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55 Light And Dark Red Hair Color Ideas to Look Better

The popularity of redheads is growing every year. So the time has come to experiment with light and dark red hair color. There are hundreds of different shades of red you can try.

However, choosing the best one for yourself is not easy. Such a choice needs a very careful approach. If you think that red is not a color for everyone, you are wrong. The classic red shades might not be what you are looking for. But there is definitely a dark or light red hair color out there that will make you look fabulous.

When deciding between red hues, you need to consider your skin tone and the original color of your hair. Many women prefer dark shades since they look closer to nature. However, if done right, almost every color will look natural and amazing.


Light & Dark Red Hair Color Shades

If you are hoping to invent something new, there is no reason to do it. Women have tried all the red hues before you were even born. So your best bet is to look at what they’ve done with their hair and choose the color you like best.

Don’t forget one simple trick: If you are really in love with the color, you can disregard everyone’s advice. You will feel more confident with your favorite color than with a shade someone else recommends you.

We have collected 55 different dark and light red hair color ideas to help you make the right choice. You can also browse hairstyles with red highlights.

1. Dark Mahogany Red

Girl favorite Dark red hairstyle

Mahogany is a dark red hair color & created for girls who are not ready to become outright redheads. This color is closer to brown but you can add it some zest with a few light highlights.


2. Cherry Brown Red

 Cherry brown light red hair style for girl

Cherry brown is lighter red hair shade for women with blue eyes when you need to get a subtle hue when it comes to dyeing dark hair. You can easily change your simple brown or auburn locks into cherry brown red tresses.


3. Bright burgundy

light & dark red hairdos for women

Bright burgundy is a shade that really makes you stand out of the crowd. However, it is hard to achieve, especially if your hair is dark. Go for this option if you are starting with light auburn locks. If you want to go from red to burgundy, see how you can darken red hair to get burgundy.


4. Cherry Red Hair

dark cherry red hair

Intense dark red hair colors are designed for girls who want to make a statement. Remember, that if you are going for really dark and really intense shades, the rest of your style should change accordingly. Get some cool chestnut hair color ideas here.


5. Light Auburn Red

girl Light auburn hairstyle your favorite

Auburn a light red hair color is rather popular among women nowadays. They are easy to create and brighten any image. If you have dark hair, this option might be a good idea for lightening it up.


6. A Touch of Rose Red


Dark red hair looks especially appealing with a touch of rose red hues. While on their own rose red might not be the choice of everyone, it looks magnificent as partial highlights.

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7. Ginger Hair

brown with Ginger auburn color hairstyle

This is a natural shade which is not easy to achieve. Make sure to keep your roots at bay if you decide to sport this color. Otherwise, mixed with dark roots, it will lose all its charm.


8. Red Orange Hair


The light red hairstyle looks perfect coupled with copper shade. If the mix is used correctly, you will get a sun-kissed image achieved on the photo. Ask your hairstylist to work his or her magic.



9. Red Velvet Hair

brite red hair color for young girl

Intense bright red is suitable for girls who are ready to take care of this color. Bright shades dull very easily and they need constant touch-ups. Go for this color, if you are not afraid of the challenge.


10. Light Red Wine Hair

Light red wine hair for girls

This color stands on the threshold of natural. If done right it can be a wonderful choice for girls with silver strands. However, if just a little more redness is added, you will get a dark cherry brown shade.


11. Copper Brown Hair

13 (2)

All shades of auburn red usually look very natural. So if you are looking for a natural color, this light red brown hair choice should be yours. It’s closer to auburn brown and suits any skin tone and hair type.


12. Red ombre

 Red ombre hairstyle for girl

Dark red hair color mixed with light ginger shade create an amazing ombre. Use the darker red on top and the lighter hue in the middle and on the bottom. If your locks are long, the impression will be priceless.

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13. Red Copper locks


Red copper hair color is a wonderful light red hair choice for girls with light skin tones. It suits any hair length. In fact, girls with wavy shoulder-length haircuts should pay close attention to this option. It will make them look spunky.


14. Burgundy Plum Hair


If you are planning an image change but are not ready for outright burgundy locks, you can try hair extensions. Burgundy looks amazing when mixed with black. So use it with dark hair.


15. Dark Auburn with Red Bangs

dark red hair with bangs for women

Adding a reddish hue to dark hair is a wonderful way to change your image without going wild. Use full highlights to create a reddish hue on your auburn locks. The result will be priceless.


16. Short Red Curly Hair


Light red hair color looks perfect when mixed with black locks. So if your tresses are naturally raven black, adding some light red will make them burst into flames. You will love it!


17. Cherry Red and Auburn

Cherry red and auburn hairstyle for asian girl

Subtly diversify your image by adding some partial Asian red highlights to your auburn mane. Red and auburn can be close colors if you pick the right hues and the combination is priceless.

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18. Spunky and Fiery Ginger


Ginger is a wonderful choice for girls with light skin and green eyes. Even if you don’t have all that, you will still look magnificent with this light red hair color but only if you maintain it right.


19. Fire Ombre Hair


If you are not afraid of intense light& dark red hair colors, but they don’t seem outrageous enough for you, you can add some amazing red balayage. Mixed together, these colors will conquer the world.


20. Asymmetrical Red

Asymmetrical red hairstyle for girl

There are so many shades of red that it seems you’ll never try them all. Go easy on yourself and combine a few red hues on your head. Don’t go for standard highlights. Make them asymmetrical.


21. Medium Red Auburn

beautiful Medium red auburn hairstyle

This dark red hair color will be suitable for girls who start out with auburn hair. The hue can be either reached with a uniform color or smart highlighting. In any case, the color will suit everybody.


22. Mexican Redheads


Light ginger red hair is a cute and popular color many girls try to achieve but not everyone can. In order to get this shade right, you either need to start with light hair or get them bleached.

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23. Mahogany Brown with Red Highlights

Mahogany brown with red highlight for women

Brownish mahogany hair shade is wonderful all on its own but you can make it even more impressive by adding light red highlights into the picture. Try to make them subtle so they look like fireflies in the dark.


24. Light Reddish Auburn


This is another light reddish brown hair shade that can suit everyone. It’s light enough to show the redness yet dark enough to allow you not to touch up the roots too often.


25. Short Red Hair

bright red hair for black women

This type of light red hair is not available to everyone. An intense carrot and light burgundy hue can make you stand out of the crowd. So if you are out to make a statement, go for it.


26. Maroon Red Hair


Black cherry shade is a good semi-natural hue and looks perfect on silver hair. If you are looking to cover up the graying locks, choose a dark red hair dye like this one.


27. Magenta Red Hair Color

Appealing ombre hairstyle

Burgundy on top and flaming red on the bottom create an unusual yet appealing ombre that will have all the heads turning your way. Make sure to keep it neat and touch up the colors regularly.


28. Hair Extensions


Whenever you feel as if you are ready to experiment but don’t feel brave enough to do it, use hair extensions. A sew- in weave can create an image you always wanted without doing anything permanent.

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29. Mahogany Metallic


Mahogany metallic a darker red hair shade is hard to achieve on your own. You’ll need to ask a hairstylist to use lighter and darker shades of burgundy and mahogany to make a metallic shimmer. Enjoy the result!


30. Red Violet Hair 

dark red violet hair

Purple hair color is far from being natural but it’s still a popular way to dye your hair. Don’t be afraid of other people’s opinions. If you feel like going purple, allow yourself to do it and enjoy the ride.


31. Carrot Blonde


This light red hair color is a wonderful way to turn your dark mane into something brighter. You can use light red highlights and alternate them with the golden blonde highlights. The overall result will be soft and stunning.


32. Copper Red Hair


Flaming red colors are extremely popular but it doesn’t mean you have to stop at one hue. Add a lighter shade of red when you dye your shaggy bangs and the image will immediately change for the better.


33. Dark Auburn


Dark auburn hair color is very close to brown but it creates an impression of a certain brightness that simple brown can’t achieve. You can go for a dark auburn ombre in order to avoid frequent maintenance.

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34. Ginger Ombre

light red hairstyles

Ginger is a light red hair shade you can play around with. The best way to make it look even more stunning is to make an ombre. Use a darker ginger hue on top and lighter carrot blonde on the bottom.


35. Blood Red Hair


This fiery hair color is exactly what you need to fire up your image. The richer the light red hair color is, the more prominent your own features look. Just don’t forget to do regular touch-ups to maintain the color.


36. Rose hair

Rose hair is a very subtle red hair color shade. Girls who want a soft look which would enhance their facial features rose hair is a perfect choice for them. Create some beach waves on medium size hair for extra oomph.


37. Copper Blonde

Copper blonde is a perfect blend made from the blonde base with a copper tint. This light red hair color looks amazing with porcelain skin tone. Try this curtain bangs on ponytail style with this hair color and go flawless.


38. Strawberry Bombshell

Strawberry bombshell with a sun-kissed look can be your perfect hairstyle statement. This shade is a blend of copper, strawberry and blond hues. Strawberry blonde creates a sensual redhead look. Get a straight haircut and leave your hair loose to look irresistibly beautiful.


39. Dark Maroon Hair

Maroon is a darker shade of red. This bold hair color looks extremely gorgeous. Maroon hair are ideal for cool skin tones and colored eyes. Make your hair game more interesting with this intense shade of red and slay!


40. Burgundy Hair

dark red hair color

Burgundy hair is becoming very famous among women who love playing with their hair. Burgundy balayage on medium length wavy/curly hair can be your ultimate summer look this season. Moreover, burgundy looks good on all skin tones and therefore, is a versatile hair color.


41. Pink Passion

Pink passion balayage on black base hair looks very artistic and playful. If you have long and sleek hair, this darker reddish hair color will hype up your styling game. This intense shade is perfect for the girls who carry bold styles really well.


42. Velvet Red Waves

Velvet ombre on black hair with beach waves is one of the most gorgeous hairstyles. This red hair color is an almost burgundy shade. Choosing the right hair color was never this easy before. Versatile hair colors like velvet red oomph up the glam to new heights. Tonight, all eyes will be on you!


43. Brunette Balayage

Brunette red hair dye is another member of the darker red hair color family. This color will give a very subtle yet hot look this fall season. Hype up the look with an angled bob with a brunette color slightly accentuated on the tips. A sun-kissed brunette red hair look should be your next style mantra!


44. Brick Red Hair

Brick red hair is a unique dark shade of red. This color is not very popular yet which makes the perfect reason for you to choose this shade. A fresh brick red color on long and sleek hair create a sex appeal of its own. For a radiant and more natural look, make sure your makeup goes well with the hair color.


45. Goth Hair

long dark red hairstyles

Long and dark red hair color on long and sleek hair with black outfit create a perfect gothic look. This dark red shade is not easy to carry but it can take your hairstyle game to new heights. Moreover, if there is any up-coming cosplay event, this hair look will give you your desired avatar.


46. Auburn Curls

Auburn is a shade of lighter red. Voluminous auburn curls on a porcelain skin tone and colored eyes make the hottest combination. Leave your hair loose and messy to create your own auburn hairstyle. You can use good-quality hair spray to add some shine to the curls.


47. Red Dreadlocks

Looking for a funky punch to your hair? Try this amazing ginger hair color of the light red family. Messy ginger dreadlocks with curtain fringes create an appealing pixie look. This hair color goes well with cool and porcelain sin tone. Subtle makeup in an almost similar shade as that of the hair color will hype up the look!


48. Deep Orange Hair

Bright orange is a punk hair color. This dark red hair dye is not like others and needs dedication and bold look. Orange hair adds vibrancy and dimensions to one’s look. This unusual yet sassy hair color goes really well with darker outfits and fair skin tone. A touch of gothic look is an extra perk you will get!


49. Copper Red A-line bob

Copper red is a very versatile color because it goes well with all looks. It has the quality of accentuating one’s features and skin tone. This shade is a blend of red and bronze colors and looks very lively with a sun-kissed appearance. This warm and rich hair color looks amazing on an A-line bob cut.


50. Wavy Bob

bright red hairstyles

Rose gold is a richer version of rose hair color and belongs to the family of light red hair colors. This shade has a shiny hue of gold and a glossy look which makes your hair appear healthy and lively. Get an angled bob cut and slay the hair color!


51. Cherry Red Ombre

Cherry red ombre hair will make anyone go “Oolala”! Thick, long and voluminous black hair makes the perfect canvas to play with cherry red hair color.

Ombre is preferred over dying the complete length of hair in order to avoid the look of being over-done.  Make loose long beach waves and flow!


52. Coral hair

Coral hair is amongst the most beautiful light red hair shades. Nothing can be beachier than beach waves on coral hair with an angled lob! Rock this barbie hair look in your simplest state.


53. Cinnamon hair

Cinnamon red balayage on medium length hair look very streaky and artistic. The matte gold appearance with a messy hue make the perfect hairstyle statement for this summer season.


54. Scarlet Hair

red hairstyles

Scarlet hair reflects heat and joy. It embodies sophistication and compliments the cool skin tones. With this light red hair color, you don’t need a makeup look to be gorgeous.


55. Bronze Hair

light red hair color for women

The warmth of bronze-red hair color brings our bronze skin tones. Bronze balayage on dark brown hair with a sun-kissed effect will give you a sexy hairstyle statement. Leave your hair messy and look effortlessly gorgeous!


Experimenting with light and dark red hair colors can give you a feeling of satisfaction you never experienced before. Over the years, men viewed redheads as feisty and brave girls, who deserve a lot of attention.