40 Crazy Curly Hair Colors for Confident Women

You probably have a curly hair color right now and don’t even realize it. That’s because hair colors for women with curly hair have no limits.

That being said, some hues are better suited than others. Curly locks are enviable. Most women with straight hair yearn for spirals and waves. Your twisted tendrils are already glorious. They can handle lively, brilliant shades, such as purple, gray, and red. Even everyday hair colors like brown and blonde become transformed with a few spirals and curls.


Bold Hair Color Ideas for Curly Hair

What’s the best hair color for women with curly hair? That’s a difficult question. Every curl is different, after all. The same goes for every curly style, every woman rocking curling locks, and then you have to consider eye color, skin tone, and natural hair color.

The best curly hair color for you might be lilac or glittering dragonfly green. You might look better with highlights or a unicorn-inspired combination of hues. Who knows? Why don’t you begin by seeing if any of these hair colors speak to you?


1. Ruby Red Curls

Ruby Red curly hair color for girl

Red is a glorious curly hair color, particularly if you go dark with it. Oxblood, burgundy, deep ruby red—those are all acceptable colors within the spectrum. Of course, bright hues are fine, too, but deeper shades tend to throw off prettier highlights. You can also check other hairstyles with red highlights.


2. Brown Plus Blonde

Brown blonde curly hair color foe women

This might seem a bit too ordinary, but give it a chance. Blondish brown is more dynamic and fashion-forward than you think. There are so many highlights and lowlights at play that the color has a ridiculous amount of dimension.


3. Red-Brown Blend

Red and Brown curly hair color for women

Spiraled curls of red, copper, and Auburn mix with various shades of brown and a chocolaty base. This entire look is scrumptious. It’s also proof that, if you’re fortunate enough to have curls, show off your spirals in a glorious profusion.


4. Shades of Honey

young girl curly hair color idea

Honey blonde is one of the best hair colors for curly hair because it tends to look natural, and never mind if it’s not. It’s a good idea to request a few highlights in paler shades and lowlights in brown hues. You’ll look like you were born a blonde, honey.


5. Lush Lavender

pink curly hair color for black women

There’s a gorgeous pink blush hiding in the undertones of this lavender color, a pink that makes it even brighter and more vibrant. Curls somehow look natural when they’re all dressed in purple. Let’s take a moment to sing praises to her lips, as well.


6. Brown Ombre

Brown Ombre curly hairstyle you love

It’s hard to see unless you look closely. Her hair is dark brown at the roots but then fades into a somewhat lighter, brassier brown. The contrast is subtle, but that’s why it works—it keeps people looking. Here are some of the hottest bangs on ombre.


7. Tipped in Turquoise

Turquoise is a popular curly hair color for obvious reasons—duh, it’s gorgeous! To draw attention to your curls and to keep them healthy—i.e., by not bleaching the heck out of your follicles—stick to dyeing just the tips. Sometimes a hint is better, anyway.

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8. Sunset Curls

These curls are to-die-for, and so are their colors. Pink, peach, coral, purple—her hair resembles a cotton candy sunset. The palette is the perfect complement for her skin tone and eyes, as well. We love it—are you?


9. Red on Fire

 Fire red curly hairstyle for black girl

This shade of red is absolutely fire. It’s an all over hue that’s almost matte, but not quite. Doesn’t matter, anyway, because her flawless curls throw off highlights and lowlights along the spectrum. Frankly, her whole look is the living end. Her face is beat to the gods—those lips, those eyebrows, that liner, those freckles!


10. Pretty in Purple

Told you. Purple is arguably the best hair color for women with curly hair, at least if they love fantasy colors. It holds forever, and it fades beautifully. Can’t ask for much more than that. Long-lasting hues are the bee’s knees.


11. Curly Hair Color for Brown Skin

curly hair color for brown skin

Colors that best flatter dark skin are caramel and light blonde. Pair either one of these with your brown or black curly hair and you’ve got a lovely hairstyle.


12. Curly Hair with Highlights

curly hair with highlights

Do something nice for your waist-length long hair and add caramel highlights. They’ll show up beautifully on dark brown hair and look beautiful against your medium skin tone.


13. Rose Gold Curly Hair

Rose gold is an increasingly popular choice of hair color for women these days. Add it to your thin curly hair and scrunch in a bit of styling cream to hold the curl’s shape.


14. Short Curly Hair Color

short curly hair color

For thick curly hair, cut it short enough that it stops at the jawline, like this wedge pixie cut. This length of hair is flattering for an oval face and the bright red hair color will show off your curls.


15. Balayage Curly Hair

balayage curly hair

Do something fun with your naturally curly hair by letting it go wild in an afro. Liven it up by adding balayage in this gorgeous sea teal or another fun color like hot pink.


16. Curly Burgundy Hair Color

Burgundy is a stunning color on short curly hair. Give your hair shape first with long layers, then load it up with this stunning deep red to draw attention to curls.


17. Pink and Purple Curly Hair

curly hair color

Why stick to neutral hair colors when you can play up your curls with something out of the box like purple and pink? These luscious locks really stand out with a combination of feminine colors.


18. Medium Blonde Curly Hair

medium curly hair color

If the 80s were your favorite style era, you can bring the vibes to your hairstyle by teasing your current texture. A warm medium blonde is just the color to lighten up curls.


19. Springy Afro Curls for Black Women

curly hair color

Show the world you’re proud of your natural curls by giving them some poofy texture like in this afro. A copper brown or chocolate with caramel highlights will look amazing.


20. Bubblegum Pink Waves

curly pink hair color

Loose waves and curls are total mermaid vibes with a gloss of bubblegum pink hair color. Help it pop by wearing a cat-eye or bold red lip on your next night out.


21. Tawny Gold

Tawny Gold curly hairstyle

Curls and gold go together like beer and pizza, like Vidal and Sassoon. You get the idea. Varied shades of blonde, brown, and even a bit of red create this gorgeous golden explosion of curls. Aren’t you dying to mimic the style?


22. Radiant Russet

The color seen here almost defies definition. There are warm brown undertones, but the hue itself is like a cross between russet red and auburn. Whatever the mix, it works. The curls bring it home, no doubt.


23. Dark Brown

Dark Brown curly hair for girl

Dark brown might seem uninspired, but it’s the best curly hair color if you want a traditional shade that looks like it sprouts straight from your head. Stick to the dark side of the spectrum to make your coif more interesting.

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24. Ultraviolet

 curly hair color

The hue here is definitively purple, but it leans more toward red than blue. That creates a richer, more dramatic shade of purple that pair well with twirling, swirling, spiraling curls.


25. Sugar Spun

You know Chrissy Teigen has the 411 on the hottest hair trends. When she sends sugar spun streaks through her dark chocolate hair, you can trust that it’s a winning combination. Seriously, observe how the highlights brighten her features and draw attention to her flawless face.


26. Red-Orange Vibes

Here’s a gorgeous true red. It’s the red of fertile, lush red dirt, the red-orange of the last lingering minutes of a summer sunset. It’s gorgeous and radiant and vibrant. Don’t you want to bury your face in those curls and breathe?


27. Honey and Chocolate

 curly hair color

Flavor-wise, honey and chocolate rarely meet, but the combination creates one of the very best hair colors for women with curly hair. It’s subtle but glowing. Your hair will never appear dull if you pick these hues.

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28. Every Red

The entire red spectrum is represented in this coiffure. True red, cherry red, copper, strawberry blonde, and even some pink. Do you love red hair enough to make this type of commitment? Your curls will surely adore it.


29. Array of Gray

 curly hair color

Honey, this hair is on fire—but it’s so cool. It’s not so much streaked as frosted with gray, bursting out from a base of black curls. Yes. Yes, a thousand times. Do this.


30. Going Green

Green curly hair color idea

The vibrant, glass-bottle green hue seen here is a stunning curly hair color. It’s phosphorescent. It practically glows. It’s more balayage than ombre by design, but the black roots highlight the iridescent green.

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31. Caramel Crush


32. Ice Blue


33. Luscious Light Pink


34. Curly Caramel Tips


35. Midnight Blue & Violet


36. Copper Kinky Curls


37. Dark Purple Highlights


38. Rose Gold Curls


39. Touch of Teal


40. Burgundy Beauty


Curly hair is eye-catching all by itself. It can easily handle a bevy of trendsetting and even flamboyant shades. In your opinion, what’s the best hair color for women with curly hair?