30 Eye-Catching Hairstyles for Long Thick Hair

Having long thick hair can be a love-hate relationship. Sometimes thick hair can be a bit frustrating to style, but it’s a look many women long for. To fully appreciate your luscious locks, find a hairstyle that will take care of extra bulk and make you feel good about yourself. From elegant updos to loose, wild looks, long thick hair can flatter any face shape as long as it’s styled the right way.

For 30 gorgeous haircuts and hairstyles for long thick hair, read on!

1. Thick Long Layered Hair

To add easy style to your thick hair, add in long layers. It will cut out bulk, add waves, and create lift all at once.


2. Long Shaggy Hairstyle for Thick Hair

Shaggy hair also looks like bedhead, a sexy combination of waves and straight hair with no shortage of volume. Choppy or long bangs are the perfect addition.


3. Updos for Long Thick Hair

Updos for Long Thick Hair

To dress up your thick hair, pull it into a low or high bun and add a flowered headband. Playing with color, like rose pink, is also a fun way to show off your personality.


4. Long Thick Wavy Hair

Long Thick Wavy Hair

Sometimes the best style you can have is just leaving your thick hair loose. Part it in the center and let your natural texture take over.


5. Long Thick Curly Hair

Wild curls make for a gorgeous boho hairstyle. For extra volume, comb in a heavy side part. Throughout the day, you can use your fingers to effortlessly fluff up curls.


6. Long Thick Straight Hair

Long Thick Straight Hair

Long straight hair can also be worn loose and still be stylish. With layers and/or razor-cut ends, your long thick hair will still be trendy and manageable.


7. Long Hair Perms

Want to get enviable curls but don’t want to use a curling iron every day? Long perms are a great way to add them and they last about six months.


8. Thick Bangs on Long Hair

Thick Bangs on Long Hair

For a chic look that never goes off trend, add bangs to your thick hair. Short blunt or long bangs that come past eyebrows both look great.


9. Long Thick Braids

A long side braid for thick hair is sweet and old-fashioned. You’ll feel like a Rapunzel with this loose and slightly messy hairstyle. Pair it with a hat or a headband for major runway vibes.


10. Long Thick Blonde

Long Thick Blonde Hair

For long thick blonde hair, wear it loose so it catches the sunlight. To liven up your color even more, highlights in a lighter or darker blonde can be added.


11. Thick Long Natural Hair

Don’t hide your naturally curly hair – simply add a side part and use fingers to manipulate your style.


12. Long Hair Buns for Thick Hair

Bun for Long Thick Hair

A bun will look even more luscious with your thick hair wound up in it. It’s the perfect look when you’re running errands or when you’re attending that special event and you’ve added braids.


13. Long Thick Choppy Hairstyle

To easily tame your long thick hair, ask your stylist for a choppy cut. Combined with beachy waves and rich blonde color, it’s a gorgeous look. You can also try this on medium length hair.


14. Long Thick Brown Hair

For long thick brown hair, wear it straight or wavy with a side part. Caramel and light blonde highlights make a beautiful combination and complement every skin tone.


15. Long Thick Silky Hair

Long Thick Silky Hair

Whether it’s ombre or all over color, your long blonde hair deserves a special color treatment. This color combination is particularly flattering for pale skin tones.


16. Very Long Thick Hair

Very Long Thick Hair

With your super long thick hair, you can give off a hippie flower-child vibe easily by just wearing it loose. Ombre and waves will add to your style.


17. Long Thick Hairstyle for Prom

A beautiful hairstyle for long thick hair to try on the prom night. Feel extra special with a braided crown updo. Start with two low braids and wind them up around your head, pinning everything in place with sparkly clips.


18. Long Thick Messy Hair

Long Thick Messy Hair

The messy wind-blown hairstyle is never out of trend. If your hair is naturally curly, after washing let it air dry and leave it all loose.


19. Long Hair + Thick Side Bangs

Long straight hair with layers gets extra style from thick side bangs. Worn down or half up, it’s a soft take on regular bangs.


20. Long Thick Coarse Hair

To easily control thick coarse hair, layers are a must. Not only will they add shape, layers also keep hair healthy by taking care of split ends.


21. Hairstyle for Long Thick Frizzy Hair

When you’re dealing with frizzy locks, a hair oil will control that unruliness. Simply apply it to damp hair and style as usual.


22. Wedding Hairstyle for Long Thick Hair

Long Thick Hairstyle for Wedding

Feel your best on your special day by pulling the top half of your hair into a pony and loading in large waves and curls. Teasing the top near the crown will also add sexy volume.


23. Long Thick Hairstyle for Women Over 50

Women over 50 have a tendency to cut their hair short, but you can rock your long hair at any age. Feel young and fresh with platinum blonde or a grey ombre on wavy hair.


24. Space Buns for Long Thick Hair

Space buns are a must-try for women with long thick hair. Sticking straight up or formed at the sides of your head, it’s a super cute, perky hairstyle with or without a bold color.


25. Long Thick Twists

Twist braids are an edgier alternative to traditional braids for black hair. For thin hair, this style will thicken locks up and last up to two months. Box braid is also a good option for black girls with long hair.


26. Long Thick Ponytail

While styling up your thick ponytail with a braid that begins at the edge of your forehead is a gorgeous look, wearing your ponytail at medium height is equally as pretty.


27. Long Thick Balayage

Long Thick Balayage Hair

Give your long thick hair a glow with a blonde balayage. Hair will look naturally sun-kissed and this beautiful color will last at least four months.


28. Thick Long Ombre

Thick Long Ombre Hair

For women whose hair is naturally dark, a caramel ombre pairs well. No matter your skin color, the slight color change will look amazing and supernatural.


29. Long Thick Hair with Highlights

Purple or dark red highlights are a fun way to liven up the long thick hair. If you have a strict dress code at work, opt for a paler color that will still allow you to have fun while following the rules.


30. Long Thick Pigtails

Instead of high pigtails which can look a little too childish, form them lower down around ear level. Both thick and thin hair can pull off this spunky style.


Upgrading your current look to one of these long thick hairstyles is a guaranteed way to stay fashionable and not get frustrated. To make sure your locks cooperate, be sure to use conditioners specifically for thick hair and go for regular trims.