.


8. Dark Auburn Hair

dark auburn hair

Auburn is a mix of brown and red. If a natural hair color is what you want, this is a great color to choose. Let it gloss over your thick hair for luscious style.


9. Dark Burgundy Hair

dark burgundy hair

Depending on where you get your color done, burgundy will look a little bit purple, but it’s the perfect color choice if your work is less lenient with hairstyles and you want to stay professional looking.


10. Dark Green Hair

dark green hair

Dark green helps the body of a wavy bob full of texture stand out. The straight bangs are covered with magenta for a look that borders edgy and feminine.


11. Dark Hair with Blonde Highlights

dark hair with blonde highlights

Adding blonde highlights to dark hair is a common choice of hairstyles nowadays. Highlights stand out against dark hair and are much easier to maintain and less expensive.


12. Dark Ombre Hairstyle

dark ombre hairstyle

When you aren’t ready to color your hair all over with a dark shade, try an ombre, which starts halfway down the hair. Dark blue fades into brown on this long straight style.


13. Dark Grey Hair

dark grey hair

While grey is a very uncommon color to actually want to try for younger women, it’s quickly becoming popular. Blend it with silver highlights for a gorgeous style addition on long hair.


14. Dark Pink Hair

dark pink hair

Are you looking for a head-turning hairstyle? Deep magenta is fierce with a dark base behind it. Wear your hair up in two low side buns for flirty and fun vibes.


15. Dark Rose Gold Hair

dark rose gold hair

To truly make a statement with your hair color, you need to choose rose gold. It’s taking Instagram photos by storm with its flirty, feminine feels on long wavy hair.


16. Dark Short Hair

dark short hair

When all else fails, you can’t go wrong with short dark black hair color. The hair color looks great on a chic and angle-flattering straight pixie with tons of texture.


17. Dark Silver Hair Color

dark silver hair color

Long wavy hair looks regal with silver hair color. Wear the hair sleek and straight up to the ends, then use a hair curler to get soft waves.


18. Dark Brunette Hair

dark brunette hair

For older women looking to try something different with their look, dark brown is a classic. Short straight hair with piecey bangs rocks it and will look equally pretty pulled back in a pony or bun.


19. Dark Teal Hair

Another regal color, dark teal is for the woman who wants beach babe mixed with mermaid vibes. Try it on a layered side parted hairstyle. The color will flatter any skin tone and eye color so you’ll always feel confident and beautiful.


20. Long Dark Hair

long dark hair

If your hair is waist-length, count yourself lucky! You can wear it down with a long dark color, such as red, gracing locks or pull it up in a high ponytail for drama.


21. Natural Dark Hair

natural dark hair

Natural dark hair can be flat-ironed to be pin straight or braided over night so you wake up with lush curls. For work, form an off center part for a simple yet chic style.


22. Dark Copper Hair

dark copper hair

Under your vanity lights or out in the sunshine, copper hair shines! Trim it into a short textured pixie for those summer months and wear it shoulder length or longer the rest of the year.


23. Dark Cherry Hair Color

dark cherry hair color

Dark cherry color, similar to burgundy, looks amazing against light or pale skin tones. If your eyebrows are light, you’ll want to tint them darker to match. This shoulder-length haircut is packed full of voluminous waves.


24. Dark Ash Hair

dark ash hair

Not quite black, ash is a good color choice for women who like dark colors but do not want the harshness of pitch black. To create a soft look, keep the roots down to the mid-shaft straight, but curl the ends.


25. Dark Ginger Hair

dark ginger hair

Dark ginger equals a fiery, fierce red, another color that flatters pale or light skin tones. On this slightly wavy pixie parted off center with a subtle side bang, the look is flirty.


26. Dark Chestnut Hair

dark chetsnut hair

Dark chestnut hair is one of the most flattering colors a woman can choose. It flatters a variety of skin tones and looks gorgeous on a long bob with soft-cut ends.


27. Dark Black Hair

dark black hair

Black women typically choose black for a weave or braids. On a long waist-length hairstyle, you’ll get major drama and glam vibes going. The color also looks great when hair is pulled up into a high pony.


28. Dark Plum Hair

If you like dark hair colors but don’t want to go with black, try dark plum which is several shades darker than red. Gloss your hair over with it before cutting it to shoulder length or longer and straightening or curling it.


29. Dark Violet Hair Color

dark violet hair color

Talk about a color not often chosen: violet! Fun hair colors aren’t just for Halloween anymore, as seen on this curly lob. Wear with your favorite shade of lipstick for a statement look.


30. Dark Curly Hair

dark curly hair

On a curly hairstyle, you can pick any dark hair color from brown to black or even a dark blonde. Try pairing caramel highlights with dark brown hair for a gorgeous style.


So, which dark hair color style will you choose? Just remember that if you weren’t born with dark hair color, you’ll need to regularly maintain it with visits to the salon. Conditioner will keep your locks looking lovely and shiny.