23 Stunningly Wild Dark and Curly Ombre Hair Colors

Hairstyles with dark and curly ombre hair colors can become one of the best styles you come up with when you are looking for something new. Curls can give your locks extra volume while a dark ombre is exactly what you need to make a statement.

Nowadays, women use ombre to brighten up their locks more often than the past. But you may know that this hair coloring technique is created for various needs. Blonde is not an essential part of an ombre. You can use any colors you wish. When coupled with curls, dark ombre hair will look fantastic on most women.


What is Dark Ombre Hair?

dark ombre hair color

Dark ombre hair is designed to make your dark hair look even more fantastic. If your locks are naturally dark blonde or brown, you can create a dark ombre. Instead of trying to make the ends as light as possible by using various blonde dyes, you can go for darker options, such as golden brown or red. This type of ombre looks more natural and is not as damaging to the hair as blonde dyeing.


How to Create an Ombre on Curly Hair?

There isn’t much difference on how to ombre curly hair. You just have to keep in mind that the curly hair looks long when wet and shorter when it dries. Accordingly, you have to consider this when creating the top and the bottom color layers.

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Hairstyles With Dark and Curly Ombre Hair Color

Nowadays, it’s hard to come up with an original hairstyle. Curls are something many women dream of while others are growing tired of them. Curly and dark ombre hairstyles are here to conquer the dullness and the boredom. They can look so unusual that any girl would love to sport one.

We have handpicked 23 curly ombre hairstyles to give you an idea of what you might be missing out on. Whether you have curls or not, whether your hair is dark or blonde, you can find the hairstyle suitable for your needs.


1. Striking contrast

black young girl Dark and curly ombre hair

Even the darkest hair looks wonderful when coupled with light locks in an ombre. Consider creating blonde highlights on the low part of your dark locks in order to create a special and exciting hairstyle.

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2. Partial ombre

curly Dark and Partial ombre hairstyle

This partial ombre is perfect for brightening up your hairstyle while not damaging too much hair with bleaching or harsh dyes. You have to make partial highlights starting half way down from the top of your head.


3. Wild curls

Dark and Wild curly ombre hairstyle for girl

If you have wild curls, then you can create a stunning curly ombre hair. Whatever color you decide to use for your dark masterpiece, the wild curls will add it some zest. Don’t try to tame them!

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4. Touch of green

favorite Dark and curly ombre hair for girl

A unique hairstyle is always a wonderful way to make a statement with your appearance. If you have dark curly hair, you can consider adding touches of such wild colors as green or violet to make the haircut look unusual.


5. Curly Weave

 Weave Dark and curly ombre hairstyle you love

If you are not sure you can create a dark curly ombre using your natural hair, you can buy a weave. Hair extensions are a perfect choice for various coloring techniques since they save your own hair from damage.