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70 Best Curly Hairstyles With Bangs to Try

Curly hair with bangs hairstyles is most of the time avoided by women with ringlets and waves, and that is because not many hairstylers deeply understand how and what to do to create such sophisticated haircuts. We highly recommend you find someone who knows how to prepare your hair for the cut and how to make it look fabulous. 


Curly Hair Ideas with Bangs

Adding bangs to your haircut must be one of the best hairstyle changes you had in years because they will give such proper framing and draw all the attention to your eyes. Curly hair with bangs hairstyles provide you with movement and density, and you will get a pretty hot new look. 

1. Bright Ginger Curls

curly bangs with side part

If you love that hippy fairy look, your long curls will highlight your complexion.  Enhance the visual interest of the style with bright ginger bangs. This hairstyle with bangs flatters all girls with white skin and blue or green eyes, and not only. Make sure you don’t forget to dye the eyebrows to raise your style score. 


2. Tight Curled Bangs

curly bangs for women

This hairstyle is edgy, a go-to look for every woman with curly hair. Keeping the bangs short on the forehead makes the curl tight, gives it movement, and maintains the health of the threads. And if you want to keep the ringlets out of your way, style a back low pony or a voluminous bun. 


3. Platinum Blonde Hair

curly hair with bangs for older women

Combine textures with a long curly hairstyle with bangs. Pick a platinum blonde nuance, messily wave your hair and get a medium fringe. The bangs must have a blunt cut covering the eyebrows. Straighten them to create great contrast between this section and the rest of the mane. 


4. Retro Hairstyle

curly bangs with headband

Many women love to switch between different looks, and if today your lucky one is a retro vibe, here’s the way to do it. Go for a curly hairstyle with side-swept bangs, a bun in the back, and a red folded scarf that you’ll use as a headband. And don’t forget your hoops!


5. Short Curly Fringe

curly bangs for women with glasses

Ultra short curly bangs will soften your look and reveal the forehead. If you don’t have naturally curly hair, use rods overnight or curl your hair loosely. Color is also an aspect you need to consider if you want to nail your look. Use a brown ginger tone that matches your complexity. 


6. Rolled Bangs

curly pigtails with bangs

You can easily transform a childish look into a hairstyle with a twist. Get the well-known two ponytails hairstyle and create ringlets with a curler. Spare the front strands and transform them into bangs. You don’t necessarily need to cut your hair; just roll it on a rod or a bobby pin. 


7. Bangs for Natural Hair

curly ponytail with bangs for black women

Natural hair can look fabulous if you use ultra-thin highlights to lighten your hair. Tie your mane into a ponytail and spread that fringe on the forehead. To add a pop of color, use a fuchsia ribbon as a headband and tie a bow on top of the head. 


8. Ultra Short Bangs

curly hair with dyed bangs

This hairstyle is a great idea for someone bold who’s not afraid to make a statement. Combining blonde waves with short asymmetric fuchsia bangs is certainly a hairstyle that will get you noticed. And it’s not only the color difference that grabs the eye but also the contrast between those straight bangs and the loose waves. 


9. Bangs with Bun

curly updo with bangs

If you thought that curly hair doesn’t work with bangs, you better think again. It is a common myth that women try to demolish for years. As you can see, a curly hairstyle can include bangs and will certainly look astonishing. So next time you’re getting a cut, consider the fringe option too. 


10. Well Defined Curls

afro curly bangs

Curls are incredibly cute and with a romantic vibe. If styled correctly, suiting your face features, they make any woman look dashing and feminine. Also, it’s very important to keep them healthy because textured hair has a tendency for breakage. Use nourishing products and regularly trim the ends to maintain that healthy, stunning look.


11. Long Curly Hair with Bangs

long curly hair with bangs

Layer your long hair and create see-thew bangs that slightly cover your eyebrows. Tousle your hair to create a messy romantic look. Comb your hair with your hands and separate the waves to make them look bouncy. 


12. Chin Length Curls with Bangs

chin length curly hair with bangs

You would think that if your hair is short, you will never be able to get a gorgeous hairstyle with bangs for your corkscrews. On the contrary, if you have a long face, the ringlets that fall on your forehead will give the impression of a smaller feature. 


13. Curly Crochet Bangs

curly crochet hair with bangs

If you are a black woman that adores gorgeous curly hair, you will undoubtedly love this hairstyle with bangs for curly hair. Crochet some of your fav coils and create loads of dimension in the bangs area. Separate a few strands and let them fall on your forehead. 


14. Curly Bangs for Round Face

curly bangs for round face

A round face with prominent cheekbones needs a little framing. You can get that by adopting a layered haircut that has lots of movement and dimension on the top. Create small bangs that cover only half of your forehead. 


15. Gray Curly Bangs

curly gray hair with bangs

Gray silver hair extremely trendy, and if you don’t want to damage your hair with dye, you can always choose curly hair extensions that already have this fantastic color. Attach them to your natural hair and create a one side part for your bangs. 


16. 3a Curly Hair with Bangs

3a Curly Hair with Bangs

These S-shaped curls look outstanding, especially if you choose the right color mix for them. Choose a light brown base and create some gorgeous blonde highlights. The two colors will create a stunning effect when you define the 3a curls. 


17. Shaggy Curls with Bangs

Shaggy Curls with Bangs

Shaggy hairstyles with bangs look so natural and effortless, and this is why women really adore them. Make some wide curly and tousle your hair to create that messy look. Keep your bangs just above your eyebrows. 


18. Curly Hair Braid with Bangs

Curly Hair Braid with Bangs

Whenever you want a fabulous look, recreate this hairstyle. Keep your bangs loose on your forehead. Select two strands of hair and braid them downwards, covering your ears. Braid the rest of your hair in a precious ponytail. Create that palm tree look by tousling your Afro-American hair. 


19. Korean Curly Hair with Bangs

Korean Curly Hair with Bangs

Korean girls usually have straight, thick gorgeous hair, and if you want to reproduce this look, you cand use a diffuser to dry your hair or curling iron. Don’t forget to apply the same procedure to your bangs. Keep them spread on your forehead. 


20. Curly Ponytail with Bangs

curly ponytail with bangs

Are you a fan of retro looks? This gorgeous ponytail bangs is for curly hair inspired by the iconic Dirty Dancing movie. Pin your hair in a back pony and tousle your ringlets on your forehead. 


21. Curly Weave with Bangs

Curly Weave with Bangs

Become an attention grabber with a curly weave hairstyle with bangs that will blow everyone’s mind. Astonishingly blend some blonde highlights, and you will face a stunning look. Maintain a medium length for your curls if you want them to look bouncy.


22. Curtain Bangs for Curly Hair

Curtain Bangs for Curly Hair

Give your curls high definition with a hairstyling foam that will keep your coils well defined. That stunning wet look perfectly goes with the middle part split bangs.


23. Curly Wispy Bangs

Curly Wispy Bangs

Trim your hair in a medium bob haircut for curly hair and give them a wet look appearance with styling foam. Keep your wispy bangs on your forehead. This haircut is also perfect for women who wear glasses. 


24. Fine Curly Hair with Bangs

Fine Curly Hair with Bangs

Women over 50 can look stunning even if their gray hair is starting to show off. Draw all the attention on your eyes with a pair of short bangs that twirl on your forehead. 


25. Curly Hair Bangs with Glasses

curly hair with bangs and glasses

Create a retro look by picking a medium straight bob haircut with very short bangs. Choose a cat-eye frame for your glasses and straighten your bangs. Your fringe will complete and give your curly hairstyle a vintage look that you will love. 


26. Curly Blonde Bangs

curly hair with blonde bangs for women

Here’s a great styling idea for a short curly hairstyle to try with bangs. These bangs have been cut so that they are side-swept, allowing for them to frame the face which makes the style playful and fun.


27. Face-Framing Bangs

side bangs with curly hair for teen girls

This curly bangs option is perfect for those who have long hair, especially if you’re not looking to cut much of your hair off. Just cut the bangs so that they frame your face and you’ll have this great layered effect as pictured above.


28. Small Puff Bangs

women's bangs style with curls

Here’s another bangs for short curly hair that is not only cute but easy to obtain. Just style your hair up into a puff and leave a small section out for your bang. You can either leave it as your natural curl pattern or set it in braids or twists for a more defined look.


29. Wild N Free Bangs

long curly hairstyle with bangs

This simple style is a great representation of long curly hair with bangs. The key to cutting your bangs so that they fall correctly is to cut the hair once it is completely dry and your curls have formed. That way you don’t risk cutting off too much hair and winding up with bangs that are too short to cover your forehead.

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30. Messy Bun with Bangs

curly bangs with bun

Anyone who’s rocked a curly messy bun is probably guilty of leaving a piece out or two. These curled bangs are probably one of the most worn versions of this style, even though it’s primarily unintentional.


31. Curly Hairstyles with Straight Bangs

Rocking a sleek, straight bang is one of many ways that you can achieve bangs on curly hair. Although this wouldn’t classify as a “curly hair bang,” it can still be rocked with curly hair just as easily.


32. Curly Hair with Headband

This stylish short hairstyle with bandana, yet simple version of bangs would be suitable for women with shorter curly hair. Her kinky texture is what makes this bang stand above the rest, yielding some impressive height and volume.


33. Side Swept Bangs

Here is a perfect curly hair with bangs style that is perfect for formal occasions. This bangs cut is more suitable for long curly hair, but it can be achieved with medium-length hair as well.

Just section off your bang, gather the hair up from the nape and pin it in place, pin the bun portion down so that none of your ends are sticking up, and pin the bang portion behind the ear.


34. Swoop Curly Updo with Bangs

This classy updo features a side swept bang which is perfect for any formal function that you may be attending. If you have longer hair and want the illusion of bangs without actually cutting your curly hair, then this is the perfect way to achieve them.


35. Natural Light Brown Curls

light brown curly hair with bangs

This bangs hairstyle shows off her natural curl pattern and has been styled so that it frames her face. The simplicity of this look makes the bang seem as though it’s naturally occurring.


36. Messy Bangs

Style icon, Rihanna, is sporting a very carefree ponytail with some messy bangs. This playful curly hairdo with bangs is laid back, but it still maintains a level of chic stylishness that we all wish to achieve.


37. Curly Hair with Side Bangs

Here is a sexy bangs style for curly hair, very reminiscent of Aaliyah and Jessica Rabbit. This particular style has been set on flexirods, giving the curls some uniformity and sleek softness.


38. Curly Mohawk with Bangs

If you’re looking for a unique way to style your long hair with bangs, then this Mohawk might be right up your alley. This cute, sleek Mohawk features some temple leave-out as well as face-framing bangs that really pull the style together.

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39. Curly Bun with Bangs

This style is a great way to add some variety to your high bun with bangs. Just leave some hair out in the front and define your curls by coiling the ends in order to achieve this curled bangs look.


40. Curly Hair with Layered Bangs

layered bangs for curly hair

If you’re not a fan of having hair in your eyes, try a layered bangs option. These bangs for curly hair have been cut so that they reach right above the eyebrow but extend and frame the face around the eyes.


41. Curly Thick Bangs

Here’s an option for curly hair bangs that is quite adorable and unique. The bangs are long and chunky, which offers some playful variety to this braided hairstyle.


42. Curly Short Bangs

Short bangs for women are another great hairstyle option for those who don’t like having hair in their eyes. The bangs have been cut so that the curls don’t extend too far past the eyebrows.


43. Curly Bob with Bangs

bangs with curls

This curly short hairstyle features a side bangs that extends down to the eyebrows. This is kind of a play on the peek-a-boo bang without completely covering the eye.


44. Natural Curly Hair with Bangs 

natural curly hair with bangs

This carefree style features curly bangs in their most natural form. No fuss, no muss, but still stylish and sexy in their effortlessness.


45. Curly Fringe Bangs

fringe curled hair with bangs

Solange is the mother of eclectic style and she proves it here with this curly fringe bangs that is just as fierce as she is. The hair has been styled with a wand curler and has been separated and fluffed for maximum volume.


46. Curly Puff with Bang

curled hair with bangs

This puff is an easy way to style curly hair with bangs without too much effort. Just gather the hair up into a puff and leave out enough hair to make a decent sized bang.

If your hair is on the longer side, you can fake a bang by folding the hair back in the middle and pinning it in place so that the bangs don’t cover your eyes.


47. Defined French Bangs

curls with bangs

If your hair is a mixture of curly and wavy, you can get away with this bangs which seems to have been curled with either a curling iron or wand in order to keep the bang from covering the eyes too much.

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48. Aesthetic Bangs with Kinky Curls

bangs with kinky curls

In today’s world, everyone’s life is about aesthetics and aesthetic appeal. So, why not take that approach and apply it to your hair. Short kinky curls secured partially with a clip at the back and an overall aesthetic look should be a blast.


49. Short Afro-hair with Bangs

short afro hair with bangs

Afro-hair has taken the fashion industry by storm. For afro curly hairstyles with bangs, choose short kinky curls and turn your front hair into cute bangs.


50. Curly Hair with Red Bangs 

Nowadays, everyone is asking for more brightness. Go dope with red wavy bangs and rest of the hair turned into a wavy top-knot.


51. Curly Space Buns with Bangs

Nothing can be better than the combo of curls and bangs with half buns. Turn your half-up hair into two curly space buns, and your look is complete. It is super cute, as well as super stylish.


52. Pink Curls with Bangs

Barbie lives everyone’s dream life; we all know that. But, turning your curly hair bangs into a bright barbie pink color allows you to live the same life as Barbie’s. It is out of the question that everyone won’t be envious of your fantastic look.


53. Choppy Pixie with Straight Bangs

If you chop your locks into a pixie haircut, you can be left with raised voluminous hair. It is your chance to dye your hair crimson red and get straight bangs with it. This hairstyle is specially built for the punk Rockstar in you.


54. Wavy Bob Hairstyle with Bangs

wavy bob with bangs

Wavy bob haircut with bangs is pure art. For a flawless look, cut your wavy hair into a bob and adorn your forehead with curled bangs. With this hairstyle, you can look both stylish and adorable. 


55. Kinky Fohawk with Bangs

Kinky fohawks are the best fohawks. Shape your kinky hair in the style of a fohawk and gel down your side hair, disappearing under the short curls. Leave a single stray curly lock in front of your ear and be amazing.


56. Curly Pixie Bangs with Undercut Braid

Ombre is the new awesome for everyone who wants to do something daring. Style your ombre curls into a mohawk and add an undercut with a thin braid running above a razor line.


57. Loose Curls with See-through Bangs

Loose curls always look super adorable. Darker roots melting down into a honey brown shade on loose curly bangs means it’s time for you to go out partying to your fullest.


58. Shoulder Length Curly Hair with Bangs

Unlock the hipster in you with this hairstyle. Let loose your shoulder-length hair and flaunt your wavy bangs freely. This hairstyle is best for get-together parties.


59. Bangs with Luscious Locks

bangs with luscious curls

Luscious locks are the prettiest thing on your head. You should definitely get this look and chop your front hair to get those bangs. Style your curly haired bangs with cute cat-ears headband for added cuteness.


60. Messy Copper Brown Hair with Bangs

Nobody likes their life messy but, we can’t say the same about messy hair and messy bangs. This hairstyle looks flawless on everyone and is a life-saver when you don’t have time for all the styling.


61. Ombre Hair with Bangs

If you have long curls, dye them dark brown at roots which gradually drops down to the lighter shade of orange. Cut some bangs to complete the look of curly hair with bangs.


62. High Bun with Bangs

Puffed hair with bangs is just the right hairstyle if you are going on a vacation. Secure your curls in a puffed updo and enjoy your curled bangs.


63. Wild Hair with Bangs

Go wild this season and enjoy your fiercely hot look. Your afro hair with blonde edges is the perfect accessory for achieving this bangs hairstyle for curly hair.


64. Smooth Curls with Side Part

curly hairstyles with side swept bangs

Smoothness is the secret to faultless hairdo. This hairstyle of smooth curls with smooth side-swept bangs make you look absolutely elegant.


65. Spring Curls with Spring Bangs

Spring up your long-lost spirit with these spring curls. Adding spring bangs will only enhance the look. Get this hairstyle when going to clubs for late-night parties.


66. Wavy hair with Side-swept Straight Bangs

Partially secured lustrous waves look idyllic with side-swept straight bangs. You should not miss out on this excellent hairstyle at all because this is one hairstyle for every occasion.


67. Baby Bangs with Bob

If you don’t like long hair, then curly short bob with a slight undercut will definitely work for you. Darker hair below with blonde hair on top and straight bangs cannot be defeated.


68. Curly Blonde Hair

Do waves inspire you? Well, then, get your own curly hair and gorgeous bangs to look blissful. When on a beach, this curly hairstyle with bangs will make people turn their heads.


69. Mixed Hair Bangs 

curly hair bangs for mixed girl


70. Bangs with Blonde Curls

bangs with blonde curls

If you have blonde hair, why not turn them into frizzy curls styled with leaning-on-one-side bangs for the goddess in you. A darker shade at roots brings out more texture.


Curly hair bangs are extremely groovy and make you look sassy in an instant. These hairstyles are effortlessly modish and perfect for any occasion. You can style them however you desire and in whatever way you want. After all, you are blessed with curly hair; you have the freedom to do anything and everything with them. 

As you can see, there are many ways to style a curly bang for all occasions and moods. It doesn’t matter whether you have long, short or medium length hair, achieving a successful bang is definitely possible.

Try experimenting with your favorite looks and see which bangs style suits you! You may just be surprised at how much a bang can change your look for the better. Which curly hairstyle with bangs is your favorite?