40 Chicest Blonde Highlights for Women

Have you ever wanted to add a quick style to your hair but weren’t sure how? Blonde highlights have been shown to complement any hair color, whether dark or light. With so many shades of blonde to choose from, there are multiple ways to breathe new life into your mane.


Chic Blonde Highlights

Here are 40 amazing ways to add blonde highlights to your hair no matter the color!

1. Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Brown hair with blonde highlights is a great option for women who don’t want to go through the process of bleaching all of their hair to get blonde color.


2. Honey Blonde Highlights

Honey blonde highlights best flatter pale skin tones, and also blend well with chocolate brown hair for a beautiful caramel swirl.


3. Red Hair with Blonde Highlights

If you’re a ginger and are looking for an easy way to accentuate your color, add in blonde highlights. The result will be strawberry blonde or noticeably dark red hair.


4. Dark Hair with Blonde Highlights

Blonde highlights on dark hair are probably the most popular choice. With wavy hair, you’ll have a beachy look but it also looks beautiful straight.


5. Ash Blonde Highlights

On dark or light hair, ash blonde highlights are pretty. Choose between highlights all over or just a few scattered throughout the hair.


6. Platinum Blonde Highlights

Platinum blonde highlights on a long or short bob have the ability to make you look younger when they’re thick, but as thin highlights they are just as gorgeous.


7. Strawberry Blonde Highlights

Strawberry blonde hair flatters women with pale or pinkish skin. These balayage highlights make the added blonde look very natural.


8. Baby Blonde Highlights

If you ever loved Marilyn Monroe’s hairstyle and wanted it for your own, baby blonde highlights are for you. The result is a beautiful overall lightened hairstyle.


9. Blonde Highlights on Short Hair

Short blonde hair is one of the most common hairstyles seen around and will be trendy for years to come. A brunette straight stacked bob or wavy bob with layers can easily be brightened up with blonde highlights.


10. Long Hair with Blonde Highlights

There’s a huge difference between having just long blonde hair with one color, and adding in blonde highlights. Hair looks more lush and healthy.


11. Medium Hair with Blonde Highlights

Spice up your medium hairstyle with pure blonde highlights. On dark blonde or brunette hair, it lightens up your mane beautifully.


12. Brunette Hair with Blonde Highlights

When you want to try something new with brunette hair, throw in blonde highlights. When you’re in the sun, they’ll look like a rich caramel.


13. Dark Blonde Highlights

Dark blonde highlights look best on women with dark hair. They also complement dark skin by brightening up the complexion.


14. Light Blonde Highlights

Mixing shades of blonde is always a good idea. For golden blonde or dark blonde, a lighter shade is the perfect pairing.


15. Blonde Highlights on Curly Hair

Throw some serious Shakira vibes when you add blonde highlights to your curly hair. Curls will be even lusher and appear thicker.


16. Straight Blonde Highlights

Adding blonde highlights to a dark straight hairstyle takes your traditional look from okay to oh wow! Any way you part the hair will show off your new color.


17. Wavy Blonde Highlights

Either a very light blonde or a medium blonde gives a wavy hairstyle mermaid vibes. Go for large waves to get a beautiful swirl flowing.


18. Golden Blonde Highlights

A straight layered hairstyle with golden highlights is totally a Rachel look in Friends. Add in waves to easily thicken up your locks.


19. Icy Blonde Highlights

On blonde hair, ice blonde waves look white while on dark hair, they’ll appear almost silver. Both will give a beautiful result.


20. Blonde Balayage Highlights

For a look you won’t have to touch up frequently, opt for blonde balayage. As hair grows out, the color won’t appear faded so you can keep on looking gorgeous.


21. Auburn Hair with Blonde Highlights

On auburn or rich red locks, blonde highlights make the style. If you’re a redhead or have auburn hair, you haven’t lived until you’ve tried this color combination.


22. Chunky Blonde Highlights

Whether you add in thick blonde highlights near the face or all over, the result is a hairstyle that brightens up your face.


23. Full Blonde Highlights

To create a more dramatic look, ask your stylist for full highlights which are applied to every section of hair. These blonde highlights are sunshine bright on dark blonde hair.


24. Partial Blonde Highlights

Adding highlights to only one section of the hair, typically near the face, are called partial highlights. On any skin tone, a shade of blonde brightens.


25. White Blonde Highlights

Missing that white blonde hair you had as a child? Add them to your hair now for a nostalgic flashback. On already blonde hair, you’ll be Marilyn Monroe and on dark hair, it’s a nice shimmer.


26. Silver Blonde Highlights

Whether you’re a young woman or on the older side, silver blonde highlights will give you a youthful glow. If you’re going gray, this color will help you embrace it.


27. Caramel Blonde Highlights

On wavy hairstyles, rich caramel highlights will add definition. The warm color is great for flattering any skin tone.


28. Blonde Ombre Highlights

When it’s summertime and you want that sun-kissed glow, go for blonde ombre. You’ll get a natural look like you were laying out in the sun all weekend.


29. Blonde Highlighted Bob

This brunette wavy bob is livened up with chunky blonde highlights while the color is a bit more subtle on a straight inverted bob.


30. Dirty Blonde Hair with Highlights

Dirty blonde highlights are hot in 2022. If you like your dark hair but want to try something different temporarily, add in blonde highlights. For both wavy bobs and layered, straight medium hairstyles they are a beautiful addition.


31. Asian Blonde Highlights

Asian women tend to stick with their black hair, but branching out into blonde highlights on black hair or dark blonde hair is a gorgeous must-try option.


32. Beige Blonde Highlights

If white-blonde highlights are a bit too light for you, try beige which flatters all shades of blonde from dark to light.


33. Pixie with Blonde Highlights

A straight layered pixie or a spiky short pixie pair well with blonde highlights. Add chunkier highlights near the face where they’ll be most noticeable.


34. Thick Blonde Highlights

thick blonde highlights

Add thick blonde highlights throughout your auburn or light brown hair for a glow everyone will want to steal.


35. Thin Blonde Highlights

After adding light blonde highlights throughout your medium or long hairstyle, dark hair will peek through for a sophisticated blend.


36. Black Hair with Blonde Highlights

These blonde highlights are a dramatic complement on black hair. For your dark skin, this color is one of the best to flatter it.


37. Blonde Highlights with Weave

Whether you buy a sew-in or you highlight the hair when it’s already in place, chunky blonde highlights on dark hair look great placed all over or just at front.


38. Blonde and Blue Highlights

Feeling a little more daring than just neutral hair colors? Mix blonde and blue for an unexpectedly beautiful switch-up.


39. Beach Blonde Highlights

Even if you don’t live near the beach, you’ll look like it with these beach blonde highlights. Go big with lots of thick highlights for a bombshell style.


40. Blonde Highlights with Bangs

Make your bangs the focal point of your hairstyle with bright blonde highlights. Platinum and very light blonde on the brunette short hairstyle is the way to add some pep.


Browse your favorite styles of blonde highlights and fall in love with your new look. You can expect foil highlights to last 6-8 weeks and an all-over color job about 3-5. You’ll also pay about $75 for partials and $100 for full highlights. When roots grow out, try a new color of blonde highlights – you’ll feel like a new person each time.

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