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30 Mesmerizing Bun Hairstyles for Short Hair

Short hair bun has been trendy in recent years. Versatile hairstyles and options are not just a privilege that women with long hair can enjoy. On the contrary, there are quite various options for those with short hair too.

So, if your hair is long enough to wrap around a pony, at least, then you can pull some fashionable buns out of it.

Chic Bun Hairstyles for Short Hair

Buns are ideal for those who want to make some changes and fit every face shape. Depending on your current hairstyle and hair type, there are lots of different buns that are easy to pull off at your come, and there are those that require more precision and should be done by a professional hairstylist.

Here we have brought some fantastic bun hairstyles for short hair.

1. Sweet Side Bun

short side bun hairstyle

Kick your typical look up a notch with a short side bun hairstyle. Using a middle or side part, smooth hair so it lays flat on your head. Gather your hair off to one side and twist. You may want to use a creme first to give hair a sleek appearance. 

2. Ballet Bun 

bun for short thin hair

Try a ballerina bun for short thin hair. A high bun elegantly frames the face and conceals thin or fine hair like a dream. Make sure hair isn’t too tight by pulling hair slightly out at the top of the head. 

3. Formal French Bun 

French bun for short hair

A French bun for short hair makes a lovely updo for more formal events. To round out this look, create height at the back of the head by adding in a piece or gently teasing the hair. Leave the two pieces of hair surrounding the face and give them a slight curl.

4. Swirled Bun with Ribbon 

short bun for thick hair

Try a fun accessory on your short bun for thick hair. A pretty ribbon in a rich color pairs perfectly on thick and shiny hair to really make your bun stand out from the rest. 

5. Braided Bun with Bangs 

short bun with bangs

Punch up your short bun with bangs with some cool braids. When you braid hair at the top of the head so it feeds into a low bun, you’re guaranteeing that your style will last all day, making perfect for the babe on the go. 

6. Easy Topknot 

short top knot bun

Because a short top knot bun balances out the face, it doesn’t matter if you can’t get all of your hair into a bun. A few loose pieces actually also helps to frame your face. Luckily, with this style, messy is fine, so don’t worry about being perfect.

7. High Bun for Natural Hair 

Give your face a perfectly snatched look with a high short curly bun. Smooth hair along the forehead but don’t pull too tightly when sweeping hair up. A curly bun provides the perfect pop of texture. 

8. Loose Side Bun

short bun hairstyle for women

If you’re looking for an easy style that keeps hair out of your face with flair, then a simple low and side swept bun may be right up your alley. You can keep your middle part and simply gather hair at the nape of your neck off to one side.

9. Loose Bun 

women's short hair bun style

Tight styles are fine for certain occasions, but loose and relaxed looks suit hang outs and casual moments with ease. Plus, a loose style will be easiest on your hair to create less pulling. The slicked back look can be tough, so create a baby part on your preferred side to frame your face how you prefer it.

10. Easy Low Bun 

short bun hairstyle

We’ve all been there: it’s hot and you just need to throw your hair up off of your neck. But we still want to look cute while doing it!

Create a center part and comb all hair back. Gather it at the nape of the neck and twist the pony. Secure with bobby pin for the cutest, easiest style ever.

11. A Half-Up Messy Top Knot

messy top knot for short hair

The half-up messy top knot can be done on different short hairstyles. The process of doing it is the same for all – separate the hair with two parallel side part.

The hair in the middle is tied up in a small messy bun with short hair. The rest of the hair is styled as the long angled bob cut suggests.

12. Half- Up Half-Down Style

Half- Up Ballerina Bun for Short Wavy Hair

The shoulder length wavy hair gives a different look to the short hair bun. Separate the hair horizontally. The upper part is pulled back, wrapped, and styled in around top bun. The rest of the hair is let down, wavy and natural.

13. Low Chignon Bun

Low Chignon for Short Hair

Chignon in every version is very elegant and smart choice. This bun can be done on short hair, too. The sides of the hair start in a small twist then continue to the end of the hair. all together is rolled as a chignon.

14. Rolled Bun

short rolled bun for women

The rolled bun for short hair is a messier version of the chignon. It does not have that specific form and style. It is usually made with an updo.

15. Space Buns

Space buns for short hair

For a girlish look, try the low side buns. Separate the hair to both sides, without a precise part. Create two buns with short hair with twisting each side. Hide the hair band with a strand of hair and use pins if necessary.

16. Low Messy Bun

The short messy bun is a bedhead look that resembles the hair situation as if you have come out of bed. The hair is messy and untidy and the bun is created without a specific shape.

17. Twisted Updo with Bangs

The buns that are made with twists are very easy to do because the only thing you need to do is twist your hair from the sides. As the twists end, combined them in a bun and fix with pins. A classic bun hairstyle for short hair.

18. Classic Ballet Bun

The classic ballet bun for women with short hair is the most common choice when women want to pull their hair back up.

Pull your hair up in a high pony, and roll it over to create a bun that resembles a ballerina one. Fasten the hair on the back with bobby pins.

19. Boho Double Knot

Boho double knot, as the style itself says, has the boho vibe in the overall appearance. The hair is parted to the sides, from which two small buns finish the look. they are messy and fastened with pins.

20. Retro Twist Mini Bun

short hair bun for women

This look starts with a big side twist and ends in a mini bun for short haired women. It is very easy to do and suitable for many occasions.

21. Baby Buns and Loose Curls

Baby buns on short hair are extra small undefined buns on the top of the head, positioned high, next to each other. The rest of the hair is wavy or curly, but loose and voluminous.

22. Loose Low Updo

The loose low updo is a very elegant choice and one of the common choices for official events like weddings, formal dinners even opera and ballet.

As the hair is short and it does not allow to play with it much, it is pulled back with an updo, and each side is fastened with hidden pins so that the back does not look like a regular short hair bun style.

23. Braided Mohawk Bun

The braid gives each looks a dose of romanticism and femininity. Here, the Dutch braid starts just in the middle and finishes with a Mohawk bun on short hair.

24. Braided Updo

Start the braids to the sides, from the top of the head. Divide the hair in the middle, without any strict parting. As the braids end and come together, finish them both creating a short hair bun.

25. Short Braided Buns

Women with Short Braided Buns

Unlike many other looks involving braids, this one accents them in buns. The hair is pulled back, tied in low short ponytails. The ponytails are braided as much as possible and rolled in a bun with short hair.

26. Twisted Buns

When doing a twisted short haired bun, you have the option to choose the number of buns. If you want to go an extra mile and make your look as unique as possible, try the three twisted buns look.

Separate the hair in three equal parts and form twists. Each of the twists rolls in a bun and fix it with hidden pins.

27. Sleek Low Bun

Sleek hairstyles are usually associated with formal events. This short hair bun look has a small low bun positioned to the side, while the rest of the hair is sleek and nicely pulled back.

28. Double Ballerina Buns with Twist

Many choose the ballerina bun style for short hair because of their well-known form. Wearing two short ballerina buns can be done by doing a twist on each side that will create the ballerina bun with the remaining hair. The buns and low and look very cute.

29. Low Bun with Side Braid

low bun with side braid for short hair

Starting with a wide side French braid, this look ends with a low side bun with short hair. It is romantic and speaks of your fashionable style.

30. Short Ponytail Bun

messy bun for short hair

The most ordinary short hair bun style of all is the small bun. No matter how short hair you have, the miniature bun can appear anywhere and transform your look.

Short Hair Sock Bun Vs Short Hair Ballet Bun

Short Hair Sock Bun Vs Short Hair Ballet Bun

The short hair sock bun is a look that is known by the use of a sock or sock-a-like hair accessory that will give the bun very defined and nice look. The sock bun is perfected to the inch, round and elegant.

The ballet bun is more of a do-it-yourself version of the sock bun, without the use of an accessory. It does not have a specific form and its look may vary depending on the length of the hair.

When it comes to short hair, the sock bun is much harder to be done, because there might not be enough length of hair to roll the hair accessory and make the perfect bun. The ballerina bun, however, does allow different positions on the bun and is much easier done on women with short hair.

FAQs on Short Bun Hairstyles

Can I tie bun in short thin hair? 

Yes. As long as you have a bit of length to tie a small pony, you can tie a bun.

Which bun style is perfect for short hair? 

The half-up buns are always a good choice no matter the hair length. Since the upper part of the hair is always longer than the lower part, there is more hair to do a bun.

On the other side, the low bun is positioned low, somewhere between the neck and the end of the head, so they do require more length.

Wearing bun for short hair is cool and different. If you are tired of constant hair strengthening and curling and want to give your face a new look, try doing a bun. It does not have to be a big bun; it can be small but still very effective.

Short hair buns are cute, stylish and fashionable. Appropriate for any event or occasion, the bun will present you a new light. Give yourself a new look and show it off proudly.