How To Grow A Full Beard: Quick Guide

If you are ready to learn how to grow a full beard, you already know that it won’t be easy. There are no quick fix ways to create an amazing beard other than strapping on a fake one. If you want a beautiful full beard that can make your friends green with envy, you need to take a few simple steps on the road to perfection. Get ready for some hardships to get the amazing result you can love. Don’t despair if all your efforts seem to be in vain. If you have the patience, the ambition, and some hair on your face, a full beard is waiting for you.

We are offering a quick guide to help you grow a great full beard. If you start right now, you can have an amazing beard in just a month. Let us know about your achievements. You can also browse the best full beard styles.


1. Hide the Razor

The hardest part about growing a magnificent full beard is actually doing nothing. Sounds easy? Not so. You need to allow your hair to grow long enough in order to have something substantial to work with. Depending on how fast your hair grows, the process might take from 2 weeks to over a month.

During this time, you have to exercise extreme patience. You’ll suffer from itchiness, hate your reflection in the mirror and wish you never saw your friend’s perfect beard in the first place.

If you can survive the first month, you’ve got what it takes to become a proud owner of an amazing beard. While growing the hair, hide the razor together with the mirror. You just have to let nature do its job.



2. Take Care of Your Skin

Huh? Skincare is for girls! Not at all. A modern man knows the price of a good appearance. Going out to the store and buying the skin care products are part of it. If all the bottles, boxes and tubes look the same to you, ask your barber for some advice.

Moisturized and healthy skin is the key to growing a great full beard without too much hassle. If you hate the way the skin itches and can’t stand patchy growth, it’s up to you to make it fo away. Special beard oils and moisturizers can help you do the job.

Remember, if you view yourself as a great macho, who can’t stand a thought of applying a moisturizer, you can forget about a neat beard. Clogged pores lead to “sleepy” hair follicles, infections, and acne. If you don’t give your skin enough moisture, you can say hello to patchy beard.


3. Drink… A Lot

No-no, don’t go grab a beer the moment you read this advice. We are talking about water. Moisturizing the skin from the inside is the key to keeping it hydrated from the outside. You need to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. If you are on the heavy side, you might need a couple more. Always drink water the first thing in the morning and about half an hour before going to be.

If you manage to switch from gulping down soft drinks, coffee, and beer to clear water at least for the month that you grow your beard, you’ll be surprised at the result. The rest of the body will say “thank you” as well.

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4. Observe

While you are waiting for the beard to grow, you need to make notes. The shape of your beard will depend on how your hair is growing. Think about the length of the beard. Are you ready to wait another month growing it or do you feel as if a small soul patch is all you are going to get?

While observing, you can enjoy browsing through a variety of websites and magazines choosing the future shape of your beard. Pay close attention to how much maintenance each beard requires. Full beards come in all shapes and sizes. They either have mustaches or whiskers or look great without anything.

We recommend growing the mustache and the hair on the cheeks as well. In a month, you’ll have enough material to make a decision. You can shave it off later.


5. Change Your Face Shape

A beard style is a wonderful opportunity to make yourself look even more amazing than you already do. You can use it a tool to change the shape of your face. If you have an oval face, there isn’t much to worry about, you can choose any shape you like.

However, if your face shape is long, square or round, a full beard can become your absolute best friend. Suffering from a thin and less-than-masculine chin? Go for a shovel beard shape. Hate your square face type? Go on and round it off with a nice and oval beard.

Heart-shaped face? Weak-looking chin? Short neck? Acne-covered skin? All of the above problems can be solved with a full beard. If you are not sure which shape is suitable for you, get professional advice.


6. Wash the Beard

Once you’ve got the beard right where you want it, you have to work on keeping it this way. Hair maintenance is one of the key things you can do to enjoy a great full beard. Time to go out and buy shampoo, conditioner, combs, and oils.

If it sounds too complicated now, don’t worry. In about a couple of weeks, you’ll become a real beard care guru.


7. Find That Razor

Now that the beard is ready and shaped, the time has come to find that well-hidden razor. You need it to get rid of all the stray hairs on your face that interfere with the perfect beard appearance. Meanwhile, find the scissors and a trimmer.

If you are afraid to cut the beard too short during maintenance, don’t be. Start with the longest trimmer attachment or the smallest scissors. You’ll learn with practice.

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Now that you know how to grow a full beard, you can go on to experiment with other beard types. Many men get tired of dealing with a full beard after a while and go on to shorter yet more stylish options. If you managed to grow and keep a full beard, the world of facial hairstyles is at your feet.