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50 Hottest Bronde Hair Colors to Pump Up Your Style

Ever wondered about a hair shade that suits every season, skin tone, and eye color? Well, let us tell you bronde is the right answer. It is a gorgeous blend of brown and blonde hues making it ideal for blondies who want to go darker and brunettes who long for lighter tresses.

Although natural-looking, low-maintenance, and extremely flattering with so many shades available it can be difficult to choose the right one. Don’t worry as we have gathered 50 of the hottest bronde hair colors to pump up your style. Try highlights, a balayage, or an ombre whatever you like!

Who Should Try Bronde Hair?

bronde hairstyle

All women are welcome to try this versatile hair color that allows the combination of different color tones and can be adapted by to various skin types – from light to dark, straight to curly and no matter what your hair length is.

You should pick a color shade that matches your skin and natural hair color. Professional hairstylists say that dark brown-haired women look good with honey tones as it gives a more natural look. For women with light brown hair, dark blonde is the best option as it gives a more natural look to them.

Bronde hair color technique is intended for brunettes, that the fact. That never means blond women can’t go for it. Bronde can reduce the contrast between hair color and skin tone if it is tanned and darker than the hair. Whatever, it depends on what individuals are trying to achieve and what they are doing!

How to Do Bronde Hair?

Here is a step by step video tutorial that’ll help you understand the overall procedure.

Trendy Bronde Hair Ideas

To help you out of the confusion, we handpicked 50 bronde hair color ideas. When you take a look at what other women have done with the mix of two, three, or even four colors, you’ll definitely be inspired for a change.

An image change is always wonderful. Bronde hair color change is absolutely superb. Such a color combination suits all face types and shades. Give it a try!

1. Ash Bronde Bob Hairstyle

ash bronde hair

Ash bronde hair surprises with warm tones that make your mane get more dimension. If styled with waves, the bob will highlight your strands, making your hairstyle reek sophistication. 

2. Bronde Balayage

bronde balayage on straight hair

A bronde balayage will look ravishing on straight hair because it will provide a gradual beautiful transformation. You don’t need to pick a side anymore; now you can be a blonde and a brunette at the same time. 

3. Bronde Bob for Thick Hair

bronde bob

A thick bronde bob is an excellent option for women with fair skin and green eyes. Create a blunt cut to obtain that most-wanted thickness and wear the bangs on one side. 

4. Long Bronde Curls

long bronde hair

You love both blonde and brown shades, and you don’t know which one to pick for your new look? You don’t need to! Pull off a long bronde hair that makes a gorgeous blend between the two hues, and you will obtain a mindblowing glow. 

5. Bronde Hair for Fair Skin

bronde hair color on fair skin

A bronde hair color will mesmerizingly flatter women with fair skin. The shade plays an essential role in your transformation, so if you have long hair, it will gorgeously complete your look. 

6. Long Bronde Straight Hair

bronde straight hair
Instagram / blondebychristina

Bronde straight hair looks so flawless! Layers the tips to create a V-shape and wear your long mane on your back. Make sure you use a heat protection spray before you grab your straightening iron. 

7. Half Up Half Down Bronde Hairstyle

bronde hair color

If you love natural, simple looks, you’ll totally nail it with this hairdo. Let the bronde deal with the texture while you split your mane into two sections. Pin the upper part with a hair clip, and you are ready to go.

8. Brond Highlights on Dark Hair

short bronde hair

Create a dark base for your inverted bob hairstyle and apply wide blonde highlights. If you also style a couple of loose waves for the longer bangs, you will instantly become the girl everyone sees first. 

9. Bronde Wavy Hairstyle

bronde hair color
Instagram / whitneysassinehair

Go for a bronde and lighten the whole hairstyle with wide gorgeous blonde highlights. Split the bangs in two, roll each section and meet the twists in the back where you will secure them with a few bobby pins. 

10. Silver Bronde Hairstyle

bronde hairstyle

To recreate this look, you will have to style a diffused and soft shade. You can get that by using a paintbrush instead of a regular tool. You will have dimension, texture, and those waves will provide a lot of volume. 

11. Stunning Gradient

bronde braided hairstyle

Brunettes who don’t want to let go of their gorgeous dark base shade can add a golden blonde tinge midway to the ends sparing the top. Braid the front strands and pin them at the back. This style is low-maintenance as the emerging dark roots add up to the look.

12. Multi-Tonal Highlights

dark bronde hair color

Multi-tonal highlights result in the best bronde hair colors of all time. Choose two shades of blonde and add them to your brown tresses. The key is to blend the hues perfectly resulting in a beautiful mix of light, medium, and dark strands. Top off with bouncy curls and voila!

13. Shadow Roots

medium bronde hair color

Dark roots are no longer unattractive! Blonde ladies can rock a brown shade close to their scalp by asking for shadow roots leaving their remaining locks untouched. Brunettes, on the other hand, can dip their strands in a blonde tinge sparing the roots. Either way, the result will be a pretty two-toned mane!

14. Honey Bronde Sweetness

bronde balayage highlights

Ladies with medium to dark brown hair and a warm skin tone can add some sweetness to their lives with a touch of honey blonde. Experiment with a balayage or an ombre. Couple the look with a fresh haircut and you won’t regret it. 

15. Just a Hint

bronde long bob
Instagram / natulique

Breathe some life into those plain-looking boring light brown locks by adding a few streaks of light blonde imparting a soft glow to the face. The highlights mix together with the darker strands resulting in a natural appeal that won’t be ignored.

16. Babylights

curly bronde hair
Instagram / joyouscurlss

African-American women can spice up their precious curls with babylights. They are delicate as compared to usual highlights while covering more sections of the hair. The fine stripes intermingle perfectly with the darker chunks creating the bronde shade of your dreams.

17. Peekaboo Hair

peek a boo bronde hair color
Instagram / flashstudios

Not sure about getting highlights? Try the peekaboo hair color technique. Separate the strands around the ears only and lighten them to the shade you like flaunting them or hiding them whenever you want. Enjoy the same benefit with a blonde underlayer and you will definitely love it.

18. Sandy Blonde Balayage

creamy bronde hair color
Instagram / hairbysheridan_ara

Create the perfect light and dark interplay by opting for a sandy blonde balayage. This shade lies in between the cool and warm tones of blonde and goes with all skin tones. Focus around the face when coloring the mane with the dark top lightening flawlessly down the ends.

19. Smokey Bronde Lob

smokey bronde hair
Instagram / becky_jo_hair

The ideal bronde hair color is the one when you just cannot decide whether it is brown or blonde like this sexy smokey lob. Add fine stripes of light blonde on an ashy brown mane and see the magic happen. Couple the look with face-framing money pieces and finish off with soft waves.

20. Ombre Curls

Show off your natural kinky curls with this jaw-dropping ombre. Recreating this look requires more than one hair color where the dark top transitions seamlessly into a light brown hue before turning caramel and light blonde at the tips. The trick lies in merging the shades together in the smoothest way possible.

21. Perfect Blend

bronde hair perm
Instagram / verasalonco

Make a style statement by going for a vanilla blonde balayage on a dark chocolate brown base with a subtle hint of champagne blonde in between. Blonde-haired ladies can recreate the same look with lowlights and dark roots. Set off the style with beach waves keeping the tips straight for a chic finish.

22. Magnificent Money Pieces

Money pieces are suitable for young girls as they are easy on the pocket and look equally stunning. Keep all the attention on the face by taking the strands at the front and lightening them down. Those who find money pieces simple can ask for halo highlights instead. 

23. Caramel Crush

bronde hair color
Instagram / vd.liquidluxuries

Turn your mane into a delicious-looking treat by covering the chocolate brown tresses in a warm caramel tinge. Hand-paint the strands instead of using foil to achieve a soft look and remember to take care of the hair afterward to keep it healthy and glossy.

24. Beige Blonde Streaks

beach wavy bronde hair
Instagram / breejeong

Asian ladies can rock a shade from the opposite spectrum without dominating their dark base color. Choose a beige blonde tinge and add the finest strokes all over the head with chunky money pieces accentuating the face at the front. Simply stylish!

25. Sun-Kissed Look

This bronde hair shade is too good to be true! Ask the hairdresser to add golden blonde highlights near the roots concentrating them towards the ends creating a sun-kissed look that is sure to drop some jaws. Top off the style with luscious loose waves and done!

26. Bronde Ombre

bronde hair color for girls

Bronde ombres are phenomenal because they can make your hair look so natural, and they create that glowing sun-kissed effect. If you want to build waves, roll your hair and pin it in a bun. 

27. Bronde Highlights and Lowlights

bronde hair

Brunette hair looks fantastic, but if you create lowlights and highlights, you’re definitely taking your hairstyling game to a whole new level, girl! The mix will look astonishing, and if you use a triple waver, you’ll become a real hair queen!

28. Bronde Braid

For this hairstyle, the texture is as important as the color, and you can gain it by mixing more shades. A caramel blonde and a brown hue will perfectly fit. That loose braid makes the two nuances mesmerizingly blend. Now imagine how good it will look on you!

29. Bronde Layered Hair

bronde hair ideas

A bronde sombre is exactly what you’ve been searching for if you adore natural looks. Create layers and part your bangs in the middle if you want a mindblowing look that suits all skin colors. 

30. Natural Bronde Hair

bronde hair color

An ashy silver bronde will marvelously suit ladies with fair skin. Keep the roots darker and maintain the eyebrows in the same color. A pair of rounded sunglasses will make you look so cool and chic. 

31. Bronde Textured Bob Hairstyle

bronde hair color for women
Instagram /

Your bright blue eyes will shine like never before if you go for a bronde hair. A bob will make the look even more ravishing because it will frame your face, and the waves will provide texture and dimension.

32. Messy Bronde Hairdo

bronde hair color

This is a shade for girls who adore variety and low maintenance hairstyles. Maintain the roots in their natural shade and gradually lighten the hair until your ends are bronde. Style waves and give it a tousle to pull off a messy gorgeous look. 

33. Curly Bronde Hair

best bronde hairstyle
Instagram / exclusive_alba

When you style a bronde hair color, remember that it will look jaw-dropping with waves and curls. If you don’t want to damage your hair daily with the iron, try braiding and rolling your strands into buns overnight. 

34. Bronde Highlights and Waves

bronde hair color idea
Instagram / karina_neonhair

Glowing sprays can make miracles for your bronde balayage. Opt for a blunt cut and crate thin blonde highlights to obtain that mesmerizing warmth. Wave the mane for a glamorous, elegant touch. 

35. Dark Bronde for Long Hair

bronde hairstyle
Instagram / alexfrancevichhair

A dark bronde sombre looks natural and cool, and you can use it to draw all the attention on your mind-blowing blue eyes. Wave only the tips, where the hue lightens up if you want more dimension. 

36. Dark brown and sandy blonde

Dark brown and sandy blonde for women

This approach creates something similar to an ombre. You can keep the sandy blonde highlights sparse on the top and make the bottom completely sandy blonde. The result will be truly stunning.

37. Brown and golden blonde

bronde hair
Instagram / hairbyrebeccaemily

This bronde hair color will make you look like a stunning redhead. The more golden blonde you add, the lighter the overall image will be. 

38. Platinum blonde and Brown

Platinum blonde is conquering the world and it made its way into bronding. Platinum bleached blonde locks mixed with brown is an interesting approach to the new fashion.

39. Three-color mix


Bronde hair color doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a mix of two shades. You can use as many hues as you like. If your natural locks are dark brown, consider adding some honey and platinum blonde.

40. Subtle bronding

subtle bronde hair
Instagram / bellaj_hair

If your stylist is a real professional, he or she can use the subtle bronding technique which will result in absolutely natural hair color. In order for the bronding to look natural, use shades that are close on the color chart.

41. Reddish blonde and medium brown


If your hair is medium brown, light blonde colors won’t look as natural as reddish blonde hues. Create a beautiful auburn shade by adding reddish blonde to medium brown. You’ll love the result!

42. Sandy blonde shades

sandy bronde hair
Instagram / hairbysheridan_ara

Sandy blonde shades are often the favorite among the blondes. However, they can be hard to achieve. Mix sandy blonde with dark brown and the results will be stunning.

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43. Unusual bronding

light bronde hair
Instagram / lavenderblondehair

Bronde hair color can look unexpected if you mix light brown with yellowish blonde. The lighter your natural hair is, the brighter the effect will be. Unfortunately, the frequent touch-ups are a must.

44. Natural bronding

natural bronde hair
Instagram / beautyybyhaleyy

The initial goal of bronding is to brighten up the hair color. Look at the color chart and find a dye two shades lighter than your natural hair. Such an approach will make your locks look 100% natural.

45. Sightly bronde


If you have black hair, full-blown bronding might look unattractive. Consider using the balayage technique with two different shades, one of which is closer to your natural color and the other is blonde.

46. Ash blonde

bronde straight hair
Instagram / lindseytribblehair

Bronde hair color will look terrific if you mix light brown hair with ash blonde. Ash blonde is an attractive shade that will make your hair truly shine. So if you want to look different, go for these hues.

47. Classic bronding


This is a classical bronding option. The light brown hair is slightly improved by adding blonde highlights. If you want to change your image without making too big of a statement, classic bronde hair color is the way to go.

48. Brown and ginger hues

Brown and ginger hues hairstyle for women

Ginger blonde is easy to work with and it often creates the best results when mixed with brown. So if your natural locks are any shade of brown, adding ginger blonde is a perfect decision.

49. The lighter the better

light wavy bronde hair
Instagram / everlastingelegance

The lighter your natural brown color is, the more natural the bronde hair color will look on your locks. Be careful not to overdo the blonde or your own hair will get lost in the background.

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50. Dark brown and walnut mist blonde

nice Dark brown and walnut mist blonde hairstyle

Dark brown locks are hard to brighten up in a unique way. But this hair color can be truly magnificent. Walnut mist blonde mixed with brown creates a special shade that’s hard to copy.

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Is there any difference between bronde and balayage?

Yes! “Bronde” refers to a hair color that lies between or is a mix of brunette and blonde. Meanwhile, balayage is a technique for adding highlights to hair that involves painting dye or lightener on with freehand strokes. The two are not mutually exclusive—your stylist can use balayage to make your hair bronde!

Is bronde hair low-maintenance?

A bronde style requires medium to low maintenance. It’s easier to maintain than many other colored hairstyles, as grown-out roots tend to blend nicely with the highlighted or lowlighted areas.  However, you’ll still need to visit your salon every couple of months for a touch-up if you want to stay bronde.

Which skin tone suits a bronde hair color most?

Bronde is a genuinely versatile hair color that complements any and all skin tones! Because it mimics the look of sun-kissed highlights, bronde looks natural on everyone.

Bronde hair color is a wonderful way out for any woman who is looking for subtle or outrageous changing for her hair. We hope these options gave you a good idea of what to demand from your stylist the next time you pay the barber shop a visit.