5 Stunning French Braid Headband Examples

What Are French Braid Headbands?

Whether you are a beginner in the hairstyling department, or you are just too shy to ask about the popular French braid headbands hairstyle, it is exactly what it sounds like. Thus, it is basically when you french braid a front section of your hair and use it as a headband to keep your hair out of your face on a windy day or when your face is too sticky when humidity is unbearable.


French Braid Headbands

We have narrowed it down to the best 5 french braid headbands you might ever come across. So, instead of endless internet search, here are the best of the best for you to enjoy!

#1. Boho Chic Updo

 Chic Updo French Braid hair Headbands

Loose locks, french braid headbands, a cute pair of earrings, and chic updos create a crown silhouette that can work wonders when it comes to dressing up for an elegant event. And don’t worry about the messy free locks because they can add a romantic touch to the mix.


#2. More Than Just A Headband

French Braid Headbands

On the contrary intricate and complex to what it looks like, this design is easier than you think. It’s a casual loose french braid that starts off as a headband and continues to unite with the other side braid at the nape of your neck.

Therefore giving you the best of both worlds by combining the headband hairstyle with a full braided style to offer you the complete experience.


#3. Your Own Crown

 long hair with French Braid Headbands

For girls with long hair, a french braid headband hairstyle can get more creative. Especially if you have always had that childhood dream of growing up to be a princess.

And since every princess needs her crown, you can try to crown yourself with french braids crown to suits your impeccable royal look! It’s both elegant and casual so it works for everyday chores while offering you the royal look!


#4. Linked Forever

French Braid Headbands

Start with a basic and easy french braid from both sides. Then link them together with the help of bobby pins at the back of your head. Meanwhile, the rest of your hair is left to flow over your shoulders to end up with a sweet casual look.


#5. Round And Round

Round French Braid Headbands for girl

Instead of the cliché crown demo, here’s something exotic and unique. It’s the next hit crown hairstyle for this season that suggests two rounds of French braids instead of one. In a way, these braids embrace your head in the most whimsical way possible.

So, in order to make it possible make sure you are equipped with loads of bobby pins to secure your hair at every corner. And let’s not forget the romance the wispy tendrils offer by hanging loose and free around your face.

Magnetic Double French Braids


Why Do You Need French Braid Headbands?

Maybe not every woman desperately needs the magical flair of french braids as headbands. However, our readers are definitely not just any women. You are special and you deserve to look and feel that way.

Hence, you need to control it and thrive upon the information that we strongly recommend in order to bring out the beauty you have got stored inside of you.

Because not only does this style works as a  perfectly functional solution for keeping your hair out of your face. But also, it double tasks as a simple yet over cute hairstyle for just any type of event you are planning to attend. If you love to weave, try these french braid weave hairstyles.

Probably what makes this style so successful is that it has a plethora of advantages that are highly evident.

  • It is versatile. Because with every type of braid comes an infinity of possibilities that can be managed.
  • It is comfortable. You can wear it to gym workouts to keep your hair from falling into your face.
  • It is quick. Whenever you are late and you find yourself rushing out the door, this style will literally take a minute or two and make you look fabulous.
  • It can be worn for both casual and formal events ranging from everyday outfits to formal business dinners.
  • Works for whatever hair length you might have except for pixie cuts (obviously).


How To Style

Required tools:

  • Tooth Comb or rat’s tail to part the section you want to braid
  • Elastic Band to secure the end of your french braid.
  • Hair spray to make sure your hair’s life span lasts longer with minimum damages.
  • Hair clip to isolate the rest of the hair that you don’t want to braid from the part that will be braided.
  • Bobby pin instead of an elastic band if you want to pin the braid to your head instead of tying it.


Step By Step Procedure:

  1. Section out the part you want to braid using a rat’s tail comb from the hair roots and down to your neck.
  2. Clip away the rest of the hair that will be left loose.
  3. Separate the hair you sectioned out into three subsections to start the braiding process.
  4. Cross the side subsections over the middle strand one at a time.
  5. When repeating step number 4, bring in a section of hair from and add it to that strand.
  6. Cross the front subsection over the middle again.
  7. Bring in a new section and then cross it over the back subsection.
  8. Work your way through that routine until you end up with a cute french braid.
  9. Secure the tip of the braid with an elastic band.
  10. Wrap your braid around your head in the shape of a headband.
  11. Pin it with a bobby pin to fix it in place.

And voilà! Cute french braid headbands turned out to be not so hard after all!

So, if you felt like you needed more reassurance on the steps above until you nail this new trendy hairstyle, check out the youtube tutorial videos below. They are guaranteed to help guide you throughout the whole process.


Youtube Tutorial That Can Actually Help You Up Your Braiding Game



Now that you have already covered the basic french braid, this video offers you a sneak peek of 4 gorgeous headband styles to go with every event you might be attending.


In conclusion, putting a creative twist to the definition of french braid headbands will guarantee you an improved eye-grabbing look. So, make sure you take advantage of this easy new trend with the help of our digital catalog above.

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